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March 17, 2023

This week at the University of California-Davis, black-clad and masked leftist and LGBTQ “protesters” (the more accurate term would be “thugs” or “terrorists”) attempted to violently prevent an appearance by Turning Point USA founder, Charlie Kirk. This link has a collection of tweets with video of them clashing with riot police, vandalizing the buildings and threatening people who were attempting to come on campus to hear Kirk speak.

While their attempts to assault people for exercising their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and assembly are appalling, I was pleasantly surprised to see the police show up and actually do something to stop them, especially in California. (Note to Attorney General Merrick Garland of the Biden Injustice Department: This is what “domestic terrorists look like, not concerned parents or elderly pro-life activists.) Still, hardly any of them were arrested, charged, identified, photographed and fingerprinted, and until that starts happening, we’ll only get more of this anarchy.

What makes it even worse is the fact that so many allegedly responsible people and entities showed no more regard for civilized behavior or constitutional rights than this motley crew of radical chuckleheads. As reports, prior to Kirk’s speech UC Davis chancellor Gary S. May released a video in which he referred to Kirk as a “proponent of hate” and falsely claimed the Turning Point USA founder has “advocated for violence against transgender individuals.” May also said that the university “can’t control how these groups [TPUSA] operate,” but the campus community can “work together to neutralize and negate their influence.” How can he not know that those kinds of false and incendiary statements are the sort of red meat that fires up the Antifa terrorists?

By the way, I looked it up: UC Davis pays May over $500,000 a year in salary alone for that kind of wise and mature leadership.

But perhaps even worse was the Sacramento Bee newspaper, which ran an op-ed falsely smearing Kirk as a “fascist” who has “called for the lynching of trans people.” They edited the column after Kirk threatened to sue for libel and defamation, but by then, the stirring up of violence had already been accomplished.  

You know, maybe these people have a point about free speech being dangerous. They just haven’t figured out yet that it’s only dangerous when they exercise it.


Related: Maybe they’re just angry that in Kirk’s latest book, “The College Scam,” he calls today’s universities leftist-indoctrination scams and “absolutely” encourages young people to skip it and start a business instead. They aren't doing much to prove him wrong.

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