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March 8, 2023

Remember when liberals used to complain about so-called “food deserts,” and how poor people in urban areas didn’t have access to affordable, healthy food? They blamed that on Republicans, racism, capitalism, you know, the usual straw men the left likes to flail.

Well, now, those areas really are becoming deserts, not just for food but also pharmaceutical items, clothing, electronics and more, and there’s a very specific reason for it: “progressive” Democrat politicians, especially George Soros-backed, criminal-coddling prosecutors. Thanks to their policies of emptying jails, doing away with bail and ending prosecutions of any crimes less serious than murder, our cities are experiencing record crime waves, with emboldened crooks stripping stores of merchandise with nobody daring to stop them. And that is having an entirely predictable result: the stores are closing up and getting out.

You’ve probably heard about Walgreens moving out of the San Francisco area. Now, Walmart is closing all its locations in Portland, Oregon. While they claim the stores just aren’t living up to profit expectations and there’s no one reason, I think we all know the real reason they’re abandoning Portland, just like so many Portland residents are. retail/walmart-shutter- portland-locations-just- months-after-ceos-warnings- crime

And if Walmart won’t say it, the CEO of Target might. He admitted that theft cost Target “hundreds of millions of dollars” in 2022, part of the nearly $4 billion in increased costs to the industry due to retail theft just since 2020. money/companies/target-cfo- organized-retail-crime- contributed-to-hundreds-of- millions-in-lost-profits-in- 2022/ar-AA183o2s?

Ironically, Target has a reputation as being a “woke” company, so you’d think they’d be happy to have all those leftists running things. Yet their policies are forcing Target to close stores due to all the theft. It’s a “desert” of rational thinking.

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  • LD Brown

    03/09/2023 08:37 AM


  • Virginia Anderson

    03/08/2023 11:27 AM

    Some years ago, my grandmother owned and operated a grocery store in a black neighborhood (near Obama's house) in Chicago. They carried a wide variety of goods -- fresh meat, fruits and vegetables. They hired help from the surrounding area.
    After the third armed-robbery, they gave up. No more jobs for local folks or handy grocery items.They can blame themselves if there are food deserts now.