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April 7, 2023

Speaking of scandals that would be making screaming headlines if they involved Trump, the liberal media outlets had to don three pairs of blinders to keep from covering this story:

Imagine the hysterical coverage if A-list movie star Leonardo DiCaprio took the stand in a federal trial to testify against Prakazrel “Pras” Michel, a founding member of the famous rap group The Fugees, who is accused of being an unregistered agent of the Chinese government and of funneling $30 million worth of illegal foreign campaign donations to the Trump campaign? Well, all of that actually happened, except the money was allegedly funneled to the 2012 Obama-Biden reelection campaign.

What’s that I hear from the media? Crickets?...

Here are more details, including testimony from other witnesses that Michel wired them thousands of dollars to use as shadow contributions to Obama.

Michel is also accused of accepting $70 million to lobby the government on behalf of China and fugitive Malaysian financier Jho Low.

You should read the stories at those links because when I did a search, I found very few media outlets that were covering this, despite the fact that it involves big money, international crime, A-list celebrities and a US President. I wonder why so few media outlets are interested in talking about it?

Oh well, if they’re not interested in looking into whether anyone other than this guy violated the law with all these illegal foreign campaign donations flying around, thank goodness the Democrats have now established the precedent that local prosecutors can investigate and charge former Presidents.


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