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May 3, 2023



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Mike Huckabee: Biden doesn't care what's happening at the border

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Mass Murderer Caught

Yesterday, after a four-day manhunt, authorities in Texas announced that they had captured a four-times-deported illegal immigrant mass murderer. He was found hiding in a laundry closet in Conroe, Texas.

(FYI: I only mentioned his name in the original report because there was a manhunt and the public needed all the info they could get to help identify him. Now that he’s in custody, I will not repeat his cursed name again, and I’m glad to see the local police have the same policy.)

The arrestee is accused of the horrific execution-style murder of five members of a family who lived next door, including an 8-year-old boy, because they asked him to stop firing his rifle at night so their children could sleep. Police said they also made arrests of “not more than five” others, but gave no details. His wife is reportedly in custody but they wouldn’t say if she’d been charged with anything.  

This is an ongoing story, so keep up with it by checking Fox, Newsmax, Breitbart or some other conservative outlet. They’re the only ones covering it in depth anymore, now that we know the mass murderer isn’t a MAGA Republican gun owner but an illegal alien who’d been deported four times and just kept coming right back in.  

I appeared on “Hannity” on Fox News last night to talk about this, and I quoted some words about the importance of enforcing immigration laws that I think must have come as a shock to any of today’s leftists who might have been watching, if any were. You can watch it here, and please share it with people you know who need to hear it.

Watch me: Mike Huckabee: Biden doesn't care what's happening at the border - Read Mike's News Analysis - Mike Huckabee

Breaking "news" from Russia

This morning, breaking news came that Russian government officials claimed that Ukrainian forces attempted to assassinate Vladimir Putin with a drone strike, but it failed. Ukraine denied it. I don’t know how much credence to give this, considering the source. But I’ll mention it and wait to see whether there’s anything to it, or if it’s something that’s apparently a lot rarer than we’re led to believe these days: a genuine piece of “Russian disinformation.”

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Negotiating the debt ceiling

After refusing for months to negotiate with House Republicans on an agreement to raise the debt ceiling that would also curb runaway spending, President Biden caved and invited Congressional leaders of both parties to the White House on May 9th.  Biden apparently hadn’t expected House Republicans to come together and pass a bill that did what they said they’d do, and dump it in his lap so that any default on the debt would be squarely on him.

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell said he agreed to attend the meeting, but that with the government divided, there wasn’t going to be any solution from the Senate, so any deal would have to be reached between Biden and House Republicans. That’s good, because I’m afraid a lot of Republicans wouldn’t trust Mitch not to cave if it were up to the Senate.

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Her biggest lie yet

Perhaps inspired by the success of the transgender movement, Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has taken to asserting obvious delusions as truth and daring reporters to call her on it.

Sadly for her, Twitter commenters weren’t in an “Emperor’s New Clothes” mood and did call her on it, describing her claim that Biden’s actions have reduced illegal immigration by 90% “maybe the biggest lie from the White House podium so far this year.“ Which is sort of like trying to pick the least funny Steven Colbert joke.

It does raise the question, “If illegal immigration is down by 90%, why did Biden just order 1,500 US troops to the US-Mexico border in anticipation of ANOTHER massive surge of illegal crossers when the Title 42 restrictions expire on May 11th?"

I have it on good authority – well, it’s an educated guess – that when a confused Biden heard he’d ordered troops to secure the border, he denounced himself as a racist and a xenophobe.


Klinger returns

Remember the TV show “M*A*S*H” and Corporal Klinger, who kept trying to get out of the Army with a Section 8 mental discharge by wearing dresses?  Well, today’s military should replace the image of Uncle Sam on their “I Want You!” recruitment posters with a picture of Corporal Klinger in a ballgown. They’ve already taken a big step toward it with news that the Navy has approached a Yeoman Second Class, who in his off-time is a drag queen “influencer” with over a million TikTok followers, to boost recruitment among young people.

The writer Streiff at has more on this story and the general problem of recruiting young people into the military. The Pentagon never seems to connect that with the fact they’re become openly hostile to the kind of tough, patriotic, God-fearing young Americans who used to aspire to joining the military before it was taken over by leftist desk jockeys who turned it into a social experimentation lab and don’t know the difference between waging a war and organizing a drag show.

I’ll let you know when this Administration changes the Navy’s official song from “Anchors Away” to “In the Navy” by the Village People.


Senator Cruz deserves kudos

I’ve had my differences with Sen. Ted Cruz, but he deserves kudos for what he did Tuesday during the Senate Democrats’ hearing on “Supreme Court Ethics Reform.” It’s just a transparent front for smearing conservative Justices, particularly Clarence Thomas, with bogus ethics charges in an attempt to either force their retirement or impeachment (to quote Dana Carvey’s George Bush impression, “Not gonna happen”) or stack the Court to politicize it.

The Justices themselves see this, which is why Chief Justice John Roberts refused to show up and dignify it by testifying, and why all nine judges signed a letter denouncing the attack on Thomas and affirming that they already follow stringent ethics rules. Besides, Senate Democrats questioning Supreme Court Justices’ ethics is like Hunter Biden calling someone a bad father.  

Anyway, the Senate Democrats brought in Kedric Payne, the Senior Director of Ethics for D.C.’s Campaign Legal Center (yes, that's a real job title!) to smear Thomas, and Cruz was well-prepared to gut his claims like a carp.

Cruz cited examples of liberal icons like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer doing the same thing they’re smearing Thomas for and asked Payne if they were corrupt. Well, homina-homina, of course not. Cruz replied, “Let me be clear. I’m not suggesting Justice Breyer is corrupt. What I’m suggesting is this committee is corrupt because this is a Kangaroo Circus.”

He then went on to call out Senate Democrats for threatening to cut off funding for security for the SCOTUS when their own overheated rhetoric is inspiring their followers to make death threats and launch assassination attempts against conservative Justices.

Congratulations to Sen. Cruz. This committee was supposedly going to expose unethical corruption that merited officials losing their jobs, and he actually found some!


On the subject of Democrats firing up their followers to commit violence

Selena Chambers, a Tallahassee, Florida, woman who describes herself as a member of “the Resistance,” was charged with two counts of battery for allegedly assaulting Rep. Matt Gaetz at a private event. Not very good at resisting temptation, is she?

Chambers is accused of throwing a drink at Gaetz that soaked him and a person next to him, then walking away while cursing, “yelling and flipping him off.” She’s pleading not guilty, claiming she’d had alcohol and spilled her drink accidentally. She must’ve had so much alcohol she thought she was in Washington, DC, where that alibi might actually work.

Speaking of Matt Gaetz, from our “Hades Freezes Over” file comes this

Gaetz has teamed up with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to co-sponsor a bill restricting Congress members from owning and trading stocks, a practice that’s led to accusations of politicians enriching themselves through insider trading.

Gaetz said AOC is wrong about a lot of things, but she’s not corrupt. Well, some people involved with the Met Gala might think he’s wrong about that, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

By the way, I knew if they started letting politicians into the Met Gala, this would be the next step. A cockroach on the Met Gala red carpet went viral (well, they do carry viruses, I hear.)

I just want to know how that cockroach could afford the ticket!

The new face of women's poker has a white beard

Lady Gaga may claim to have a “Poker Face,” but the new face of women’s poker has a white beard. In Florida and Nevada, casinos are banned by anti-discrimination laws from barring men from women’s poker tournaments. So Dave Hughes, 70, entered the women's no-limit Texas Hold-‘Em Tournament at Florida’s Seminole Hard Rock Casino. He beat the 82 other participants, all women, and won over $5,500.

As that story makes clear, the women were not happy about this. Poker Hall of Famer Linda Johnson said, "I love ladies-only poker tournaments. I would have no problem with them having a men's only and I wouldn't enter it as I would not qualify for it. I would have no problem if they had a tournament for 26-year-old, motorcycle riding, Mohawk-haircut seniors and I wouldn't enter it because I wouldn't qualify.”

Limiting women’s events only to people who qualify? What a crazy, bigoted idea! Why, it’s as if she’s claiming that men and women are different!


Related: More biological science denial from the left as a man gets awarded first place in the “women’s” category in New Mexico’s Tour of the Gila cycling race.

The win sparked (long-overdue) public outrage and prompted champion cyclist Hannah Arensman, who has faced unfair competition from males for the past few years due to this pandemic of insanity, to announce her retirement from the sport.

It would be much better if all female athletes simply refused to compete against males. If the organizations that represent women’s sports won’t stand up for women, then let them go have a pound-sand competition, and the women can organize their own events. Female athletes can get along a lot better without these woke women’s sports leagues than the leagues can get along with nobody competing except guys in drag.


Must-See Video

As long as we’re on that subject, check out this MUST-SEE VIDEO of a teenage girl with more common sense than anyone in the White House, most Democrats in Congress, and far too many US school boards. Not that that's a high bar to clear.


Some “trans” rights insurrectionists attempted to disrupt the Texas Legislature to prevent debate on a bill to ban hormones, puberty-blockers and irreversible gender surgery for minors under 18. They also tried to get tough with Texas state troopers and resist when they were told to leave.  That was, to put it mildly, not a good plan.

I think maybe they were identifying as Californians and forgot they were in Texas.


The Woke Left turns on Bud Light

Proving that you can’t get in bed with the woke left because they’ll eventually turn on you, Bud Light is not only being boycotted by conservatives for promoting a “transgender influencer,” they’re now being boycotted by trans activists for not defending the influencer strongly enough and alienating their customer base even further.

Maybe the tar pit Bud Light jumped into has finally driven home to stockholders the truth of the phrase, “Get woke, go broke.” Last week, activists tried to pass three proposals to make Coca-Cola more “woke,” such as expanding or closing operations based on a state’s access to abortion. Shareholders defeated all three by margins of up to 87 percent.

If it makes them feel better, they can think of their proposals not as being killed, but aborted.

Good read

The New York Post’s Michael Goodwin blasts New York City Mayor Eric Adams for playing the race card by accusing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of racism because many of the liberal “sanctuary cities” he’s sending illegal migrants to have black mayors.

Yes, but more to the point, they declared themselves to be “sanctuary cities for illegal migrants,” and now they’re blaming everyone but themselves when a bunch of illegal migrants actually show up. Goodwin also makes some great points about how Adams promised to reduce crime but is proving to be a “walking, talking virtue signal.”

Potentially huge developments in Hunter Biden case

On Tuesday, Sens. Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley joined forces to formally accuse Secretary of State Antony Blinken of giving Congress a “patently false” account in 2020 of his dealings with Hunter Biden when his father was Vice President.

“On December 22, 2020, you provided false testimony to Congress during your voluntary transcribed interview,” they wrote, going on to remind him that he’d been reminded by staff in the hearing that it was a crime to lie to Congress.  “You acknowledged your understanding of that statute and stated there is no reason you would be unable to to provide truthful answers during the interview.”

They helpfully provided the part of his testimony that is demonstrably untrue:

Question:  “Did you ever talk with [Hunter Biden] on the phone?”

Blinken:  “Not that I recall.”

Question:  “Did you have any other means of correspondence with him --- emails, texts?”

Blinken:  “No.”

Then they included samples of actual email communication --- using his personal email address --- relating to an in-person meeting they’d had at the State Department.  Uh-oh.

“Your statement to Congress that you did not email Hunter Bidenis clearly not true and calls into question the veracity of your entire...testimony,” they wrote.  “Specifically, you denied having any awareness of Hunter Biden’s association with the corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings.”

Question:  “[Y]ou were not aware that Hunter Biden served on Burisma’s board?”

Blinken:  “To the best of my recollection, I was not.”

The senators went on to demolish that testimony, too, saying they were copying Blinken’s wife Evan Ryan on the letter because she had corresponded with Hunter --- also through personal email --- about connecting her husband with Burisma’s U.S. lobbying firm, Blue Star Strategies.  Double uh-oh.

“It seems highly unlikely that you had no idea of Hunter Biden’s association with Burisma while your wife was apparently coordinating with Hunter Biden to potentially connect you with Burisma’s U.S. representatives,” they wrote.

They described Blinken as the “catalyst” for Michael Morell’s now-infamous “classic earmarks” letter to discredit the laptop story in October 2020.  “It is now apparent that your willingness to deceive the public continued through December 2020 when you failed to tell the whole truth to congressional investigators about your contacts with Hunter Biden.”

“Because your testimony is inaccurate,” they wrote, “Congress and the public must rely on your records as the source for information about your dealings with Hunter Biden.  Accordingly, both Blinken and his wife were told to preserve all records relating to Hunter Biden, his business dealings and his family’s business dealings, through both official and personal email and phone, and to provide them no later than May 15.

Since Republicans are the minority in the Senate, their committee members do not have subpoena power.  But the letter was copied to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer, who do. 

On Tuesday, investigative reporter John Solomon characterized the letter as a “dramatic escalation in their feud with Team Biden.”  He went on to review what we know about Morell’s testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees in April about a phone conversation with Blinken that led to the creation of the “classic earmarks” letter.  Blinken didn’t directly tell him to write the letter, Morell had testified, but Blinken sent him information that was used in the letter.  After the presidential debate a few days later, in which then-candidate Biden used the letter to falsely denounce the laptop story, the campaign had called to express their gratitude.

They must’ve been extremely grateful!  Talk about a slick move.  And then, of course, it was just a few months after Blinken got the ball rolling to discredit the true laptop story that he lied to Congress about ever having contact with Hunter.

As we’ve said, the only defense Blinken has offered is the very narrow statement that the letter wasn’t his idea.

Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry has gotten involved, too, writing a letter on April 30 to key oversight committees in both House and Senate urging them to look into whether the ‘Justice’ Department has let Hunter off easy by “knowingly and purposefully” allowing the statute of limitations to expire on certain transactions.  (We’ve discussed this; the DOJ’s motivation might be to protect the rest of the family, specifically the “Big Guy,” from revelations about transactions related to Joe Biden’s position as VP.)  The ones they seem to be looking at are only smaller, recent transactions.

In fact, last week, Comer told John Solomon that those incidents are “a drop in the bucket” of all Hunter’s potential wrongdoing over the past decade.

Perry’s letter also notes the IRS whistleblower who has come forward with allegations of political interference in that investigation.

Here’s the full letter; you can see all the committee chairs and ranking members it was sent to.

About that IRS whistleblower: his allegations, if substantiated, contradict Attorney General Merrick Garland’s sworn testimony that prosecutors in the case have full authority to pursue it as they wish without interference.  On Tuesday, Garland stuck to that statement, saying there is no evidence of interference.  (Note:  saying there’s “no evidence” of interference isn’t the same as saying there’s no interference.)

More details and additional links to related stories from John Solomon are here:

Legal analyst Margot Cleveland doesn’t seem too concerned that the probe into “Biden Inc.” will end with a few tax charges.  In her latest column, she says a move by the House Ways and Means Committee “promises to accelerate the unraveling of the Justice Department’s family protection racket.”

Ways and Means gave two attorneys for that IRS whistleblower the authority to inspect Hunter’s tax returns and related information.  This is “6103” material, subject to privacy laws, but there’s an exception that allowed whistleblowers to disclose it either to the House Ways and Means Committee or the Senate Committee on Finance, and that has already taken place.  But because the exception doesn’t extend to a whistleblower’s attorneys, Cleveland explains, the whistleblower must face the committees without benefit of legal counsel.

This is why the whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Lytle, explained in his letter to Congress that his client, “out of an abundance of caution,” had “refrained from sharing certain information” with him, and that lacking a full understanding of the situation made it “challenging” for him “to make fully informed judgements about how best to proceed.”

To allow the whistleblower’s attorney to see what his client is dealing with, there’s what Cleveland describes as a “workaround,” allowing the chairs of those two committees to “designate or appoint” an “agent” to inspect the tax returns and related information.  Once the attorney is designated, the whistleblower can “freely and fully” discuss the tax information with counsel.  The attorney can then brief congressional committees on those details in an appropriately private setting.  This might happen in as little as a week, Cleveland says, with the whistleblower testifying soon after.

Cleveland says the decision to appoint two attorneys to inspect Hunter’s tax material is “huge.”  Once the closed-door testimony is complete, the committee could decide it’s not confidential under Section 6103 or, as permitted by statute, vote to release it publicly.

Biden’s attorneys met with federal prosecutors last Wednesday, perhaps trying to hurry along a plea agreement (as another legal expert, Jonathan Turley, has recommended), but Cleveland thinks that with this development, cutting a deal won’t stop the damage.  The full tax information will show whether or not politics limited the DOJ’s scope of investigation.  Also, the whistleblower has other details besides the returns themselves about preferential treatment.  Looks as though much of this will be made public soon.




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  • Becky Jantzen

    05/04/2023 12:17 PM

    Re: the drag queen “influencer” - Corp Klinger had much more dignity. It's hard to believe we've reached the point where a freak like this was accepted into the Navy, much less considered to be a good recruiting tool while in full regalia. This is a smack in the face of every Navy veteran who fought bravely for this country and especially those who paid the ultimate price and are spinning in their graves.