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February 1, 2023



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17 Lord, thou hast heard the desire of the humble: thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear:

Psalm 10:17

Read This For Free Job Training

An employee at a San Francisco pizzeria told some police officers to leave, that they weren’t welcome there. The police union made that public, and the owner apologized. He said the worker was a trainee on his third day. There will be no more days of training; he was fired.

So now, if you’re starting a new job, you can tell your boss that you don’t have to be trained not to insult the police and turn away customers because you already learned that from this moron.

A positive sign that “cancel culture” is losing its grip on terrified Hollywood liberals

Let’s hope this is a positive sign that “cancel culture” is losing its grip on terrified Hollywood liberals. The usual Twitter mobs went ballistic over “Shazam” star Zachary Levi tweeting something critical about the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (I’m so old, I remember when leftists didn’t automatically defend big corporations and the FBI.) But DC Studios boss James Gunn, who had a run-in with the cancel mob himself, refused to condemn and fire Levi.

Gunn told Variety that unless it involves “morally reprehensible” behavior, “Just real simply: Actors and filmmakers that I work with are going to say things that I agree with and things that I don’t agree with. And that’s going to happen. I don’t have a list of things that somebody should say because of what I think…And you know, I can’t be changing my plans all the time because an actor says something that I don’t agree with."

A rational statement recognizing that people are allowed to hold opinions that leftist cranks on Twitter disagree with? In HOLLYWOOD?! What's next, a late night comedy show that’s actually funny?!

Speaking of that, check out this recent video by Andrew Klavan of the Daily Wire on “How Late Night Got Stupid” (The whole video is worth watching, but this starts five minutes in to get to the main subject and spare you having to watch Jimmy Fallon sing a hip-hop song about a COVID variant.)

Klavan makes some excellent points about how late night comedy that used to entertain and unite Americans with nonpartisan laughter has become a pit of low-rated, dumb, divisive, unfunny, one-sided leftist snark (Yes, Greg Gutfeld is partisan the other way and he’s #1 in the ratings, but as Klavan notes, he’s a political commentator on a news channel who just happens to be very funny, not an alleged comedian hosting a network comedy/talk show.)

He also found some great clips of Johnny Carson and Jay Leno talking about what the job of a late night host is supposed to be, and Colbert, Kimmel, et. al. should be forced to watch them on a loop with their eyes propped open like Malcolm McDowell in “A Clockwork Orange” until they get the message. After you see them, you’ll just want to watch reruns of Carson and Leno.



New tech

By Mike Huckabee

The home improvement store Lowes is developing new technology that they hope will help prevent out-of-control theft and keep their employees safe without having to lock up all their merchandise. There’s already technology that could fix that problem: a pen and a ballot.


Another reason not to force everyone into electric cars 

Some of us have long argued that it’s insane for California’s government to try to force everyone into electric cars when they don’t have enough power generation capacity to keep the lights on, much less charge up all those EVs. But maybe that’s the wrong argument. Maybe we should be pointing out that it’s crazy to do that when they also don’t even have enough water to put out all the spontaneous battery fires.

Here’s just what American farmers need

Another government edict that may put them out of business. At least this time, it’s not from our own government. Mexico, America’s biggest corn buyer, is pushing to ban genetically modified corn. That’s mostly what US corn farmers grow, and returning to conventional corn would reduce crop yields and be crushingly expensive.

There’s more at the link that I won’t go into here, but I do have two questions: What, exactly, is the original, non-modified version of corn? And since he recently visited the President of Mexico, I assume President Biden addressed this with him, right?... 

Nikki Haley News

By Mike Huckabee

I have a standard practice not to report on news until it’s actually happened, but since this is being presented as a breaking story today, I’ll let you know that it exists. Then if Nikki Haley really does announce that she’s running for President on February 15th, you won’t die from shock.

Grandpa Simpson

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden turned into Grandpa Simpson so gradually, the media didn’t notice. But now, the transformation is complete…

And in case you think that people aren’t taking this seriously, some of us are:


“Biden’s Border Crisis, Part One,”

By Mike Huckabee

The House Judiciary Committee is set to hold its first hearing today on the record-breaking illegal immigration crisis at our Southern border. The hearing is called “Biden’s Border Crisis, Part One,” so apparently they didn’t get the message from the White House that this is all the Republicans’ fault for preventing Biden from fixing it.

I’ve been listening to the arguments from Democrats on their "solution" to “fix” this, and it mostly boils down to giving amnesty, green cards and eventual citizenship to people who violated our laws and crossed the border illegally. Their argument is that these people deserve a shot at the American Dream. They have an odd definition of the word “deserve,” which I would reserve for immigrants who respected our laws. I also thought they were the ones who told us the American Dream was either dead or a myth. I guess it only still exists if you’re an illegal immigrant. Maybe they define the American Dream as having the American government be a big enough sucker to give you free money, food, benefits and hotel rooms if you come here illegally.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan said he was struck by his Democratic Senate counterpart Dick Durban saying, “Last weekend I was at a shelter in Chicago where I saw 150 migrants from Texas because that governor sent people up here.” Jordan said, “And I’m like, holy cow, now the rest of the country is seeing what Texas and Arizona have been dealing with.”

What I’m struck by is Durban’s mindset that those migrants were “from Texas” and were sent there by the governor. No, those migrants were from other countries, and they entered Texas illegally because Biden gave them the go-ahead. Gov. Abbott just gave them a ride.

It’s very telling that Democrats don’t blame their own policies for attracting so many illegal migrants from other nations and allowing them in, they just blame the Republican Governor of Texas because they never imagined this problem would end up in their own backyards. When they created it, they thought the border states would have to deal with it. Surprise!

Something even cheaper than talk

There’s an old saying: “Talk is cheap.” And nothing is cheaper than leftist virtue-signaling blather.

For instance, it’s gotten so that no university can begin any public event without some official droning on about how they’re standing on land stolen from the Native Americans by our evil, racist ancestors. But do you notice what they never do? Offer to give the land back. In fact, if they really feel that guilty, shouldn’t they sign over the deeds to both the college and their own homes to the nearest tribe and move to whatever nation their ancestors came from? If they’re too cheap for that, I’d be willing to donate to a GoFundMe for their moving expenses.

It’s time for all this anti-American, cancel culture, leftist indoctrination talk to stop being so cheap. If leftists in academia, politics or business want to rewrite history and erase the people who made their comfy lives possible, then they need to pay for the privilege (and don’t tell us you don’t enjoy “privilege” because you constantly whine about it.)

Republican state legislatures could make a good start by slashing funding to universities that violate free speech and other student rights and claim “diversity” is their top priority when their faculties and staff are 99% “progressive” Democrats. But not enough Republicans have the backbone to do it. So three cheers for this family that took it upon themselves to make these hypocrites pay for their cheap rhetoric.

Virginia’s Richmond College has a law school named after Thomas C. Williams, an 1843 graduate and former trustee. But it was recently alleged that Williams’ family tobacco company had owned 25 to 40 slaves, so the college renamed the law school to remove his name.

But hold on: his great-great-grandson wrote 20 emails to the college, asking to see the proof of a slavery connection and got no response. He says his ancestors hired thousands of workers, including blacks and women, and gave away the family fortune, including a gift to the law school. And if today’s college administrators are so concerned about ethics and virtue, then they shouldn’t commit fraud by inducing a donation from someone and then later discrediting and erasing their benefactor after he’s long dead. After all, he wouldn’t have given that gift if he’d known the school would dishonor his family.

So he’s demanding a refund of the original gift, which at 6% interest compounded over 132 years comes up to a whopping $51 million. He declared, “The ethical and virtuous decision is clear. Return the money.” He also noted that since the university itself participated in slavery, the PC administrators should apply the same standard to themselves and resign.

So far, no response from the university. But I’ll keep you posted, and if it goes to the lawsuit phase, I’ll pop the popcorn.

Let’s hope we see a lot more of this. One thing the plague of leftist rule should have taught everyone is that when there is no price to pay for bad behavior, whether it’s hypocritical virtue signaling, lying about American history, slandering long-dead people, destroying monuments or committing robbery, assault and arson, then you only get more of it. The only way to have a civilization is for the cost of bad behavior to exceed the benefits of it. It’s time to start making the perpetrators pay up.

Breaking news

By Mike Huckabee

As we were preparing to send the newsletter, word came that the FBI this morning conducted a search of President Biden’s Delaware beach house for classified documents. Naturally, without TV cameras, rifles or helicopters. I hope they remembered to check the vegetable drawer of his fridge. More details at the link.

Important health alert

The CDC reports that the over-the-counter, preservative-free eye drops EzriCare Artificial Tears may be linked to a potentially deadly bacterial eye infection. If you use eye drops, read the details at the link and stop using these particular drops until further notice from the CDC.

Rock singer Marilyn Manson is being sued

Rock singer Marilyn Manson is being sued for allegedly grooming and sexually assaulting a then-16-year-old female fan in the 1990s.

Rolling Stone reports that Manson’s two record labels are also named in the lawsuit, which alleges that they were “well-aware of (Manson’s) obsession with sexual violence and childhood sexual assault,” but rather than intervene, the labels “aided and abetted” Manson’s “practice of sexually assaulting minors…At no time did Defendant Interscope and Defendant Nothing Records have a reasonable system or procedure in place to investigate, supervise, or monitor its staff and/or agents, including (the Defendant), to prevent pre-sexual grooming and sexual harassment, molestation, and assault of fans, including minors and women.”

The details of this lawsuit are too disturbing to recount here, but you can see them at the link if you’re inclined. I will admit, though, that I’m a bit confused by the outrage aimed at Manson from leftist media outlets like Rolling Stone. I thought it was discrimination even to use the word “groomer.” Manson is certainly sexually androgynous and wears makeup and women’s clothes, which they seem to think makes groomers of minors a protected class.

And doesn’t the description of the labels having no “reasonable system or procedure in place to investigate, supervise, or monitor its staff and/or agents…to prevent pre-sexual grooming and sexual harassment, molestation, and assault of…minors and women” sound exactly like what so many “progressives” think should be standard operating procedure for schools these days?

So make up your minds leftists. Sexual grooming of minors: good or bad?


Emergency over

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden announced Monday that he will declare the COVID pandemic emergency officially over – on May 11, 2023.

This comes eight months after he said "the pandemic is over," 11-1/2 months after he first tried to lift the Title 42 emergency pandemic restrictions on illegal immigration, and about two years after most Americans got sick of all the COVID tyranny and declared it over themselves. Still, better late than never, although don’t be surprised if some new “variant” requires the emergency extension of all that unconstitutional power and control that Washington really doesn’t want to give up.

“College professor”

The Southern comedian Brother Dave Gardner used to tell jokes about city slickers who were “’educated’ beyond their intelligence.” These days, there’s a term for people who are ‘educated’ way, way, WAY beyond their intelligence. And that term is “college professor.”


Hunter's Dirty Deals Greasing Wheels For Joe's Exit?

By Mike Huckabee

“God doesn’t choose our President.  The FBI does.”

I wish we could take credit for that line, a response to President Biden saying he’d run again “God willing,” but it was from Jesse Watters Tuesday evening.  He was making the point that the FBI put Joe Biden in the White House (by hiding his son’s laptop, among other things), and they can take him out.  That’s a bold statement that gets no argument from us.

Then Jesse went on to state the obvious:  that the ‘memo’ has gone out that it’s time to dump Kamala, at least as running mate for ‘24.  That’s right about on schedule.  Big clue:  the WASHINGTON POST did “the” kick-off story to start building unease, saying, “Some Democrats are worried about Harris’s political prospects.”  (Really??)

WAPO cited racism, but they know the problems with Kamala transcend race and gender; “checking the boxes” won’t be enough.  She was chosen the first time to check particular boxes that the DNC thought would most help Biden win, and her name on the ticket might have helped with that, but we soon found out she is not a serious person.   No need to address all the reasons again; she is simply not acceptable.

Again, this has nothing to do with race or gender.  As Jesse said, “Polls show Michelle Obama would be coronated if she ran.”  Oprah, too, he said, “could have been President any time she felt like it.”

Oprah’s star might have faded a bit, but recall that we’ve said for a long time --- my writer Laura Ainsworth would take bets if she were a betting woman --- that Michelle Obama is waiting in the wings.  Tucker Carlson must have the same crystal ball, or at least notices the same hints in the news, because he addressed that Monday night.  Michelle’s got a new book out and a lot of perfectly-timed hype.  There’s a surge of “manufactured racism” in the news.  Michelle does interviews, Oprah-style, about going through menopause.  Democrats have GOT nobody else.  And, as we reported, Michelle answered the question of whether Biden should run again with a long, loooong pause, some stuttering, and “I will have to see.”

Right now, Democrats are maneuvering to take out both Joe AND Kamala, with a plot that no doubt was hatched long ago.

But now, to the matter of knocking out Joe in time to send in a new presidential nominee.  Attention is starting to be focused on the documents he has stored at the University of Delaware.  This is a massive amount of paper.  As reported by the Newark Post in 2012 (and thanks to Sean Hannity for reporting this), 33 pallets of boxes, two trucks’ worth, were moved to the basement of the university library.  That’s 1,800 cartons, plus 415 gigabytes of electronic records, all still being shielded from view.

As for the classified documents we know about, we’ve finally learned the FBI did search the Penn Biden Center, not just the President’s house.  They just didn’t tell the public.

And on Tuesday, the New York Post reported that an email found on Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” from Hunter to the aluminum company Alcoa Inc. promising information on Russian oligarchs is “raising fresh concerns about the first son’s access to classified documents.”

In 2011, Hunter, always on the hunt for more $$$$$ to feed his lifestyle, offered on behalf of his company Rosemont Seneca to sell intelligence on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and his “elite networks” to Alcoa.  In an email to Alcoa VP Daniel Cruise, he said he would charge them “fees of $25,000 for phase one of the project [and] $55,000 for refined analysis.”  But note:  this isn’t really breaking news; Miranda Devine at the New York Post first reported this in --- believe it or not --- October 2021, before her book LAPTOP FROM HELL had even come out and long before we had the context of Hunter’s access to classified documents at his dad’s home.

Alcoa didn’t think the data analysis “was worth the full $55,000.”  But they were interested in “the list of Russian elites connected to OD [Deripaska] that would not otherwise be on Government Affairs team radar, including various Russia Committee Heads, Union leaders or Ministers.”

How else would Hunter have information like this if not through his dad?  It sounds like something from the State Department.  If it was classified, this was a potential risk to national security, and criminal as well.  Even if it wasn’t classified, this was shady information-trafficking and influence-peddling.  Reading the story in light of what we now know about Hunter’s business dealings and his likely access to government secrets is stunning.  “Some junior staff of the Obama State Department,” Miranda wrote, “were alarmed by Hunter’s connections to Russian oligarchs and role in Burisma.”  Seriously, read this.

Here’s how the DAILY MAIL reported it.

They include a quote from Deripaska that takes on new dimension, given what we know today about the Russia Hoax and the role of Twitter and other social media in spreading it.  “I cannot help but marvel at the utter stupidity of a part of the American establishment,” the oligarch said, “as they persist in spinning this story about the supposedly colossal role of Russians in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”  In other words, HE didn’t buy the Russia Hoax.  He thought it was DC’s own fault for alienating Americans so much that they voted for an “operetta character” like Trump.  They were ready to vote for anyone but the “bribe-ridden members of the Clinton clan,” he said.

So, he didn’t blame Russian bots for Hillary’s loss.  This Deripaska certainly has a way with words.  Ironically, though, look at the “bribe-ridden clan” we have in the White House now.

Something else we’ll pass along, because it’s in the news.  DAILY MAIL is reporting that, as evidenced by some of his laptop material, Hunter pressured an assistant to occasionally have naked, showering video sex with him, saying he would withhold her pay if she didn’t.  There are apparently four assistants (and counting) with whom he had a sexual relationship.  I’ll link to the report at DAILY MAIL, though I’ll warn you, it’s pretty lewd.  Still, it seems significant if only to show how vulnerable Hunter might have been to “honeypot” spies.

The House Oversight Committee, led by Kentucky Rep. James Comer, is already conducting interviews about the documents, and on Tuesday they were scheduled to hear from representatives from the National Archives.  But Comer said Tuesday that the DOJ, right before the meeting, handed them a letter saying that nothing could be said about the Biden documents.  They still conducted a 3+ hour transcribed interview with the counsel; not sure what they talked about.  Their main take-away, according to Comer:  “There IS a double standard at work here.”

Comer is focused on getting the “flagged” Biden bank records.  The information he wants is being withheld by the DOJ and White House, not the National Archives.  And one last thing:  At this point, could Karine Jean-Pierre PLEASE stop insulting everyone’s intelligence by saying the President is being “transparent”?




Related:  The indictment of former FBI agent Charles McGonigal is leading to more information regarding Hunter’s dealings in Albania.  An unnamed Albanian official listed in the indictment is described as being employed by “a Chinese energy conglomerate and operated as an informal advisor to the Prime Minister of Albania, retaining an official Albanian government email account and passport.”  This appears to be a man named Dorian Ducka, former Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry of Albania from 2013-2015.  Ducka went on to work for Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC at the same time Hunter was working on his most potentially lucrative business ventures.  He continues to work there.

One of Hunter’s emails to business associates Rob Walker and James Gilliar with the subject line “Re:  Dorian” discusses “taking care” of Ducka because he was “a real help early on.”  “No way we don’t do it,” Hunter writes.  “And if the majority says no, I’ll take it out of my salary.”

This is where we see the likely connection through Albania to CEFC and Hunter’s deals there.  And this involves some incredibly corrupt individuals.  Tom Rogan at the Washington Examiner wrote last September about President Biden’s tolerance for corruption in Albania under current prime minister Edi Rama, detailing Rama’s ties to the Albanian mafia and the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico.  Rama’s former energy minister turned “fixer”: Dorian Ducka.  (Thanks to Dan Bongino for the link.)

Hunter Biden appears to have been rubbing elbows with some extremely bad people.  And today, President Biden’s tolerance for the socialist Rama administration and his lack of initiative to stop drugs at our southern border has observers scratching their heads.  Is it really that confusing?  More soon.



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  • Lombard Fortson

    02/03/2023 01:22 PM

    Thank you governor for always providing a huge and comprehensive amount of news we otherwise, for most of it, don't get anywhere else. It is easy reading due to your excellent vocabulary AND writing skills (I'm certain you have an editor) - but all the commentary is yours for sure. God bless you and your wonderful daughter, Sarah. Also, you provide an array of many topics, too! Keep on keeping on governor, America needs you - desperately!

    PS: Dr. John MacArthur says America is already under God's judgement and is doomed to fail, basing his thoughts on his belief that America is present-day Israel. Well, I, for one hope he's wrong and base my thinking on God's many times giving His people and nation many, many chances at redemption. Here's hoping and praying Americans will return to their roots of Godly principles in morality, social wellbeing and family. Thanks for reading my heart-felt thoughts.

  • George Reynolds

    02/02/2023 12:41 PM

    Now the White House is complaining that the oil companies made too much money last year -- after the President's own policies more than doubled the price of gasoline. What did they expect? Instead of encouraging "investing in production", or "reinvesting profits", the administration thwarted efforts to do so by increasing regulations and minimizing new oil leases. With the administration's attack on fossil fuels, the oil companies know it would be folly and reckless to invest in new refineries, given Biden's claim to end fossil fuel use.

  • George Reynolds

    02/02/2023 11:09 AM

    Well, the infamous "laptop from hell" originally labeled "Russian disinformation" by government officials and the media, has now been officially acknowledged as belonging to Hunter Biden. His lawyers want to go after those who disseminated the information about it -- Mac Isaac, Giuliani, the New York Post, and even Tucker Carlson.

    Hunter Biden Admits Infamous Laptop Belongs to Him

  • Jerry

    02/02/2023 09:47 AM

    The MSM is operating out of the Oval Office this country’s democratic congress is blind folding the population about the illegal invasion on our borders still trying to create an illusion, our sanctuary cities may disagree with the democratic congressional members messaging. Only 80 percent of American citizens disapprove of what this administration is doing today and still the population still vote to keep their disapproval alive and ongoing does anyone ever question this oddity about elections

  • Judy D Clark

    02/01/2023 06:53 PM

    Talking about Fox-today Geraldo said that the country isn't concerned about the stolen docs. from the person that lives in the WH. I usually call him quad d. You can put as many d starting words as you want. Is Geraldo eating the same fruit loops as quad d? We want to know, need to know and it is our right to know. "G" sure lets you know what side he is on--the BLUE side. SHAME ON HIM.

  • Mike Frandsen

    02/01/2023 06:01 PM

    How do you/we/hell anyone hold these corrupt politicians accountable?
    Seriously??? Everyone knows, and you report about their corrupt actions daily.
    Handcuffs would be a welcome sight. Please let me know how to hold these CRIMINALS responsible for their actions. PLEASE.

  • Dave Newbry

    02/01/2023 01:26 PM

    If in the extremely unlikely event I find myself in San Francisco, I'll get a slice at Pizza squared. The woke tweets after the jerkweed employee was fires are enough to assure that.

  • Steven M. Bachelder

    02/01/2023 01:25 PM

    It just occurred to me that Karine Jean-Pierre is prostituting her integrity daily in service to a powerful white man. Is it consensual? I doubt it.