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December 2, 2023

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan commenting on Sen. Elizabeth “Buttinski” Warren’s latest campaign to control every aspect of our lives:

“First, they came for your guns. Then, they came for your gas cars. Then, they came for you gas stoves. Then, they came for your heaters. Then, they came for your pizza. Now, they’re coming for your sandwiches. Today’s Left is out of control.”

What sparked this is that the private equity firm Roark Capital is purchasing Subway. They already own some other sandwich chains, including Jimmy John’s, Schlotzsky's and Arby’s. So Warren is backing an FTC investigation, claiming this will lead to higher prices for consumers due to a “sandwich shop monopoly.”

In an article in the Wall Street Journal, James Freeman pointed out what a meatball Warren is. It’s more needless intrusion by federal regulators into things that don’t require regulation. As he notes, there’s no such thing as a “sandwich monopoly.” Thousands of restaurants, both local and chains, sell sandwiches; and everyone knows how to make a sandwich and can open a sandwich shop.

I’d point out that if anything is going to harm consumers, it’s Warren and her love of taxes and expensive, heavy-handed government regulations. If the price of sandwiches goes up, it will more likely be because of that than because someone somehow cornered the market on hoagies.

This is just Warren's latest counterproductive attempt at micromanagement of industries she doesn't understand. It’s of a piece with her crusade to stop the merger of JetBlue and Spirit Airlines. She also pushed the Biden DOJ to block that, claiming that allowing two relatively small budget airlines to merge would somehow create a monopoly of budget airline tickets and harm consumers. What it’s done has cost both companies a fortune, forcing Spirit to cut costs by offering early buyouts to reduce its workforce, while tanking Spirit’s stock price.

My writer Pat Reeder has a comment on that:

“At the height of the pandemic, when Spirit stock was way down, I bought some with my little day trading account. I figured it had to bounce back at some point, right? Wrong! COVID is long over, but I didn’t count on the Liz Warren pandemic of uninformed government meddling. The stock has come up a little recently, due to optimism that JetBlue will win its court case, finally get the DOJ out of the way and pay the agreed-up rate of $30 a share, but as of this moment, it’s stuck at $15 and my investment of $8501.33 is worth $5212.45.

As a small investor for whom that represents a big, fat loss (at least on paper; I’m still hoping sanity will prevail), I’d like to thank Big Chief Liz for looking out for my interests. Truly, you are the perfect embodiment of Reagan’s dictum that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’”

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