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May 14, 2023

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How to Make Democrats' Heads EXPLODE | FULL EPISODE | Huckabee

On Huckabee, Former Federal Prosecutor Bud Cummins was stonewalled after being the first to report Biden bribery allegations. He’s discussing the House Oversight and Accountability Committee’s new report on Biden concealing millions from foreign nationals. Mark Meckler is an American political activist and attorney who brings a first-hand account of the crisis at the U.S. border. Buddy Jewell and Mike Super have a stellar line up of entertainment that you don’t want to miss! Catch all this and more on Huckabee!

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My Show Monologue

We are moving toward yet another “debt-ceiling crisis” that has Washington in a tizz.  You’ve heard the same song before…about every 2 years, there is a new CRISIS over the debt ceiling and we’re told that if we don’t act RIGHT NOW to borrow yet more money we can’t possibly pay back, then the world as we know it will come to a brutal and unmerciful end.  I’m not saying that default on our debt is a good thing.  It’s a horrible thing that could in fact have impact on the entire global economy.  But the United States has become like a hopeless drug addict who determines that the only way to deal with addiction is more drugs of a stiffer kind and a greater amount.  At some point, there MUST be a reckoning with reality. 

Here's my simple understanding of economics, whether personal economics, business economics or government economics:  You can’t spend money you don’t have or borrow money you can’t afford to pay back.  That’s it.  Most of us follow that personally or we’ll go bankrupt and lose everything.  Most businesses follow that or they go out of business pretty quickly and painfully.  The government?  Nah…they just keep printing money and borrowing it.  The money they print becomes worth less and the money they borrow becomes so overwhelming that they can’t even pay the interest on it, much less the actual debt itself. 

A drug addict or alcoholic will eventually die from the addiction or its side effects or will get into rehab and recovery.  Our great nation needs to decide if it wants to commit economic suicide or finally come to terms with its out of control spending addiction.

The debt of the US hit its first trillion mark in 1982.  In fairness, it was under Ronald Reagan who added large amounts of federal spending to help get the country out of a recession.  It would be 2008 before the debt climbed to over 10 trillion.  The current debt is $31 ½ TRILLION! 

If this debt ceiling crisis was so urgent, why did President Biden refuse to even meet with House Speaker McCarthy for 100 days?  Not even a meeting!  And throughout the 100 days, the President made it very clear that there would be no negotiating.  Throughout what seemed like his eternal Senate career, he made grand speeches on why we had to negotiate through each debt ceiling debate, but as President, it’s “his way or the highway!”

The House Republicans did something that neither the White House nor the Senate did.  They put forth a very specific proposal, and they passed it through the House.  The Senate did nothing.  Nada.  And the White House trotted out the incompetent and incoherent Karine Jean-Pierre to say that if the Republican plan were accepted, ice wouldn’t freeze, underwear wouldn’t be washable, fleas would devour every dog and cat in America, and millions of Americans would be stranded in the deep forest, having to eat tree bark to survive.  Well, she didn’t say it just like that, but she all but cried that there would be massive and…that favorite word of the Democrats…DRACONIAN cuts!  Actually, even the Republican House plan would allow the debt ceiling to be raised, but the spending growth would be limited to 1%.  In Washington, when you get more money than you had but it’s not as much as you want, it’s a CUT!  It would be like me as a child getting an allowance of quarter a week and then getting 50 cents but because I asked for a dollar, it would be a 50% CUT!  That’s just how insane Washington is.

I’m on the national board for the Balanced Budget Amendment Committee and serve with several other former and current Governors, Senators, and Congressmen.  By law, states are required to balance their budgets and we think that’s a good idea for Uncle Sugar in Washington.  We propose an amendment to the US Constitution that the federal government to be required what you do in your household and in your business and what your state and local government does:  live with a balanced budget.  It makes fiscal sense, but it will also end this every year or two drama of the sky falling because we have to increase how much we can borrow RIGHT NOW even when the President is so worried about it he won’t even meet with the Speaker of the House for over 100 days to discuss it.  If a kid can’t do his homework, we hold him back a year.  Maybe we ought to tell Washington that if they can’t live with a real budget, then we simply will stop paying them!

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Thank you

Thanks to Instapundit for pointing out some good news: a popular drug for treating type 2 diabetes not only helps fight obesity, it might also help fight cancer.

Frontline warriors

Comedians are the frontline warriors in the battle against the woke censors and cancel culture mobs, and there’s one we need to keep an eye on.

Comic Chrissie Mayr was performing at a comedy club in Dallas when she told some jokes about Dylan Mulvaney that most of the crowd laughed at. But a table of “trans” customers got angry and heckled her. She tried to defuse the hostility, but in a funny way. Naturally, they were having none of that (BTW, why do people with no sense of humor go to comedy clubs?), and they cursed her, stormed out, complained to the manager, and turned over her merch table.

To Mayr’s credit, she did not back down, she continued joking about them, and she even took the story to Twitter, where she declared, “This is the conflict when it comes to comedy and leftists. It’s just not compatible.”

I wonder if she’s got six minutes of good family friendly material she’d like to do on a national TV show?

We need smaller words

David Strom at fills us in on a Yale study that found that conservatives speak to minorities just as they would anyone else, while liberals downplay their own verbal competence and use smaller words when talking to minorities, as if they subconsciously assume they’re stupid.

In short, it proves that conservatives view all people equally while liberals are more racist. Of course, the authors of the study, being liberals themselves, didn’t notice what their story actually said about themselves. Maybe we need to explain it to them in smaller words.

Free Money

This is a very interesting article by Paul Petrick at Western Journal about Matthew Lesko, who turned 80 this week (and happy birthday to him.) If you don’t recall the name, insomniacs might remember him as the “Free Money” dude on TV, in the suit covered with question marks, who sold books filled with tips on how to get free money from the government.

These days, of course, it’s much easier: just claim to be oppressed or an illegal immigrant or to want to start a program to turn kids into drag queens who hate America and you’ll be rolling in borrowed dollars from Uncle Sugar before you know it. In fact, that’s the thrust of the article: how we went from needing Lesko to teach us how to jump through all the hoops to qualify for free money to the government losing $80 billion in COVID relief funds to fraud because they were practically firing money out of cannons.

And here’s a fact from it that should give you pause: when Lesko first hit the bestseller list in 1983, the entire federal budget was $1 trillion. Today, the deficit alone is $1.1 trillion. Somebody’s getting an awful lot of “free money from the government.”

Trust Me

There’s so much bad news these days that sometimes you just need to turn it off for a few minutes and watch something that lifts your spirits. Like this video that went viral of baby goats leaping in slow motion to Tchaikovsky’s "Waltz of the Flowers." Trust me on this.

If a human could leap like this, he’d win Olympic gold. So we’d better hope goats don’t start “identifying” as humans and entering the Olympics, because who would dare to stop them?

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  • Mike vichinsky

    05/15/2023 12:24 AM

    Thank you for your honesty!

  • Jim Greer

    05/14/2023 03:18 PM

    Regarding the way our government spends and barrows money, l heard it put this once and it seems like an very apt description - “if your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall”

  • dave allen

    05/14/2023 03:04 PM

    wow, so the trans french runner is complaining to MSN about all the work he has put in for naught. i would feel sorry for him, but he (and too much of the sports world) doesn't recognize that he would put the hard work of ALL the other runners (female) for naught.