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March 17, 2023

Donald Trump has had success in business, politics, books and TV, and now you can add “recording star” to his resume. A song called “Justice For All,” featuring a prison choir of January 6th defendants singing the National Anthem interspersed with Trump reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, hit #1 on iTunes Saturday. At this writing, it also has 545,000 plays on YouTube. It’s to raise money for their legal defense. You can hear it at the link.

But for a more upbeat Trump song, I recommend “Make America Great Again Again.”  Some friends of ours helped out with the backing vocals on this. They’re hoping that the Trump camp will adopt it and play it at rallies, where it would be a great addition. I hope someone in his camp sees this and gives it a try. It’s very catchy, and it has a cute video of regular folks doing the “Trump dance.”  Check it out here (warning: it might be stuck in your head all day.)

Finally, some people who are fed up with Disney’s turn to the woke side are planning a protest at Disneyland on March 18th to stop them from quietly remodeling the “Splash Mountain” ride to remove all traces of the Uncle Remus characters from “Song of the South.” CEO Bob Iger apparently hoped to do this quietly, but the head of their theme parks and some of the board members are fighting it. The protest would shine a light on their wokery, and maybe send the wokesters scurrying like cockroaches, so even if you don’t care about this movie or the ride, if you’re in the area, consider joining in.

Note that there is nothing racist about the ride (I’d argue that most of the people who condemn the movie have never actually seen it and most of the things they say about it are factually incorrect), but Disney is so cowed by the woke mob that they want to erase Brer Rabbit and even the great song, “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” from their parks, just because they’re associated with the movie-that-must-not-be-named.

There’s more about it on the latest video from one of my favorite YouTube channels. It’s a Hollywood news site inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000, in which supervillain Diktor Van Doomcock fights his war against woke assaults on pop culture from his lair at the center of the Earth, aided by his sidekicks Harvey Cthulu and the Skull of Calderon. It’s hilarious and goofy, but he usually has some real inside info and makes a lot of great points. Warning: occasional bad language. Here’s the Disney protest video.

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