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May 9, 2023

Late Sunday, investigative reporter John Solomon said he’d have an update on yet another example of the ‘Justice’ Department deep-sixing information that was potentially incriminating to the Biden family, including Joe Biden.  This one dates from 2018, when Joe was marking time between his terms as Vice President and President.  JUST THE NEWS has obtained documents and interviews to back it up.

In the fall of that year, a respected former federal prosecutor went to the DOJ on behalf of a foreign witness who claimed to have evidence that Joe Biden had “exercised influence to protect” corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings in return for money for his family.

That prosecutor was retired Little Rock U.S. Attorney under President George W. Bush, Bud Cummins (full disclosure: Bud was my chief legal counsel in the Governor’s office for several years and is also a good friend and hunting buddy and he will be on my show this weekend.)  On October 4, 2018, he wrote U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman that then-Ukraine Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko was willing to travel to the U.S. to present evidence about the Bidens and Burisma Holdings.  In his email to Berman, Cummins said Lutsenko believed “VP Biden (and Sec State Kerry) exercised influence to protect Burisma Holdings in exchange for payments to Hunter Biden, (business partner) Devon Archer, and Joe Biden.”

In later emails, Cummins told Berman that Lutsenko had two “John Doe” witnesses who could corroborate all of this, including the allegation that Joe Biden personally benefitted. Cummins questioned how they knew this, but they apparently had told Lutsenko that whoever made the wire transfer had said, “This one goes to Joe Biden.”

Longtime readers of the Huckabee Newsletter will recognize the name Lutsenko, as John Solomon reported on him several years back.  Solomon said then that Lutsenko had approached Berman with the story about Biden bribery.  But now we have more:  the contemporaneous emails that tell the same story, and the specific mention of Joe Biden.

Cummins spoke with both JUST THE NEWS and the NEW YORK POST, telling them he’d been surprised that the DOJ didn’t engage and try to determine if this report was true.  He felt “stonewalled.”  He couldn’t “imagine a legitimate reason” why they wouldn’t.  I think we can all imagine an illegitimate reason.

Recall that despite no experience in the oil and gas business, Hunter and Archer had been hired for Burisma’s board in 2014.  This, of course, was when Vice President Joe Biden was the administration’s “point man” on Ukraine.

But Cummins’ story gets more intriguing.  Last year, he got a belated notice from Apple Inc. that in late 2019, federal prosecutors had obtained data from his iPhone --- with a grand jury subpoena.  He was stunned, but if he wanted to write back and ask about this, he couldn’t simply email back.  The subject line said:  NOTE:  THIS NOTICE IS BEING SENT FROM A NO-REPLY EMAIL ACCOUNT --- ANY RESPONSE TO THIS EMAIL WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE.

The sweep of Cummins’ phone had taken place in November 2019, which happens to have been during the unfolding of the impeachment case against Trump.  And you remember what that was about:  Trump daring to even mention to Ukrainian President Zelenskyy that there might be some corruption involving the Bidens in his country.

The requesting agency for this subpoena had been the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York --- the same office that’s been relentlessly pursuing President Trump for years, and also the one he had gone to with his information about the Bidens.  No wonder it disappeared into a black hole!

“It doesn’t make much sense to investigate the guy who brings you the allegation rather than the allegation,” Cummins told JUST THE NEWS, adding that in looking into this, he hadn’t approached it in a political manner but more like the former U.S. attorney he was.

As you know, the FBI received similar information about the Bidens in 2020, from a confidential human source (CHS) who also said Joe Biden was involved in a pay-to-play bribery scheme in Ukraine.  Kentucky Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, has subpoenaed FBI Director Chris Wray to turn over the “1023” interview notes.

Solomon’s report includes the timeline assembled by congressional investigators showing all the red flags received about the Bidens from 2016 through 2020.  All that time, prosecutors managed to ignore them, while focusing like a laser beam on getting Trump for nonexistent Russia “collusion.”



RELATED:  There’s even more to discredit the Mike Morell “classic earmarks” letter signed by 51 former intel officials.   As Miranda Devine reports in the NEW YORK POST, he told his fellow signatories in an email (obtained by Devine) that he’d be getting clearance by the CIA’s Publication Review Board the next day.

However, the into the hands of POLITICO and was published the next day, leaving no time to get clearance, which all former intel officials are supposed to obtain before publishing anything.  There’s also a disclaimer that’s supposed to run but didn’t: “All statements of fact, opinion or analysis expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the official positions or views of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

“Either he [Morell] lied or somebody at the CIA violated their own policies,” said Trump attorney Tim Parlatore, who’s spent the past year pursuing the 51 signatories of that letter.  If the latter is the case, “it would implicate someone within the CIA in the plot against [Trump].”

Morell’s email also makes it clear to the signatories that this letter is for Biden to use as a talking point during the upcoming presidential debate.



On Monday, as an announcement on whether to indict Hunter Biden loomed, the White House Press Office actually banned the NEW YORK POST from Biden’s one measly event of the day.  About 20 out of 50 seats were empty, but the POST, which broke the laptop story, was still not allowed in.  “We are unable to accommodate your credential request,” an email to them said.  They were told they could watch the live-stream at

Considering the event was a joint meeting with Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to talk about airline policies, perhaps the reporters should consider themselves lucky to have had a break from the day’s bull-(BLEEP).



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  • Gunhild E Vetter

    05/13/2023 09:47 PM

    Wow. And there still is no movement to finding the truth about the Biben mobster family. It is just like Matthew 24 tells us many would be deceived.