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March 17, 2023

Next month, former President Trump is releasing a book called “Letters to Trump” that’s filled with private letters to him over the years. It shows that many celebrities who now publicly vilify him used to, as he put it, “kiss his ***” before he went into politics. Hillary Clinton (who attended Trump’s wedding with her husband Bill) is said to be particularly upset that her fawning letters to him will be exposed.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’ve noted many times that Trump’s name was considered synonymous with success, he was the biggest star on NBC, celebrities all wanted to be seen with him, and he was praised by Jesse Jackson and won awards from the NAACP, right up until the precise moment he announced that he was running for President as a Republican. Instantly, he magically became a racist fascist who was worse than Hitler, even though in retrospect, he really didn’t govern much more to the right than John F. Kennedy did, and unlike JFK, he kept us out of wars.

Even more predictably, Trump instantly became even “worse than George W. Bush,” who was the previous Republican who was vilified as worse than Hitler. They had to start rehabilitating Bush so they could say Trump was worse. Now, it’s amusing to see the quandary the Dems and the media are in because they don’t know if Trump or DeSantis will be the nominee. So they have to hedge their bets by continuing to say that Trump is worse than Hitler, but DeSantis is worse than Trump, which I guess by extension makes him worse than a guy who’s worse than Hitler. And I assume that by comparison, George W. Bush is now eligible for sainthood.

Related: If you think I’m exaggerating, here’s Kamala Harris’ husband comparing parents who get upset at school board meetings because their kids are being indoctrinated with socialism, anti-Americanism, racist Critical Race Theory and inappropriate LGBTQ sexual content to Auschwitz and the Holocaust.

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