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December 23, 2023



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Israel News

Here is today’s link to the latest news on Israel’s war on Hamas…

You can read all about my trip to Israel this week on my website here:

Trip to Israel - Read Mike's News Analysis - Mike Huckabee

It was announced this morning that 73-year-old Gadi Haggai has become the first American hostage to die in the conflict. He and his wife Judi held dual US-Israeli citizenship. They were shot and kidnapped by Hamas while taking a walk on October 7th. Judi is still being held hostage. Gadi was described as a man of humor who loved to make those around him laugh, and a gifted flautist who played with the IDF Orchestra. 

Allow me to point out to President Biden that he was also AN AMERICAN. An American who was shot, taken hostage, and is now dead at the hands of Hamas. Something to remember before you pressure Israel to stop doing the job that we would normally be doing if someone attacked Americans.

Over 20 nations have signed on to “Operation Prosperity Garden” to protect ships in the Red Sea from attack by Houthi militants in Yemen. Although I don’t know why ending that requires 20 nations when we apparently know who’s doing it and where they are.

PM Netanyahu reportedly asked President Biden to pressure Egypt to take in Palestinian refugees from Gaza, but the Washington Post reports that Biden told him Egypt refused. Matt Vespa at explains why Arab nations refuse to accept them in this article about some violent pro-Palestinian protesters attacking a Christmas party by black Democrats in Detroit.

SCOTUS needs to get involved

The Supreme Court might want to take a break from whatever they’re doing to order political activists and lower courts to stop trying to undermine “our democracy” and let the people vote for whomever they want. Thanks to four out of seven appointed Democrat judges in Colorado (not coincidentally, famous for legalized marijuana), we now have Democrats in 16 states trying to remove Trump from the ballot.

And because radical leftists never imagine that the damage they do to our institutions could ever come back to bite them, there are already three red states with movements afoot to boot Biden off the ballot.

That first story linked above quotes law professor Jonathan Turley as saying, “This is the way things are in places like Iran, where they have ‘ballot cleansing,’ where you have people in government tell you who’s just not appropriate for you to vote for. And we’re looking down that road.”

(For the record, Trump stated on Thursday that he is NOT an “insurrectionist,” reminding us that he urged his supporters to protest “peacefully and patriotically,” but he added that “Crooked Joe Biden is!!!”)

Granted, there are certainly examples, like the current Administration, of where letting the people choose their leaders doesn’t work out well. But it’s still better than any government-driven alternative. And you know the Colorado Supreme Court is on shakier ground than the San Andreas Fault when even Jonathan Chiat and the Washington Post editorial board are warning that this ruling stinks like three-day-old halibut.

Finally, the lawfare against Trump is even giving China an opportunity to bash the US political and judicial systems as rotten and corrupt for attempting to deny Trump’s political rights.

It’s ironic, since in China, the Communist Party routinely persecutes political dissidents and weaponizes the legal system against attorneys that challenge them, so you’d think they’d approve of how Biden is running the government.

Sad to see

I was very saddened to see that New York City’s last great Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, has had to declare bankruptcy in the wake of the outrageous $150 million defamation ruling against him. He’s also facing other debts and further lawfare cases. Details are at the link.

His attorneys said the bankruptcy filing “will afford Mayor Giuliani the opportunity and time to pursue an appeal under the supervision of the bankruptcy court to ensure all creditors are treated equally and fairly throughout the process.” Let’s hope that it does buy him some time and space until an appeals court overturns this ridiculous verdict.

Our crowded skies

A story went viral on Twitter (X) after a woman complained that illegal aliens with bags right out of the processing center were put onto her Delta Airlines flight from Phoenix to New York City.

Delta has yet to confirm or deny the story, but it’s raised questions about whether the Biden Administration is paying Delta to fly illegal border crossers to blue cities that are already struggling to deal with the huge influx of them. It would be interesting to learn if Democrats who blasted the Governor of Texas as inhumane for busing illegal immigrants north were arranging for them to fly there instead.

Another aspect of this that shouldn’t be overlooked is that these migrants are given only minimal health screenings. As the Ace of Spades blog asks, is the government hectoring us to get our 13th vaccination booster while cramming people with TB onto airplanes with us? Enquiring minds want to know.

Unconscionable, irresponsible political rhetoric

We talked about this long ago, but a New York Times report from 2022 has resurfaced on social media about how President Biden pressured Attorney General Merrick Garland to prosecute his political opponent, Donald Trump.

You can tell that the Dems must be panicking over the fact that Biden is pretty much the worst President ever and even their voters are starting to wake up to it. First, they censored and silenced Trump while their friendly media outlets slandered him. Then they started throwing a lot of ridiculous indictments at him to try to put him in prison. Now, they’re trying to block him from the ballot on spurious grounds. And they're now up to the true last refuge of the demagogue: they’re claiming he’s another Hitler, circulating a graphic that takes quotes out of context to try to compare them to things Hitler said. And this isn’t from some irresponsible wacko PAC, but from the actual Biden reelection campaign.

At the link, Bonchie at examines this latest disgusting tactic that doesn’t just slander Trump and his supporters but diminishes the reality of Hitler’s crimes and the suffering of the Jews he victimized. As Bonchie points out, these hysterical attacks are “like claiming that because Hitler drank water, everyone who drinks water is a genocidal maniac bent on world domination. It's dumb, pre-school-level logic.” But then, that’s the kind of logic they’ve got.

You know the Trump Derangement Syndrome has gone terminal when even Mike Godwin, the creator of Godwin’s Law (“The longer a political argument goes on online, the greater the odds one person will compare the other to Hitler”) claims that it doesn’t apply here because Trump really is like Hitler.

Sorry, but nobody needed to take Hitler’s quotes wildly out of context to make him seem like Hitler. But this is the kind of unconscionable, irresponsible political rhetoric you get when, as Stephen Kruiser of PJ Media put it, the Democrats are “rolling into an election year with an incumbent president who is less popular than chronic diarrhea.”

And yes, I think it's perfectly justifiable to compare this Administration to chronic diarrhea.

Biden is the best at this:

Well, you can’t say that Joe Biden’s Administration isn’t setting records. After letting about 8 million illegal entrants swarm into the US on the premise that they’ll be released inside our borders with an order to appear for a hearing, the immigration court backlog has now topped three million cases, and the waiting time for a court date is up to nearly a decade.

On Thursday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that “what we’re seeing on the border is not unusual.” I’d say it’s unusual to have 121,000 apprehensions and 11,000 “got-aways” during the first 15 days of the month, and to have 12,600 apprehensions within 24 hours on Monday, which is a new record. Maybe she just meant it’s not unusual for Biden.

Let’s just pray none of those people are here to commit crimes or terrorism. Maybe we’ll find out when their hearings roll around in 10 years or so, providing America is still here.

Don’t Remain Silent:

Last month, St. Mary’s College, a Catholic women’s college in Indiana, announced that it would start accepting males who “identify” as female. They claimed they “viewed it as a reflection of our college’s commitment to live our Catholic values as a loving and just community. We believed it affirmed our identity as an inclusive, Catholic, women’s college."

Well, after one month of getting an earful of what their alumni, donors and students thought of it, they’ve reversed course. The women’s college will now remain open only to women.

The moral: If you want to affirm your identity as a Catholic women’s college, then only accept Catholic women. And if you want to reflect Catholic values, don't let naked men walk around in the girls' locker rooms.

One of those stories nobody seems to be talking about, but should:

Why are foreign entities buying up so much of America’s forest and farm land?

You can keep it, California

Democrats always like to hold up California as the cutting edge of society, where things happen first, then spread to the east. But as for drinking processed sewage water, why don’t you just keep that in California?

Divine Intervention:

Thursday, the Maine Board of Environmental Protection was forced to indefinitely postpone a vote on a California-style mandate forcing residents to buy electric cars after a storm knocked out electricity to a third of the state.

It’s an excellent reminder to these overreaching, power-mad bureaucrats that in a natural disaster, electric power is the first thing to go out. And if you’re relying on electric vehicles to get the power back on, then you’re going to be dealing with it for a very looooooooooong time.

Related: Hundreds of Buick, Cadillac and Ford dealers are taking buyouts or simply refusing to carry EVs, rather than go along with the Biden Administration’s efforts to force Americans into electric cars.

The dealers don’t want to have to pay up to a million dollars to install chargers and train mechanics to work on EVs that nobody wants to buy. And maybe nobody wants to buy them because stories like this come rolling across my desk every day…

Just for laughs

This sounds like a Babylon Bee story, but since it’s from Not The Bee, I have to assume it’s real. It’s about a video that went viral of a young woman who’d been misled and confused by modern feminist/multi-gender propaganda until she did something she’d normally never do: she went on a date with an old-fashioned masculine male who insisted on paying for everything. She was so shocked that she found him really attractive that she’s suddenly rethinking all that feminist dogma she was indoctrinated with.

Related, Just For Laughs: A brother decided to use Twitter to find husbands for his two sisters. It’s snowballed to over 2.6 million views. I guess there are a lot of guys out there who don’t mind if a woman has “hippie tendencies” or a dog that’s annoying.


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