March 15, 2023

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“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God[a]; believe also in me.

John 14:1 NIV

Prayer Tree

We are stronger together.  

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day. To submit a prayer request please, go here. If you are asking for a prayer for yourself or someone else, please use a first name to make it easier for our prayer warriors.

If there is an update to a prayer request that you would like to add, please choose "prayer answered" on the prayer request form.


"I am the 10th of 12 Children born to My 92 year old Mother. She has battled many obstacles in her Life including COVID; now, she needs a healing Prayer for a fractured wrist and heart artery ailments. Please pray she heals fast and can live independently again in Jesus Holy name."

Walter/Pop Pop

Please pray for me. I've recently started suffering from anxiety and insomnia again. I know God hears all prayers and answers at just the righty time. Please pray for good sweet sleep and for feeling refreshed and happy in the mornings in the name of Jesus. -Susan

Please pray for me and my husband in healing of lost!!! I am a law enforcement chaplain until February 9th. I have been the chaplain for this department for 10 1/2 years!!!! I quit my full time job to do this!!! On the 9th of February the new police chief called me in his office to let me know that I was no longer needed and they were replacing me with a pastor from the church that the mayor goes to!!!! The mayor and the new police chief decided they wanted a man chaplain instead of me!!!! I even asked if I could still be a chaplain under the new one and I was told I was no longer needed!!! I am hurt and don't understand why this happened!!! Prayers of healing and forgiveness for this!!! I know the Lord has this but it still hurts!!!! Thank you for your prayers!!!!!

I am the chaplain that just asked for prayer and I forgot to give you mine and my husband name . Tina & Greg

"Carly her depression and anxiety is overwhelming. That she finds help to deal with it and she finds her soul mate"

Jerri, she needs salvation and healing from a broken heart. She lost her son 7 1/2 years ago and has spiraled into a severe alcohol addiction and wants nothing to do with God. She blames failures of man on God, instead of placing blame where it's due. If she were to accept Christ, her family would follow.

"Please say a prayer for my daughter. She called me last night in tears. Some of it's her neglecting responsibility at work (she is aware it is her fault, but she claims there has been a misunderstanding), and some is just frustration at work in general. Please pray God leads her to make the right decision where her career is concerned. She and her husband are a young married couple with no children yet. It hurts to watch your children hurt. Thank you for your prayers."

Brenda Ross needs prayers on her heart catherization right now

Prayers for our adult daughter to repent of her wicked ways, and to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Marie

Please pray for Kevin to keep up his strength and help him with all the paperwork to get home. Thank you for your prayers.

For my husband (Bill) with osteoarthritis in his knee. On list to see orthopedist and that the wait time will not be long. Keep in your prayers.

Please continue to pray for Carmen for healing and other issues that God knows. God bless you all always.

Prayers for blessings for Kelly and Annmarie.

Please pray for me, Joyce. I am 78 years old, married 20 years. My husband is divorcing me, he is 81. I am unhealthy and need assistance from him at times. I do not know where I am going to go. I get $728 SS a month, not enough to sustain myself. I can't work because of health reasons. I need mental and emotional prayers to keep myself going. I find it cruel for him to do this to me at this age. I am a good person with a big heart and have allowed myself to be used. For reasons in him, I am not useful anymore. This loneliness is very trying. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I pray to God for strength to help me go on.

Lord heal our us how to prevent dizziness be normal inner ear/brain in Jim in JesusName. Thankyou for praying

Yesterday in a public place I saw a toddler trip and fall. Her father reached down and pulled her to her feet by the hair on her head. Of course she screamed and cried as she followed after him. I sat there and did nothing and I’m so ashamed of myself. Please pray that I get stronger so that I have the courage to speak up if I ever see someone abuse a child again. Pray for my courage and a shield of protection for the poor little girl safety in the future . Pat

To Karen... mom of James & John. The Lord keeps impressing on me to share that they are going to have an AWESOME testimony to share and will minister to many!! I am praying for them daily.

"Please pray for my back pain. I have spinal stenosis and the pain is getting worse. Thank you. Betty"

Prayers for blessings for Aunt Annaliese and Uncle Bobby.

Please pray for sleep for my husband, Mike, who just had knee surgery. The pain is keeping him from getting the rest he needs to heal and he is trying not to take the prescribed Hydrocodone any more than is absolutely necessary. All glory to our Heavenly father!

Prayers for healing for Matthew.

Please pray for my brother Bill in PA who is undergoing tests to determine if he has cancer. Bone marrow biopsy was done last week, biopsy of swollen lymph nodes scheduled this Thurs & pet scan will he done 3/23. He then meets with oncologist 3/30 for results. We are praying & believing for benign results and he says whatever the results he knows God is on control! 

Pray for Reach he was just diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. 

Prayers for blessings for Pam and Kenny.

Pray for my son Boyce for healing

Robin For salvation,that his mind understands and knows God is real,open his heart

"Please continue to pray for Angie. Her daughter is having tantrums, telling her mom she hates her and is hitting out at others. Angie is partly to blame because of her new boyfriend and she says she wants to capture her lost youth by going to bars with her new boyfriend. Her child is feeling neglected and bounced around between several homes. The ex boyfriend father of the child is not helping by telling Nani her mother does not love her. They all need salvation. I pray Angie surrenders her heart to Jesus. I thank you for your prayers for her this past year!"

plz pray for our dad, Charles ... has depression /dementia ... needs better care & to be returned home asap where he wanted to stay. Is 93 on Friday (18th) -Thank u so much!

"Please pray for courage, comfort, and strength for WD, young mother, who is still fighting cancer and its complications. Please pray for healing for LS who recently entered the hospital for pneumonia and other very serious problems.

We ask for prayer for our troubled church as we seek a new pastor who is faithful and loving. Where two or three are gathered in His Name, He is there. "

Please continue to pray for Keith. Pray for him to return to his faith, reject the devils influence and accept Jesus Christ. Pray that he will feel the acceptance of God and all who love him. He is going through a difficult time in his life emotionally and physically .

"Prayers for healing for Gloria, who was in car accident."

Prayers for healing for Lisa and everyone else who has been in a car accident.

Prayers for healing for the girl, who hit and totaled our car.

Prayer Tina, her daughter who's got in a daemonic cult, her grandson and granddaughter to be freed from a troubled home. For Teresa for her health and her daughters' salvation, for Mary for breast cancer and her chemo treatments." and for Carolyn her Parkinson's disease.

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I am grateful for your prayer trees, Mr. Huckabee. I have started talking with our Lord more, and it's brought me so many blessings!

All the work God is doing in my life. Yesterday He blessed me with the opportunity to help someone homeless and hungry.

I am grateful for my kidney donor and successful transplant surgery.

HYMNAL: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear


Author: Edmund H. Sears


1 It came upon the midnight clear,

that glorious song of old,

from angels bending near the earth

to touch their harps of gold:

"Peace on the earth, good will to men,

from heaven's all-gracious King."

The world in solemn stillness lay,

to hear the angels sing.


2 Still through the cloven skies they come

with peaceful wings unfurled,

and still their heavenly music floats

o'er all the weary world;

above its sad and lowly plains,

they bend on hovering wing,

and ever o'er its Babel sounds

the blessed angels sing.


3 And ye, beneath life's crushing load,

whose forms are bending low,

who toil along the climbing way

with painful steps and slow,

look now! for glad and golden hours

come swiftly on the wing.

O rest beside the weary road,

and hear the angels sing!


4 For lo! the days are hastening on,

by prophet seen of old,

when with the ever-circling years

shall come the time foretold

when peace shall over all the earth

its ancient splendors fling,

and the whole world send back the song

which now the angels sing.

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