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April 11, 2023

Now that Trump has announced he’ll run again, some Republicans are re-assessing the slogan, “Make America Great Again.”  (What does it mean?  “Great” in what way?  Was America always great?  When did it stop being great?  On and on.)

Might we suggest an update on this slogan for ‘24:  “MAKE AMERICA FREE AGAIN.”

I say this after months --- years, really --- of seeing story after story about abuses of Americans’ constitutional freedoms by the FBI and ‘Justice’ Department.  This had been going on for a long time but launched into hyperdrive when Trump was running for President in 2016.  If anyone’s to blame, it’s the Obama DOJ, which is still essentially in place now under President Biden.  As the “Twitter Files” have shown, these and other government agencies reached their tentacles into social media to control what we are even able to know.

Trump himself is the perfect vehicle for the campaign, as he personally has been victimized by this corrupt system over and over.  He not only has the strength to stand up to it, but he is “Exhibit A.”  But as we’re increasingly seeing, especially by the treatment of those detained after January 6, these abuses threaten all of us who dare to show up and speak up.  We certainly are not “free” the way freedom was originally envisioned for this country --- far from it.  We need to make America free again.

Just in the past few days, several more stories about the FBI emerged to support this view.  After gradually learning more about the role played by the FBI in the events of January 6, mostly through court filings related to the latest Proud Boys trial, we were pushed over the edge by this one from Matt Margolis, relating to a motion in that case obtained by Julie Kelly.  (Julie literally wrote the book on January 6, called JANUARY 6.)  The motion by an attorney for the Proud Boys, who have been charged with seditious conspiracy, says that the FBI informants who were involved were “vastly outnumbered” by confidential human sources being run by yet another group, called Homeland Security Investigations, and by plain-clothes operatives from other law enforcement agencies.

“The new information is plainly exculpatory,” the motion says.  Undercover agents seen in bodycam footage weren’t just observing but actively encouraging protesters, chanting, “Go, go, go!” “Stop the steal!” and “Whose House?  Our House!”  There are apparently 10 to 12 previously unidentified plain-clothes Metro Police officers in the crowd, bringing the total to at least 50 who had infiltrated the Proud Boys on January 6.

As the motion says, “We still do not know the extent to which the crowd’s First Amendment demonstrations were transformed into violence by undercover law enforcement officers.”  That, my friends, would be entrapment.  A set-up.

There is more.  “Oh, my,” Julie Kelly reported via Twitter.  “DOJ withheld info re: Metro Police involvement until just recently (Proud Boys trial started in DECEMBER) and one officer deleted evidence from his device.”

The court documents are at the link.

In light of these revelations, we thought it would be fun to hop into the Way-Back Machine and return to June 21, 2021, the day “fact”-checker Mackenzie Sadeghi at USA TODAY wrote a piece headlined “Fact check:  Claims of FBI role in January 6 Capitol attack are false.”  This is the kind of (yes, I’ll say it) “misinformation” we’ve been pelted with ever since the riot.  Note that if you’d wanted to re-tweet this so-called “fact”-check or share it on Facebook, you could knock yourself out, but if you wanted to suggest the FBI had played a role, your content would no doubt be flagged.  It’s certain now that the FBI played a role --- the only question is, how big a role?

Sadeghi wrote, “The narrative started with a June 14 report by conservative website REVOLVER NEWS.  The story says there’s a ‘strong possibility’ the federal government had ‘undercover agents or confidential informants embedded within the so-called militia groups that were seeking to obstruct the Senate certification of the 2020 election results.”  Of course, we now know that REVOLVER was correct --- the government DID have agents and informants there.  We would also question her reference to seeking actual obstruction of the certification, as opposed to simply making their objections clear.

It’s really quite amusing to read this now.

As you know, this trial of several Proud Boys was suspended last month after it was revealed that one of the witnesses expected to testify was actually a government informant.  If memory serves, the defense had been informed of this shortly before court.  The unnamed female informant had been “in contact via telephone, text messaging and other electronic means, with one or more of the counsel for the defense and at least one defendant” between April 2022 and January 2023.”  That’s right, she had infiltrated the Proud Boys’ defense team.

An informant who did testify said that the group had no plans to breach the Capitol building or engage in violence.  He had told his FBI handler on January 6 that the Proud Boys did not knock down any police barriers.

Julie Kelly has another new report on January 6, this one about the Secret Service, who last month informed Congress that they had erased “many” text messages from January 5 and 6, 2021, as part of a “device-replacement program,” 11 days AFTER Inspector General Dr. Joseph Cuffari had requested those records as part of their “evaluation of events” on January 6.

It seems the Secret Service pulled a ‘Hillary Clinton,’ destroying records that were supposed to have been preserved.  The Department of Homeland Security and other agencies, including the Secret Service, had been instructed --- by congressional Democrats yet --- to retain all records involving the events of January 6.  Oops.

The communications director for the Secret Service tersely denied any malicious intent, saying this “system migration” had been in the works for three months.  Know what?  That doesn’t matter.  They were supposed to save those communications, period.  And by this time, Biden had been inaugurated, which means this happened on his administration’s watch.

Details in AMERICAN GREATNESS certainly suggest that the OIG’s access to those communications was impeded.  As Kelly reports, “The trove would presumably contain thousands of messages and perhaps hundreds just from January 5 and 6.  But in response to a subpoena by the January 6 select committee, the Secret Service revealed a bombshell:  they could find only ONE TEXT.”   House Democrats are reportedly livid, but they appear to be focusing their rage on (of all people) IG Cuffari (a Trump appointee) and want him gone.  This is a must-read, as it outlines the important questions that likely could have been answered by these deleted messages.

And there’s more.  The group America First Legal obtained documents that show the FBI gained access to 15 boxes of Trump’s archival records through a “special access request” FROM THE BIDEN WHITE HOUSE on behalf of the DOJ.  It’s not supposed to happen that way.  As AFL explains, “The special access statute authorizes special access requests to an incumbent President ONLY when the records in question are needed for ‘the conduct of current business’ of the White House.  Providing documents to the DOJ for purposes of a criminal investigation is not the ‘current business’ of the White House.”  But it might have created a pretext for the raid of Mar-A-Lago.  More to come on this developing story.

Finally, do you recall the recent report that the FBI, in its zeal to surveil “domestic violent extremists,” had targeted those Catholics who prefer Mass in Latin?  (We’re guessing it’s because of their strong pro-life stance.)  When questioned by Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, Attorney General Merrick Garland denied this, but we know how much his denial is worth, because, as David Spencer at PJ MEDIA reports, the FBI actually has been running informants there, targeting Americans in churches as potential threats simply for being traditional Catholics.  They referred to the churches as “new avenues for [suspicious activity] tripwire and source development.”

“This is nothing short of breathtaking,” he writes about the chillingly bureaucratic content of the FBI’s internal documents, “in its resolute determination to construct a reality other than the one we happen to be living in.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan has addressed this in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray.  I’m sure Wray will drop everything and get right on it.  Details here...

It seems the spies are everywhere they want to be, from social media to churches to school board meetings, spying on Americans they deem capable of political violence.  As they say, you’re not paranoid if it’s really happening.  Again, as long as this is left unchecked, America is not free.  We have to MAKE AMERICA FREE AGAIN.

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