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February 5, 2023

Kyle Rittenhouse was already famously acquitted on all charges for shooting three protesters and killing two of them during a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, because the jury agreed he acted in self-defense to prevent them from killing him. But he may be heading back to court again after a Wisconsin federal judge gave a green light to a civil lawsuit by the father of Anthony Huber, one of his attackers, who claims the city, the police and Rittenhouse are all to blame for creating the situation that led to his son’s wrongful death.

Rittenhouse’s attorney said the judge’s ruling that the case could proceed doesn’t address the merits of the case. He also said the plaintiff “is represented by a Chicago-based, incredibly well-capitalized, Democrat Party-aligned law firm specializing in police misconduct and civil rights cases” and the real intention is “to degrade further the protections afforded to us under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and our God-given right to self-defense.”  He’s set up a GoFundMe account to defray Rittenhouse’s legal expenses, and it will be interesting to see if GoFundMe allows it to stay up.

The father’s attorney said the lawsuit puts the family “one step closer to justice for their son’s needless death” and to holding Kenosha officials accountable for it.

Let me just say that I understand how devastating it is for any parent to lose a child. I have compassion for the parents. But I can’t help wondering if they aren’t being exploited by people with a political agenda who might have persuaded them that their son’s death is all the fault of the city, the police and Kyle Rittenhouse.

As that linked story notes, Rittenhouse fired to stop Huber from beating him to death with a skateboard during a violent protest that Huber was participating in of his own free will. Rittenhouse was trying to run away, but Huber chased him down to attack him. Huber had already spent time in prison twice, “first for violating probation after strangling his brother and again for kicking his sister.” So I sympathize with the natural parental inclination to want to find someone else to blame for your son’s death, but maybe he himself had set off on an inevitable path to a violent end long before that particular night.

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