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December 8, 2023

If the Democrats are planning to use Hunter Biden’s indictments as their excuse for ditching Joe Biden and his plummeting approval rating (notice they haven’t done that to Bob Menendez, whom they need to keep in the Senate – remember, with them, it’s always about staying in power), they’ll need someone to take his place. And despite his insincere denials, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has obviously been running a shadow campaign for months while waiting in the wings for Joe to trip over a bag of Hunter’s Chinese money.

So if Gavin is going to be the nominee and promise to do for America what he’s done to…sorry, “for”…California, voters should take a good look at his record. Warning: you might need a hazmat suit to examine San Francisco.

So, how’s Gavin doing? This should give you a good idea: Fox Business News reports that due to a severe tax revenue decline caused by productive citizens fleeing California for red states like Texas and Florida, the state is having to slash spending to deal with a projected record $68 billion budget deficit.

Sounds like Gavin has done for California what the Democrats have already done to America, so who needs him in Washington?

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