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December 2, 2023

You probably heard some of the media hysteria over last month’s Fifth National Climate Assessment, the Biden Administration’s report on “climate change” and the apocalyptic weather catastrophe that awaits us if we don’t scale down our lives and turn all our money and freedom over to the government to “save the planet.” But the Daily Caller has the part that the other media outlets didn’t report:

Nearly two dozen of the listed authors are not objective climate scientists but eco-activists with ties to environmentalist and/or leftwing advocacy groups like the Environmental Defense Fund. That might explain not only the hysterical predictions but also the fact that the media didn’t tell us the report is filled with leftwing buzzwords like “equity” and “climate justice,” which have no place in a legitimate scientific paper. Or that there are accusations that some of its methods were misleading, and that in some cases, it relied on something called “indigenous knowledge,” defined as “experiential knowledges gained over time by Indigenous Peoples,” rather than, you know, research and evidence and stuff like that.

And speaking of the solid decisions about the environment for which the Biden cabal are now famous, it was revealed that they entered a (intended-to-be) secret mediation with environmentalist groups in Washington State that are trying to shut down four hydroelectric dams to protect the declining salmon population in the Snake River.

While I like salmon as much as any red meat eater, it should be noted that these dams supply fully 8 percent of all the power to the state. But don’t worry: the Democrat Governor and Sen. Patty Murray want that to be replaced with “green energy sources.” And what might those be? They’re going to save the salmon by blighting the landscape with a million windmills that will Cuisinart a few billion birds? Oh well, I guess if you’re going to poach a salmon, you have to break a few eggs.

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  • Indiana Saunders

    12/03/2023 11:36 AM

    I understand about pocahontas and climate change, as well as sandwich shops...
    My question is about Amazon being a monopoly? Am I delusional thinking they have all our entertainment and shopping, simply because they make it too easy, therefore control our spending habits? Why don't I wver hear anyone make a fuss about them? TEMU has gotten a bad reputation because they are an Asian company trying to break the Amazon wall. I'm not thier customer simply because I prefer to buy from American companies, but I'm extremely concerned about Amazon's power.
    Please comment, Sir.