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February 5, 2023

One extra benefit of having the Republicans in charge of the House is that it brings a much-needed clarity to issues that the fog machine of Democrat rule and Democrat sycophant media has obscured for the public. When Democrats are in charge, they can say anything they want and never get called on it. But when they don’t control the House, Republicans can force them to go on record with their votes, and suddenly, the public learns what they’re really all about.

For instance, yesterday, the House voted on a Republican resolution to condemn socialism. It wasn’t just about socialism as the failed economic system that it is. The resolution listed the past century’s worth of dictators in places like Russia, China and Cambodia who used the false promises of socialism to seize absolute government power that resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people. Who could possibly oppose condemning that, particularly people who serve in what the Dems have piously assured us is the “citadel of democracy”?

Well, the vote was 328-86. All 219 Republicans voted to condemn socialism, as did 109 Democrats, while 86 Democrats voted no and 14 dodged going on record by voting “present” or not voting at all. This link has the full story, plus the names of the 100 Democrats (nearly half of the Party's House members) who couldn’t bring themselves to denounce socialism.

Some of those opposing the resolution claimed it was just a political stunt and that Republicans were trying to get cover for slashing “socialist” programs like Social Security and Medicare. That is, to use the clinically accurate term, horse leavings. Speaker McCarthy has already made it clear that cuts to those programs are off the table. And the claim that every government program from Medicare to fire departments is socialism is nonsense that was popularized on social media.

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds pointed out the usefulness of clarifying votes such as this by tweeting, “The next time the Democrats say that Republicans are fear mongering when we call them socialist, remind them of this moment in history when 86 of them voted against this resolution” to denounce socialism.

It goes without saying that all the “Squad” members voted against it, but at least they had the courage to put their wrongheaded beliefs on the record. They’ve always claimed to be “Democratic Socialists,” but they laughably claim that’s totally different from being a “Socialist Socialist.” Now we finally know what that term really means: It’s a Democrat who refuses to denounce socialism.   

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