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March 16, 2023



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Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Matthew 5:9 KJV

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Forces on the Left seek to fundamentally change our nation by disregarding the principles upon which it was founded. Members of the media and liberal politicians seek to damage our economic, political, and educational systems for their gain. The Three Cs That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism, and the Constitution:

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America faces a war of values that will determine its future and likely decide if it will continue as a great nation on the world stage. Mike Huckabee and Steve Feazel sound a needed alarm to Christians and conservatives to answer the call to action and push back against the forces that desire to move America from its heritage and founding principles. It is time for God's people to take an active role in the political arena, not with violence, but with votes and voices that proclaim and defend the values that made our nation the brightest light of freedom the world has ever known.

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The Three Cs That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution - Mike Huckabee

DeSantis takes heat

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is taking a lot of heat from the GOP Establishment for saying that the war between Russia and Ukraine is a territorial dispute that’s not a vital US interest. Not that we shouldn’t help Ukraine, but that we shouldn’t promise a “blank check” for as long as it takes, which could escalate this conflict into World War III with us in the middle of it.

Kurt Schlichter has a good column on this subject in which he predicts that by the time the 2024 presidential election really gets going, most Americans will be in agreement with DeSantis.

He makes some interesting points, but one important point that’s being overlooked in the criticism of DeSantis is that, unlike many of his critics, he’s a veteran who was deployed to Iraq, so he’s seen firsthand the results of endless wars with no clear mission goal. Likewise, unlike most pundits, Schlichter is an Army veteran of a number of hotspots, including training Ukrainian soldiers in Ukraine. So when they give opinions of what’s likely to happen there, it’s not just armchair quarterbacking.

Sadly, there are some prominent voices in the Republican Party who are now advocating for direct US military confrontation with Russia. I wonder how many of them are combat veterans or have children in the military?

Here’s the latest tactic by the left to try to undermine the conservative Supreme Court majority

They’re pushing for a strict new code of “ethics” for judges that would require them to recuse themselves from cases where they might have any hint of bias. And of course, they will always be able to find some "bias" when it comes to conservatives, like their demand that Justice Thomas recuse himself from any January 6th-related cases because his wife advocated for blocking certification of Biden’s election until accusations of vote fraud were investigated.

While this is obviously a transparent attempt to tilt the table in their favor, I must say, I would be okay with requiring stricter rules to ensure that judges are impartial. But I would require things like forcing judges to recuse themselves from politically-charged cases if they have histories of making overtly partisan statements that show bias against defendants, or if they have made large donations to one Party. That should eliminate an awful lot of activist liberal judges. It certainly would’ve won Michael Flynn a new judge.

If the new strict standard for judicial impartiality were applied across the board, do you really think the left would continue pushing it, or drop it like a steaming potato?


Laugh of the Day

Next month, former President Trump is releasing a book called “Letters to Trump” that’s filled with private letters to him over the years. It shows that many celebrities who now publicly vilify him used to, as he put it, “kiss his ***” before he went into politics. Hillary Clinton (who attended Trump’s wedding with her husband Bill) is said to be particularly upset that her fawning letters to him will be exposed.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’ve noted many times that Trump’s name was considered synonymous with success, he was the biggest star on NBC, celebrities all wanted to be seen with him, and he was praised by Jesse Jackson and won awards from the NAACP, right up until the precise moment he announced that he was running for President as a Republican. Instantly, he magically became a racist fascist who was worse than Hitler, even though in retrospect, he really didn’t govern much more to the right than John F. Kennedy did, and unlike JFK, he kept us out of wars.

Even more predictably, Trump instantly became even “worse than George W. Bush,” who was the previous Republican who was vilified as worse than Hitler. They had to start rehabilitating Bush so they could say Trump was worse. Now, it’s amusing to see the quandary the Dems and the media are in because they don’t know if Trump or DeSantis will be the nominee. So they have to hedge their bets by continuing to say that Trump is worse than Hitler, but DeSantis is worse than Trump, which I guess by extension makes him worse than a guy who’s worse than Hitler. And I assume that by comparison, George W. Bush is now eligible for sainthood.

Related: If you think I’m exaggerating, here’s Kamala Harris’ husband comparing parents who get upset at school board meetings because their kids are being indoctrinated with socialism, anti-Americanism, racist Critical Race Theory and inappropriate LGBTQ sexual content to Auschwitz and the Holocaust.

A "citizen army of journalists"

Leftists who preferred keeping their true agendas hidden were gleeful at the idea of getting James O’Keefe fired from Project Veritas. But I wish I had a hidden camera to see their faces when they learn that he’s already forming a new organization that’s going to be even bigger. How big? Think about how many formerly hidden things have been exposed thanks to everyone having cell phone cameras and Twitter accounts. Well, it’s kind of like that…

O’Keefe says his new venture will recruit a “citizen army of journalists” and be an “Uber for journalism.” He will host journalism seminars nationwide to train thousands of people in how to document wrongdoing from school board meetings to statehouses to city councils. He calls it O’Keefe Media Group, or OMG, which is what a lot of leftists will be saying when they hear this.

It sounds as if he plans to become the Obi Wan Kenobi for citizen-journalists, which is appropriate because if they strike him down, he will become more powerful than they can possibly imagine.



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