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May 22, 2023

This week the long-awaited Independent Counsel Report from Special Prosecutor John Durham was released.  It confirmed what most of us already knew—that the FBI and Dept of Justice went out of their way to abuse the law in their determined attempt to prevent Donald Trump from being elected President in 2016 and then to have him discredited, criminally charged, impeached and removed from office.  The relentless attacks on the rule of law should make every patriotic American want to throw up.  The people we need to trust the most in enforcing the law evenly, fairly, and with a blind indifference to politics were in fact conspiring to prevent an election they didn’t want, and when that failed, they tried to overthrow an election they didn’t agree with.  Let that sink in.  After YOU voted, instead of respecting the results of an election they knew to be fair, they used every means possible, most of them illegal to overturn YOUR vote!  I want to know why these so-called law enforcement officers and high-level officials at the Justice Department aren’t the real insurrectionists?  Where’s Liz Cheney riding in on her self-righteous high horse with Cowboy Kinzinger at her side carrying the water for actual justice like they tried to carry it for Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi’s posse and lynch mob who violated every last strand of decency even to the point of twice impeaching a President because they didn’t have the votes to simply defeat him?

I will say again that anyone who broke the law and vandalized the Capitol or sought to injure a police officer on January 6 should face charges, but we saw a lot of people arrested, shackled, placed in jail for months without a trial, and had their lives ruined who didn’t even go inside the Capitol.  We’ve had some on this show whose stories are mortifying like Brandon Straka who was even placed on the no-fly list until he was eventually let off with minor misdemeanor charges of simply being in Washington that day. 

But do not forget this big difference between those who went to the Capitol on January 6 and who have been called insurrectionists and those revealed in the Durham report—the people who showed up on January 6 paid their own way to get to DC and most genuinely believed they were carrying out their Constitutional right to protest.  The federal thugs who sought to destroy Donald Trump and tried to overturn the election used YOUR money to do their dirty work—it wasn’t THEIR money that paid for Robert Mueller’s $37 million dollar witch hunt or the unknown millions of YOUR tax dollars used to conspire with Democrat operatives in creating phony documents created to get illegal search warrants and cause dozens of Trump associates to be bankrupted by legal fees.  They used the people’s money which was supposed to go after real criminals.  Instead, these government paid goons became criminals in the worst betrayal of the law in US history. 

But here’s the question—will James Comey, Peter Strok, Lisa Page, James Brennan, Jim Clapper, James Baker, Andy McCabe, or their ilk have THEIR homes raided, their property seized and get frog-marched across their lawns by SWAT teams and go to trial and be held accountable for what they did to lead this insurrection?  Probably not.  And that makes me angry.  Seething mad in fact because it tells me that there really is a two-tiered justice system at work in this country.  One for the insiders; the elites; the deep-staters; the career government bureaucrats.  And there is another for the rest of us.

And there is one more outrage in all of this.  The media has proved to truly be the “enemy of the people” because they didn’t just fail to report the truth, they actively helped hide it, distort it and outright lie about it.  And we can’t trust them.  We need an honest and objective press, but they have destroyed whatever credibility they may have had.  And they may have helped destroy a country in doing it.

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  • Rhonda Messner

    05/24/2023 05:05 PM

    We need someone in the WH who has a backbone and will force these fossils to pay for and be incarcerated for the crimes against the people. We are getting quite fed up that the Satan and the current "administration" are destroying every aspect of our lives and we are AWAKE, but definitely NOT woke. Leave our children alone! This has got to end!

  • Patrick J Brewer

    05/24/2023 12:13 AM

    Like you said Governor Huckabee, we knew all along that the Deep State (Deep Skate, because they skate with ALL of their illegal shenanigans!) and we're not even lawyers. It goes to show that we don't need to be a lawyer, or a disgraceful politician to figure out what the little kiddies (who are supposed to VOTED RESPONSIBLE ADULTS for the LEGAL American people! All of good American people are enraged because these CHILDREN in office want US to live by THEIR RULES, not by the Constitution that was made by our forefathers to use for running our country LEGALLY!

    By the way, huge congratulations go to your daughter Sarah on being chosen as the VP pick Forida's Ron DeSantis. I bet you are one PROUD papa, as well you should be Ron and Sarah would be EXCELLENT choice's for running mates for 2024 in my opinion. God bless.

  • Betty Marsenison

    05/23/2023 09:21 AM

    This is outrageous! The media isn’t covering this development either, which is enraging. As a conservative writer, I want to help. But, how do we fix it? What can we do? I feel completely helpless.

  • Jean Ellis

    05/23/2023 06:40 AM

    It makes me feel like I've been living in an alternate universe. As I've watched all the leftist' moves in the last couple of years, I feel more than "like throwing up", I feel totally betrayed, along with being sick. My father fought in WWII and I've always loved him for it and been very patriotic, I love this country. My father did not risk his live for this group of commies!

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    05/22/2023 07:41 PM

    We have known all along how crooked and corrupt our government is. It really came to light when DONALD TRUMP was elected. But the big question is, WILL THE ELECTORATE WAKE UP AND REALIZE WE NEED TO CHANGE OUR GOVERNMENT????? The old “ME DEMOCRAT, YOU REPUBLICAN” has got to be put away and starts electing people on their own merits, not just because of a D or an R by their name. Our government has become way to disconnected from reality courtesy of drone voting and deep endless monied pockets to buy them!! Like RONALD REAGON, Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem. With so many people dependent on the government, don’t look for a solution any time soon

  • Talan Hadley

    05/22/2023 06:58 PM

    Thank you for your updates you are amazing!

  • Patrick S Titterington

    05/22/2023 06:58 PM

    Today, this country is showing so many signs of floundering, with just a few who seem to hold all the power. Even though we now have so much less than we did in 2020, there seems to be little left to lose. If the Dems have their way, this country will default. If so, not sure how long I will survive afterwards; my income is my Air Force retirement, my VA disability and my Social Security. all of which will not be paid out. I used to have faith in the country I dedicated so many years to. No longer, the blinders have been removed. The VA should have been a heads up to how this country really looks at it citizens. Pawns to be used and discarded.

  • Frances Hynes

    05/22/2023 05:49 PM

    What angers me is the blatant treason committed by the President and others in the government yet NOTHING is being done. It's not enough to impeach him or others because that means nothing to them. Even before we had 'evidence', those of us with brains and not blinded by hate, we saw the one-sided justice and see laws being broken, Constitution not being upheld, etc. Until those committing treason and are breaking the laws are arrested nothing will change. And if a judge is biased, then they should be disbarred for not upholding any oath to be fair and impartial. And those in jail from J6, should be immediately released and put Pelosi, Schiff, et al in the cells.

  • Valerie Mangum

    05/22/2023 05:48 PM

    I have one question, which may turn to more. Will anything happen to these people who have caused such an uproar? The ones who have accused someone of lies, coercion, betrayal? These people are the ones who have been so corrupt themselves and have profited from the lies that have been spun. I am but a simple person, and I am sickened by the way these thieves have stolen from the rest of us, and they have.
    Saddened and angered to see this deceiving group get away with this stuff day after day!

  • Judy A Setran

    05/22/2023 05:29 PM

    Just one older lady here..I have been screaming head off since 1986 about the media being terrorists..