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April 4, 2023



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Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Isaiah 41:10 KJV

Trump arraignment: doesn’t it feel more like April Fools’ Day?

It’s April 4, but somehow it feels like April Fools’ Day.

The indictment and in-person arraignment of a former President and leading presidential candidate over what essentially is a paperwork error for which the statute of limitations has expired is a very foolish thing.  Most Americans know this is all politics and see the danger in going down this road.  It tells us how much the left REALLY values “our democracy.”  Like August 8, 2022, the day the FBI raided Mar-A-Lago by land, sea and air, this is a shameful day for the United States of America.  And yet Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg apparently has the blessing of the ‘Justice’ Department and the White House, too.  Biden has had nothing to say.

We’ve stressed how important it is not to take the bait that has been laid out for Trump supporters.  Trump’s arraignment should have taken place on a Zoom call --- think of the millions of dollars that would save --- but, no, Bragg set a trap instead.  As hard as it might be, stay as far away from Manhattan and the downtown areas of major blue cities as you can.  If you’ve already traveled to Manhattan, please take the following advice to heart...

As J. D. Rucker writes, “The Feds are waiting.  Antifa is waiting.  Corporate media are waiting.  Democrats are waiting.  They’re all licking their lips in anticipation of another January 6-style incident in which unsuspecting patriots are manipulated into breaking laws and making a mockery of the America First movement as they protest on Tuesday on behalf of Donald J. Trump.”

If the Trump indictment has taught us anything, it’s that in the current political imbalance of power, we don’t get to do things that the Democrats do.  President Biden can have classified documents scattered out all over DC, Chinatown, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Boston, but President Trump can’t have them secured at Mar-A-Lago.  (Trump insists he had declassified them himself, as President.)  Hillary can destroy devices with hammers and Bleachbit 33,000 subpoenaed emails, but Trump can’t even look through some of his own documents requested by the National Archives.  Antifa can topple statues and burn buildings (not that we would want to), but we can get thrown into jail for putting one pinky toe over an invisible line that supposedly designates a “restricted” area.  And we might be there for years before we even get a trial.

Right now, there most definitely is a double standard of justice.  Don’t risk it, Trump supporters.  IT’S JUST WHAT THE LEFT WANTS YOU TO DO.

As Jesse Kelly says, “The communist street animals get to protest in those places [blue cities] because they’ve spent DECADES seizing political power in them.  Now they’re protected from up on high.”

Kelly compares the left with fighter Mike Tyson.  “Tyson is dying for you to step in that ring, though.  ANTIFA has their MAGA outfits ready.  You’re already texting with the FBI and you don’t even know it.  You’re not trained.  You’re unprepared…They’re waiting for you.  They want you to come.”

The left gets to protest with impunity and do essentially whatever they want.  “As we’ve seen from January 6,” Rucker says, “one is more likely to get jail time for being a conservative protester in a leftist city than being a rapist or domestic terrorist there.”  That certainly sums up Bragg’s approach to law enforcement.

And that’s another thing --- the false “domestic terrorist” narrative.  We don’t want to give them any visuals that they can use to play that up.  Just don’t do it.

Rucker says he’s not going to NYC.  Yes, he will be at a local rally, but, as he says, “I won’t be texting with the FBI.  I won’t be breaking any laws.  But I will be exercising my right to assemble and to voice my grievances with government.  I can do this because I am disciplined enough to not engage in any activities that will likely get me arrested.  Does that mean I won’t get arrested?  No.  One does not have to be guilty of a crime in the United States of America to be arrested.”

Just ask Donald Trump --- he can tell you.

The NEW YORK POST will be providing on-the-spot updates on President Trump’s appearance at the courthouse today.  Here’s that link…

Trump is expected to be arraigned at 2:15 Eastern Time this afternoon in Manhattan Supreme Court.  The process will probably last about 20 minutes.  He’ll be held in an interview room, not a jail cell, before appearing before the judge.  No Trump family members are coming along; Melania is reportedly at Mar-A-Lago.  Trump will probably be fingerprinted and have his mugshot taken, but will not be handcuffed.  Defense attorney Tacopina says he’ll be flanked by Secret Service agents during the arraignment.  Out of security concerns, he adds, there won’t be a perp-walk.  The judge also denied allowing photos or live video during the proceedings.

Trump plans to turn right around after this circus is over and return to Mar-A-Lago, and he’ll be delivering remarks from there Tuesday evening.

Side note:  In the State of New York, mugshots are not public records, so Trump’s won’t be released.  But it’s hard to imagine it not being leaked.  They’ll probably put it on the front page of the WASHINGTON POST.  (We’ve seen other reports that there won’t be a mugshot, probably because Bragg has figured out that Trump wants one.)

Here’s a good summary of what else we can expect today...

In breaking news late Monday, Trump lead attorney Joe Tacopina said there’s “no scenario” in which Manhattan Judge Juan Merchan will impose a gag order.  “Can’t be.  Won’t happen,” he told FOX NEWS’ Sean Hannity.  That really would be direct interference with an election, he said.  (Not that Bragg’s indictment of Trump isn’t --- it most certainly is.)  Tacopina says the next step will be a “vigorous motion” for the case to be dismissed based on selective prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct.

Alan Dershowitz and Gregg Jarrett did an informative interview as well.  Lots of great points; highly recommended.  Dershowitz is less optimistic than Tacopina.  This judge is not going to dismiss the case, he says, and go home to his family and friends as the “person who freed Donald Trump.”

In other words, “This is a fixed case if it’s tried in Manhattan.”  Without a change of venue, he said, “there is no way he gets a fair trial.”  He noted that the appellate judges are elected, too.

Cameras will be allowed in the courtroom, but in a “very limited capacity.”  The arraignment itself will not be broadcast live, in part because of “extraordinary security concerns,” and no electronic devices like phones and laptops will be allowed. Five pool photographers will be allowed to take photos from the jury box before the arraignment.  Video cameras are permitted outside in the hallway.

Hilariously, Trump has called on Bragg to use his powers as district attorney to “INDICT HIMSELF” over illegal leaks of the indictment details.  He said on Truth Social that he knows the reporter who received the leaked info, quipping that Bragg “will go down in Judicial History, and his Trump Hating wife will be, I am sure, very proud of him!”

Bragg indicting himself seems quite appropriate, actually.  As we reported yesterday, Alan Dershowitz said that the only felony that appears to have been committed in this case is that leak.  In fact, I’m considering launching a potentially lucrative side business, selling T-shirts, hats and mugs with the phrase “GO INDICT YOURSELF” on them.  What do you bet Trump has already trademarked it?

More details here from BREITBART...

Trump also called on Bragg to resign.  When you look at this Soros-funded DA’s approach to law enforcement and the mess he has made of New York, you see that resignation would be the best thing even if he HADN’T indicted Trump (to cite just one sobering statistic of many in this article, Bragg’s office refused to prosecute 1,100 felony cases in 2022 while he was trying to find a way to charge Trump with multiple felonies over a paperwork dispute.)

Paul Sperry wrote an opinion piece for the NY POST saying the Trump indictment might open a “Pandora’s box” for Democrats.

Be careful what you wish for, Democrats.  Thanks to your willingness to do anything for power, you’ve made weaponizing the ‘justice’ system a precedent.  To indict Trump, Bragg had to ignore the statute of limitations and dig up a seven-year-old misdemeanor case that other prosecutors had dropped.  Even the WASHINGTON POST says it’s a stretch for Bragg to make this case against the former President.  And once the law is stretched, it doesn’t just snap back.  So for when the power structure flips, Sperry lists just a few more scandals ripe for probing on the Democrat side.

For example, it might be open season on the Clinton Foundation, which Bill and Hillary have used for years as their own personal piggy bank.  There’s also James Biden’s alleged defrauding of health care companies in Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Alabama.  This doesn’t even count the flow of millions of dollars from shady partners around the world. 

And now, as we anticipate the arraignment of a former President of the United States (!!) in Act 1 of this farcical dog-and-pony show --- over, as far as we can tell, essentially nothing --- let’s take a look at a great piece in THE FEDERALIST that reminds us, “Trump refused to prosecute Hillary.  Democrats have no such restraint.”

Bill Barr wrote in his memoir that he and Trump had discussed prosecuting Hillary and that Trump, ironically, had said he didn’t want that.  “Even if she were guilty,” he told Barr, “for the election winner to seek prosecution of the loser would make the country look like a ‘banana republic.’”

Sadly, the only way to get Democrats to stop perverting justice is to give them a taste of their own medicine, making it clear that they are the ones who took us down that road.  It’s hard to imagine, if Trump retakes the presidency, that he could be --- or should be --- as forgiving as he was the first time, now that he’s felt the full weight of everything they’ve done to him.


News beyond Trump

Judging from the media coverage, you’d think there was nothing happening in the world other than Trump facing charges, and President Biden must be thanking his lucky stars for that. It’s taking attention away from the cornucopia of catastrophes that he’s presiding over and that had brought his own approval rating back down to its lowest previous levels.

I already wrote about some of the stories that harm Biden that were being ignored because of the Trump hunt, like other nations turning away from the US dollar and the revelation that the Chinese spy balloon actually had gathered valuable intelligence on our military defenses and sent it back to Beijing, despite White House denials (even a Democrat Senator is furious and vowing to hold Biden accountable)…

But the White House now has an excuse: they didn’t shoot down the spy balloon sooner because they were confident it wouldn’t learn anything that China couldn't obtain from other intelligence sources. Ooh, I feel so much more secure now!

The media are also ignoring the minor little story about tech billionaires issuing a warning to shut down research on AI immediately before it poses an existential threat to humanity. They’ll probably also ignore this new dire warning from a different source…

Oh, and OPEC is cutting oil production. That meant nothing much to us when Trump was in office and we were energy independent, rather than OPEC-dependent. But since Biden declared war on America’s fossil fuel industry (then begged the Saudis to pump more oil, which they refused to do), an OPEC cut means gas prices will be going up again.

But don’t worry: Joe has a plan. No, not releasing more oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, although I wouldn’t rule that out, despite it still being depleted from his last releases to stave off the consequences of his terrible energy policies. I mean he’s going to make up for the lower oil supply by doubling down on his “green” energy push.

Sure, that’ll work. And he’ll make us all buy electric cars, which we can plug into…what, exactly? I hate to break this to liberals, but the electricity in the socket has to come from somewhere. And if you think we’re going to power every car in America from windmills, I have a rude awakening for you. Several, in fact…

See why Biden is so happy that all the media want to talk about is whether they’ll get a mugshot of Donald Trump?

Not a joke

As if we really needed one more reason not to take the UN seriously, this month (just in time for April Fool’s Day), Russia assumed the presidency of the UN Security Council. Yes, go back and read that last sentence again. Russia’s ambassador told the media there will be no changes in the rules because Russia is committed to maintaining international peace, security and co-prosperity for all. You’re sure this isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke?

As the story notes, “The last time Russia had the presidency, February 2022, it launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.” But don’t worry, they probably won’t do that again.

From our “You sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind” desk

Three Tennessee state Democrat legislators have been stripped of their committee assignments and are facing expulsion because of their part in last week’s so-called “Trans-surrection.” That’s when trans and anti-gun protesters entered the Capitol, shoved police and disrupted the legislature from conducting business.

Their defenders claim the three weren’t organizers of the mob and this is a violation of their free speech rights, which I thought didn't apply when you were disrupting a legislature. But they did go to the presiding officer’s bench and help fire up the mob with a bullhorn by chanting “No action, no peace,” which as I’ve already mentioned, sure sounds like a threat.

I’d say that if just standing behind Nancy Pelosi’s podium can get you years in prison for insurrection, expulsion for what they did sounds like they’re getting off pretty easy. They seem to have made the serious error of forgetting that in red states, laws are still applied equally.

And speaking of that, Florida is also a state where the law still applies even to Democrats, as former Agriculture Commissioner turned gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried learned when she was among some protesters arrested in Tallahassee.

Fried and the rest were warned that it was illegal to continue protesting after dark when the park was closed, but they refused to leave. Naturally, Democrats are blaming Gov. DeSantis and accusing him of “arresting his political opponents” (and only fascists do that, right? RIGHT?!) This despite the fact that DeSantis had nothing to do with it: they were arrested by local police enforcing a local law in a city with a Democrat mayor.

To make the hypocrisy extra delicious, Fried is one of those sanctimonious Democrats who had tweeted about Trump that “nobody is above the law,” sparking one wag to tweet, “Nikki Fried got perp-walked before Donald Trump.”

I can see why today’s Democrats are so opposed to the equal application of the law. It doesn’t work out too well for them.

Bizarre and tragic story

In a bizarre and tragic story, Roy McGrath, the former chief of staff of Maryland GOP Gov. Larry Hogan, died of gunshot injuries following a stand-off with police and the FBI Monday night in Knoxville, Tennessee. At least one FBI agent fired a weapon, but it’s not clear at this writing whether that killed McGrath, or it was self-inflicted.

It all started when McGrath was hit with eight federal counts including wire fraud and embezzlement involving a $233,648 severance payment as head of the Maryland Environmental Service and $170,000 in illicit expense reimbursements. When McGrath failed to show up at his arraignment, the FBI launched a manhunt and followed a tip that he was in Knoxville.

The way this so quickly spiraled from a white-collar crime such as a fake expense account to an FBI manhunt and fatal shooting is such a tragic waste, I can’t help thinking of the sheriff in the movie “Fargo,” who said of the violence and death she’d witnessed, “And for what? For a little bit of money? There's more to life than a little money, you know.”

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