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December 14, 2023

For three years now, questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 election have been like the villain Voldemort in “Harry Potter,” something that must not be spoken of out loud. Suggest that that wasn’t the most secure, trustworthy election in history, and you risk being canceled, silenced online, losing your job and being branded a rightwing kook, conspiracy monger, enemy of “our democracy” and “election denier.” And yet, somehow…

Polls show that more than a third of Americans still don’t accept that that election was fully honest, even if they don’t believe the chicanery was enough to have determined the outcome. And after three years of being bullied into silence, they’re finally starting to speak up. This week, during a gubernatorial debate, West Virginia Secretary of State and chief elections officer Mac Warner made national news by becoming the first major state official to state unequivocally that the CIA, with help from the FBI, stole the election for Biden.

Despite the firestorm of fake outrage (Democrats have claimed for decades that every election they’ve lost was stolen, and it makes them celebrities, like Stacey Abrams), what Warner said is, frankly, backed up by indisputable evidence.

Put aside all the questions about stuffed ballot boxes or rigged voting machines. We now know that (1.) The FBI knew for months before the election that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real, but kept it secret…(2.) Over 51 alleged “intelligence experts,” including top CIA officials, put out a letter suggesting it was Russian disinformation, giving Biden cover to deny it…and (3.) A poll found that if Biden voters had known it was real, more than enough of them would have switched their votes to change the results of the election.

So to all the people going ballistic over Warner’s statement, I have a question: If that isn’t the CIA and the FBI rigging the election, what is it?

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