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December 7, 2023

You almost have to feel sorry for the Democrats these days (BIG “almost.”) After three years of them being in charge of the nation with results akin to trusting the Three Stooges to housesit, the public is finally wising up to all their false narratives that are being debunked (Russia collusion, the “very fine people” lie that even got dismantled again last week on Bill Maher’s show)…

…And of course, the January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee show trial…

They now seem almost punchy as they scramble for any desperate, transparent falsehood to cling onto power. We’ve seen the hysteria ramped up to 11 over the past couple of weeks, as they screech that Donald Trump is a fascist and Hitler, an existential threat to America, and he’ll end democracy and weaponize the government to throw his political opponents in prison (Uh, guys?…That’s you.)

But this latest lie really takes the cake. They lifted a line out of a Trump speech and claimed he was “admitting” that he’s waging war on democracy. Problem: If you listen to the sentences before and after it, it’s clear that he was saying it's the Biden Administration that's waging a war on democracy.

How clear? So clear that even the notoriously left-leaning “fact-check” site ruled that it was clear he was talking about his opponents.

And how is the left reacting? If you guessed that they’re attacking Snopes for telling the truth and whining that they’ll never read it again, then give yourself a cookie. But not a very big one because that reaction was pretty easy to predict.

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