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March 28, 2023



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Honduras joins the China sphere

In another disturbing sign of the growing power and international influence of China thanks to the US leadership vacuum, Honduras has now abandoned Taiwan and says it will recognize only one China – the brutal, communist one.

As noted in the article, Honduras is a nation right in our own backyard, one that should have a vested interest in staying in the good graces of the US, and even they sided with China and against Taiwan. The President of Honduras was reportedly swayed by promises from China of financial aid and building a hydroelectric dam there. This leaves only a dozen sovereign states that still stand with us in recognizing Taiwan’s right to exist.

Coincidentally, I happened to be in Taiwan just a couple of weeks ago. It’s a nation (yes, I said a nation) that I admire and respect, and have visited many times. I talked about it in my monologue for my TV show on March 18th. Here’s what I had to say then, and I wish the President of Honduras had watched it and paid close attention:

Your Tax Dollars At Work

National Public Radio is getting mercilessly mocked for trying to defend “trans” athletes by claiming there is “limited scientific evidence” that men have a “physical advantage” over women in sports. I’d say there’s limited scientific evidence that whoever wrote that has eyes.

NPR obviously didn’t run that brilliant theory past one of the greatest actual female tennis players of all time.

By the way, I noticed recently that social media posts about “trans” athletes grabbing records, trophies and scholarships that are intended for biological women have started carrying the hashtag “TransWomenAreConMen,” a rejoinder to the “Trans women are real women” mantra of the left. The Federalist is also pointing out the “Emperor’s New (Women’s) Clothes” syndrome by listing all the biological men who’ve taken “Woman of the Year” titles away from women.  

Let’s hope this is a sign that Commentary magazine editor Abe Greenwald is correct that even in liberal European nations, people are getting fed up and finally standing up to the very tiny but extremely loud trans lobby and saying they will no longer allow them to destroy women’s sports and impose dangerous medical quackery on our kids.

And another sign that people are tired of rolling over for “Big Trans”…

Unfortunately, word of the backlash has obviously not yet spread to Minnesota, whose citizens need to shake their addiction to putting dots on ballots next to names with “D” after them.

Related: If you want to see where it leads when you define “identifying” as something to actually being that thing, check out this “only in 2023” story:

We need a lot more people to start identifying as being sane.

Facts about EVs

Are you considering buying an electric car, now that the media is claiming that a Tesla Model 3 is “$5,000 cheaper than the average new car”? Before you do, you should read this article from an auto website explaining why that is not exactly true. Or to be blunt, as the author is, why EV’s don’t really run on electricity, “they run on lies.” A whole tank full of lies.

And considering that the same Administration that’s trying to force us all into EVs is also so gung-ho about stamping out “misinformation,” this is a quote worth requoting about how much misinformation is being pushed by the EV lobby:

“There’s more not coming from the misinformationists, who seem almost as if they’re being paid to not tell people the truth about EVs.”

Related: Here’s the story of a man who paid over $85,000 for an electric off-road vehicle that turned into a very expensive brick when he tried to drive it through a snow drift. He was further shocked to get a $2100 repair bill for towing it out of the snow and carrying it on a flatbed truck to a service center hundreds of miles away.

Believe me, I’m not unsympathetic, but seriously: who would be dumb enough to spend that kind of money on an off-road vehicle that could die at any time in the middle of nowhere with no chargers around, which is precisely where you drive off-road vehicles?


Agatha Christie is cleansed

And the latest classic author to have her books posthumously “cleansed” of “offensive” language by the woke sensitivity police is…Agatha Christie!

Yes, it seems that the queen of murder mysteries wrote some things in the 1920s and ‘30s that have today’s ultra-sensitive snowflakes “literally shaking,” so her books are being bowdlerized to protect their delicate feewings. As with Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming, you’ll now have to make sure you buy older, printed editions of her work if you want to be certain you’re reading what she actually wrote and not what a self-appointed claque of leftist censors think she should have written - or what they might have written themselves if any of them had any writing talent.

But none of them know how to write, they just know how to tell real writers how they should’ve written. We know because some of them have tried to write, and what they’ve written is rotten. If you’ve ever tried to read any of their convoluted garbage, you know that it doesn’t take Agatha Christie to tell you who’s murdering the English language.

The Taliban has mechanics too

President Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan was so tragically botched in so many ways that leaving behind $7 billion worth of our military equipment for the Taliban barely rated a mention in the news. Besides, we were assured that the initial figure of $81 billion was wrong (that was the value of all the military equipment we sent to Afghanistan from the beginning, which is hardly reassuring), and it was okay because all that equipment left behind had been disabled.

Well, it appears that our leaders not only underestimated the Taliban's resolve and brutality, they also underestimated their mechanic skills. They’ve been busily repairing all those military vehicles we left behind and are (so far) in possession of “150 International Kamazes, 125 Humvees, 2 assault tanks, 4 trucks, 10 Porcliff vehicles, and 15 Humvee ambulances,” all fully operational.

As that story reports, Biden also left behind massive numbers of weapons and small arms, $48 million worth of ammunition, and 80 military planes with smashed control panels that they assumed the Taliban would never be able to fix.

You know, I had thought that leaving the US military broken and unable to function was the one thing Biden would be competent at. But no…



Appeal filed

The Alliance Defending Freedom has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court on behalf of a family counselor who claims his freedom of speech is being crushed by a Washington State law barring any discussion with patients who suffer gender dysphoria about anything other than “affirming” their beliefs about their gender. This is clearly the government attempting to impose a political agenda on health care professionals, who are much better qualified to determine if a particular patient is suffering from a mental issue or just “going through a phase” they’ll grow out of.

The ADF has a good shot at overturning this law, and other onerous state laws like it. A similar case prevailed in New York, and the 9th Circuit Court ruling against this counselor contradicted one of their own prior rulings which found that professional speech is speech and not conduct that can be regulated by the government. As usual, they were trying to carve out a special exception for trans activists, even in court precedents. Let’s hope the SCOTUS takes the case and ends the government’s attempts to be not only every American’s parent but also every American’s psychiatrist.

Manhattan “Trump” grand jury met Monday: no indictment

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s grand jury did reconvene Monday afternoon.  They heard from one witness and adjourned without issuing an indictment against President Trump.  That doesn’t mean they won’t, but at least they’re not in an all-fired hurry to indict in such a pathetically weak case.

You know the story:  that Bragg, usually quite lackadaisical about prosecuting crime in his city, has been trying for months to fulfill his campaign promise to “get Trump.”  The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York had already passed on the case --- even as Trump-deranged as we assume that office to be --- and so had the Federal Election Commission and even special counsel Robert Mueller.  Top legal experts have expounded on how far Bragg is trying to stretch the law and circumvent the statute of limitations to charge Trump with a felony, but that didn’t stop Bragg.  Maybe he wanted “bragging rights” for being the first to charge the former President.

As law professor Jonathan Turley wrote in a new column, “If you surf cable shows, you will see pundits in virtual ecstasy as they prepare for the possibility of a Trump mug shot or perp walk.  The level of excitement could prompt Pornhub to do its first courthouse feed.”  He noted the fake AI-generated pictures of Trump being arrested.  So Bragg is looking at this as a give-the-people-what-they-want sort of thing.

But it might be “more fetish than fact,” Turley said, noting that a new Harvard/Harris poll shows 59 percent of Americans think an indictment would be politically motivated and 67 percent think the Trump payment to Daniels was a personal expense.  And that’s WITH the news media being, well, what it is.

“...If much of the public continues to view these legal cases as political prosecutions,” Turley said, “Democrats may be handing Trump a winning hand.”  And this: “Trump won in 2016 in part because many of his voters wanted to stick it to the media and political elites.  So, a charge or conviction before the election could well turn that anti-establishment wave into a tsunami.”

Attorney Michael Cohen testified that Trump had “directed” him to pay off porn actress Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about an alleged sexual encounter in 2006 that Trump continues to deny.  The $130,000 payment was made in the weeks before the 2016 election, so Bragg is calling this a campaign law violation and claiming that campaign funds were used.  Trump’s attorney has maintained this was a “private transaction.”

But last Monday, Cohen’s legal adviser Bob Costello testified that Cohen was lying, that he’s a convicted liar, that he has lied “hundreds” of times, that he had said he was so terrified of going to prison that he’d say anything on the stand, that Trump had nothing to do with the payment, and that it was made out of Cohen’s own company account, not campaign funds.  (Trump’s company later reimbursed him and called the expenditure “legal expenses,” which makes sense since Cohen was his attorney.)

You’d think that after that, there would be just one thing for the grand jury to say: “Case dismissed!”  They didn’t say that, but they did skip their scheduled meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, cooling their heels till yesterday afternoon.  Three House committees have called for Bragg to testify about his investigation of Trump, and Bragg has insisted they have no jurisdiction.

In fact, last Wednesday, after a House Judiciary Committee staffer tried to get someone in Bragg’s office to talk to him and was hung up on, he called again and was told to “stop calling us with this bull-(BLEEP).”

The source for the NEW YORK POST story told them, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen any government entity respond to Congress in that manner. It’s quite embarrassing, but I don’t think anyone is surprised based on how partisan that office has become.”

“We evaluate cases in our jurisdiction based on the facts, the law and the evidence,” Bragg said --- in a written statement, maybe because he didn’t want his words to be met with uncontrollable laughter.  “It is not appropriate for Congress to interfere with pending local investigations.”

So far, Bragg’s office has managed to forestall getting a House subpoena, but after that kind of behavior from his staff, it’s easy to see Congress serving him one soon.  Bragg’s staff did not respond to a request from the POST for comment, which might be for the best considering their inability to be professional.

As FOX NEWS reports, the one witness the grand jury heard from on Monday was David Pecker, who was there for an hour and a half and had previously testified before the grand jury in this case.  He’d been granted immunity as far back as August 2018 in exchange for that testimony.  (We’re wondering:  immunity for what?)  Pecker was CEO of National Enquirer’s parent company, American Media Inc.

His history with Trump included buying the rights to certain stories that might have proved embarrassing for him and then not running them, a process called “catch and kill” that is common in the celebrity world.  As FOX NEWS reported in 2018, “His company allegedly was involved in the hush-money deals...the agreement allows Pecker to speak on what involvement Cohen and Trump might have had in those payments.”

Here’s that original story, but it still doesn’t tell us...immunity for WHAT??  What charges would Pecker have faced?  It’s not illegal to pay someone as part of a non-disclosure agreement.  If it’s for making false statements, why is he still testifying?


RELATED NEWS:   Recall that I said it was ill-advised for President Trump --- whom I endorsed for President over the weekend --- to post the picture of him holding a baseball bat behind DA Bragg’s head, and also to make remarks that can be taken as incendiary.  Trump spoke about that in the context of all the legal challenges he faces during an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity Monday night.

“It’s a new way of cheating in elections,” Trump rightly said of all the lawfare.  “It’s election interference.”  He’s leading in all the polls, he said, and if they can’t beat him at the ballot box, they’re going to do this.  He said they’re “thugs” who “hate our country.”  But he noted that people who aren’t even his fans are telling them, “Don’t do it.”

When Hannity asked President Trump why he would open himself to criticism by posting the “baseball bat” graphic, he explained that “we put up a story” without seeing pictures.  The picture of Trump with the bat had been taken at some “Buy America” event at the White House honoring an American company that made bats in the USA.  Someone else juxtaposed the picture of Bragg.  “I didn’t do it,” he said.  “They did it --- I guess the people who do the paper, or, somebody put pictures together.”

“We posted the story [a ‘very positive article’], but they then put a picture up, or the picture was put up, that nobody noticed or saw, or that nobody thought was bad,” Trump said.  “These were two separate pictures.”  This probably was just the graphic from the article itself.  When he or a staff member posted the article, the picture came up and they didn’t look closely to see what it was.

As for his use of the phrase “death and destruction,” Trump explained he wasn’t calling for that, but that he was afraid it would come as the result of a prosecution that people knew was fake.  And that is just what he said.  Trump should know:  his words will be twisted, taken out of context and/or maliciously edited whenever it’s possible to do that.  He has to take care in speaking (and posting) because, as the saying goes, when you’re explaining, you’re not winning.

Here’s that must-see segment of the interview with Trump.


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