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February 15, 2023

The U.K. DAILY MAIL has done it again, this time obtaining an affidavit from a former Treasury official that deepens our understanding of what those globe-trotting Bidens were up to in their foreign business affairs, this time with the Saudis. There can be little doubt that Joe Biden was in on it all.

This new information from investigative reporter Josh Boswell centers on President Biden’s younger brother Jim, now 73, who was hired to engage in secret negotiations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on behalf of the American construction company Hill International because of his relationship with the then-Vice President.

At stake: $140 million. Jim Biden was hired by Hill because Saudi Arabia “would not dare stiff the brother of the Vice President who would be instrumental to the deal.” Vice President Biden was leading delegations to Saudi Arabia at that time.

According to a sworn statement by Thomas Sullivan, a former senior U.S. Treasury official working as a private investigator, Jim Biden was hired to negotiate with the Saudis “because of his position and relationship” with Vice President Joe Biden. Twice, Sullivan said Jim had told him he was often sent into meetings to represent Hill International because “of course, the name didn’t hurt” and that he was the Vice President’s brother, “or words to that effect.”

The Saudi government had owed Hill International $140 million for their work building desalination plants, some dating back to the 1980s. In February 2011, Hill hired three law firms to help them recover the money. This was done through the “Special Claims Process,” a federal government program to settle the Saudis’ unpaid debts to American companies.

One of those law firms, Lankford & Reed, claimed Hill also brought in Biden Baby Brother around that time to fix a “back-door settlement” for $100 million and then failed to pay the firm their 40 percent cut after working on the case for years. Sullivan’s affidavit arises out of litigation concerning that alleged double-cross, as he was the private investigator hired by the law firms to question Jim and his wife, who is an attorney, about the back-door deal. The interview Sullivan conducted was at Jim’s home in Merion Station, Pennsylvania, in 2017.

According to Lankford & Reed, when a meeting with the Saudis took place in February 2012, the law firms were excluded and Hill Construction sent in Jim Biden. It was the CEO of Hill, Irvin Richter, who was said to have remarked that the Saudis wouldn’t dare stiff the VP’s brother.

Intriguing side note: Sullivan says that as he walked back to his car after that interview, accompanied by Jim’s wife Sara, he was unnerved by the presence of “two large men, in a big black sedan parked on a side street looking directly into their house down the walkway I had just exited. I thought they were some kind of security, probably Secret Service.” Joe Biden’s family were not entitled to Secret Service protection at that time, because his term as VP had ended.

On their walk to the car, Sara told him that Jim and his brother were “very close” and that they “told each other everything.” He says he reached inside to get her a business card, “and just as I did, a blue sedan, with a single male driving, pulled quickly into their driveway. She said, ‘See what I mean’?

So, by “everything,” she meant this interview as well.

The reporter who broke the story, Josh Boswell, appeared on HANNITY Tuesday night, saying that this is “the latest in a long line of pieces of evidence that show that Joe probably did know what his family members were doing on business dealings they had. “The most interesting one” of these pieces, he said, was this affidavit from Thomas Sullivan, because Jim is so “incredibly frank” with him.

Jim is repeatedly boasting, Boswell said, about only getting in on this negotiation because he was the Vice President’s brother. Jim also went on about how close he and his brother are.

Of course, we also know that it was the same with Hunter, who was very close with dad and also well aware that most of what had happened to him in his life had been because he was a Biden.

Significantly, this Saudi deal was going on in 2017, the same time the Bidens were very much involved with the corrupt, CCP-connected Chinese energy company CEFC. (Goodness, this was such a busy time for that family --- the period when Joe was winding down as VP and marking time before becoming the nominee for President.) So if these brothers “tell each other everything,” one wonders how much detail Joe had about all that, too. One would think that since both he and Jill were going to be issued KEYS to the office Hunter was planning to share with CEFC, he was pretty well clued-in.

As Boswell put it, “I think that we’ve got a huge amount of evidence here that suggests that Joe, in fact, not only knew about these business dealings but may have even been involved in them. I mean, I’ve brought forward witnesses who say that they were parties to phone calls where Joe was even involved in some of these business deals. I hope that that’s something that, now, the House can start to uncover now that they’ve got subpoena power.” That would certainly include the China deals as well and would involve looking into bank accounts.

Of course, someone is already doing that: Kentucky Rep. James Comer, chair of the House Oversight Committee. He said on HANNITY that there were “probably a dozen or more countries” with which the Biden family was involved. “This is a very well-organized family that has been involved in, you know, shady business dealings with our adversaries, not just in Russia, Ukraine and China, which we all know about, but also in the Middle East.” He’s found that Jim operated mainly in the Middle East, in fact, with “multiple deals.” The story just keeps getting bigger, and Comer can’t yet determine how much money was involved, except that it was “tens of millions of dollars.” The influence-peddling schemes involved “multiple members of the Biden family,” he said.

Comer also stressed the important point that these deals were initiated while Joe Biden was Vice President, with payments scheduled for a little later, when Joe was out of office, as in the “marking time” period I mentioned above.

Before the subpoenas go out, Comer says, “we’re giving the White House every opportunity to comply with our requests...and the ball’s in their court now.” Well, I hope he has those subpoenas ready to go, because he’s going to need them. The White House is the opposite of transparent, and you’ve seen the fight Hunter’s attorneys are putting up.

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  • Bob Corso

    02/18/2023 05:07 PM

    Great article. I wonder what Obama is tied into. Humm. Terrific job.

  • Katherine Rhoden

    02/15/2023 08:38 PM

    There you go! Joe Biden not only has dementia, but is a puppet on a string of whoever!