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December 5, 2023

President Biden continues his push to force car makers to convert to electric vehicles, as they panic and frantically cut production due to consumers refusing to buy them, costing the makers billions. And it seems as if each new day brings another news story to confirm that buyer reluctance. Since we took Sunday off, here are two more…

Biden’s White House just added a new rule ostensibly designed to encourage buying American-made EVs but that will make already overpriced EVs even less affordable. It may be harder to find one that qualifies for the $7500 tax credit (and you know what they say about products that the government has to pay you to buy)…

Also, a new Consumer Reports survey of owners of 330,000 cars found that EVs have almost 80% more problems than gas-powered cars. And these aren’t older tech but 2021-2023 models.

Interestingly, the least reliable vehicles are plug-in hybrids, which have 146% more problems than gas-powered cars, while the most reliable are non-plug-in hybrids, which have 26% fewer problems than traditional ICE cars. Coincidentally, these seem to be the cars that consumers want most. Why, it’s almost as if the market (millions of individual car shoppers who have done due diligence before spending their money) knows more about what car makers should be building than a bunch of eco-fanatics in Washington do. Go figure.

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