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February 13, 2023

Elsewhere in today's newsletter, we lamented the fact that there's so much we don't find out about, at least without undercover cameras. And now, another story illustrates that.

But this time, it was a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request from BLOOMBERG NEWS that led to the exposure of a 74-page email exchange starting on November 7 between National Archives lawyer Gary Stern and Biden attorneys Bob Bauer and Patrick Moore, showing them in the process of the document search. This was five days after Moore reportedly found classified material in Biden's office at the DC Penn Biden Center and one day before the election.

An email from the Archives says they'd like to "come back" and assess the remaining boxes. Then it asks if there are any documents in the "PA Penn Biden offices." We've never been told that Biden had offices in Philadelphia, only in the DC location. They also ask that boxes in "your office in Boston," referring to Moore's office, "remain secure in a locked office." What were Biden documents doing in his Boston attorney's office?

An email from the next day --- Election Day --- says they needed to move the boxes from the Boston office to the JFK library.

Nick Arama at REDSTATE observes that there's quite a difference in tone between these exchanges and those with the Trump people. "This sounds like buddies arranging a golf game," he says. Of course, with the election going on, we weren't told about ANY of it.

BREITBART has a write-up on the story, too, with more details of the conversation. We glean from these emails that the Archives attorney and Biden's personal attorneys were talking about this as early as November 4. And it was on November 7, Election Day, that they arranged a time to secretly collect materials from the DC Penn Biden Center office in a U.S. government van.

Of course, the initial reason for the search of that office by Biden's attorneys STILL remains unknown. I think we're safe in assuming that this is the part we really, really aren't supposed to know.

Kentucky Rep. James Comer, chair of the House Oversight Committee, told FOX NEWS the National Archives was instructed to hide the initial discovery of classified documents from the American people. "There are only two people that could have given those orders," he said, "and that's either the Department of Justice with Merrick Garland. or the White House with Joe Biden."

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Comments 1-6 of 6

  • John Byrum

    02/20/2023 08:48 AM

    Gov. Huckabee,
    I live in Spartanburg, S.C. and same a news story the other day I wanted to share. In Lexington County, S.C. two women got into a verbal altercation. They separated and one woman went and got a gun and killed the other woman. The incident occurred on Valentines day (2-12-23). The woman with the gun is a 23 year old black woman and the victim is a 26 year old white woman. The black woman shot the whit woman in the back at her car with her two children inside. I'm sure this will not get any national coverage. But from what little I have read, this appears to be a hate crime. This is a terrible tragedy because one person got mad and decided a gun was the way to solve the problem. If the races were reversed there would be calls from all around for this to be a hate crime. If you report on this I hope your team would do some research and bring the full story to the nation. John Byrum

  • Brian Roper

    02/20/2023 07:38 AM

    Why is this crook still in office and those 2 at the archives fired. I still can’t believe that they are that many people dumb enough to have voted for these brazen crooks!!!

  • Maureen Edmond

    02/20/2023 12:16 AM

    Just goes to show you how divided this country is and how the Democrats think they own our government. Also, we don't know how high, how deep, or in how many states Biden stashed all these classified documents. With this information, he had far more that were incorrectly handled than Trump ever got his hands on, and Mr. Biden may not even have been qualified to see and handle them!

  • Patricia Mckinney

    02/19/2023 10:35 PM

    There are so many comments to make on this issue. Such as: Just how safe are these documents in the hands of his lawyers who do not have security clearance to view them?
    If they are broadening the search to VP Pence's home, whose home is next? President Obama? What about President Clinton? Oh this could go on....

  • Marie Renaud

    02/19/2023 07:51 PM

    I am fed up with the lies, cover ups, and total incompetence of this administration and think there should be a way in which to correct the situation. The
    incompetence only leaves us
    more vulnerable to attacks by
    our enemies and I feel certain they’re planning.

  • Prudence ladzinski

    02/13/2023 03:22 PM

    I love my country and mourn the loss of equal justice under the law. Freedom is being denied in so many ways, justice is not just. AG Garland needs to resign. The Biden administration is corrupt.