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May 1, 2023



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5 One Lord, one faith, one baptism,

6 One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

Ephesians 4:5-6 KJV

Joe Biden SPIT in 70% of Americans’ Faces by Announcing His 2024 RE-Election Bid

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When will the media hold Democrats accountable?

In a horrific story, police in Cleveland, Texas, near Houston, are searching for Francisco Oropesa in the execution-style murder of five neighbors, but at this writing have no leads. An $80,000 reward has been offered for information leading to his arrest.

Orepesa was firing his AR-15 at night, and the family next door asked him to stop because their children couldn’t sleep. Instead, he entered their house and began firing, killing five people, including an 8-year-old boy. Three children survived apparently because two women who died lay on top of them to shield them with their bodies.

Reflex attempts to politicize the massacre because of the AR-15 appear to have dissipated after it was reported that Orepesa was not a MAGA NRA member but a Mexican national who had been deported five times but kept reentering the US illegally.

I’ve written about this before, but it’s worth asking again and again until we finally get an answer: when will the media and the voters finally hold the Democrats accountable for the rising death toll of their insane policies? How many people have already been killed by the open border, thanks to criminal illegal immigrants, Mexican gang members, exotic disease carriers, vicious human smugglers and the influx of deadly fentanyl and other drugs? How many people have died because of violent crime waves set off and abetted by “defund the police” politicians and activists and liberal prosecutors who refuse to prosecute? How many babies are slaughtered in the womb thanks to the total disregard for the sanctity of their lives, even up to the moment of birth (and in some cases, beyond?)

Democrats like to claim that anyone who disagrees with their policies is going to make people die and have blood on their hands. For instance, if you try to protect minors from destroying their bodies with chemicals and irreversible surgery they’ll later regret, then those “trans” kids will commit suicide, and it’s all your fault for trying to protect them (it’s the “give me what I want or I’ll hold my breath until I turn blue” argument taken to the ultimate extreme.) 

But as Matt Margolis of PJ Media points out, a study in Sweden found that people who have undergone those procedures have a “higher risk of mortality, suicidal behavior, and psychiatric morbidity compared to the general population.” It’s why Swedish health authorities have now replaced so-called “gender affirming care” with psychological counseling as the first line of treatment.

As the death toll from dangerously wrongheaded leftist policies continues to mount, why are the people responsible not being held accountable? Five innocent victims in Texas just died on the altar of the idea that deporting criminals is mean. Add them to all the deaths mentioned above. Democrats want to declare guns as a public health emergency, like COVID. So how about going for the root cause and branding leftist policies that let criminals run around loose shooting people as a public health emergency?

Related: Be sure to read the linked article above by Matt Margolis. The main topic of it was NBC’s Chuck Todd trying to lecture GOP presidential candidate and tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy on how he’s wrong to say there are only two genders and to oppose chemical castration and genital mutilation of minors. It was a perfect illustration of clueless liberal arrogance, seeing as Todd studied poli-sci and music at George Washington University but never earned a degree, while Ramaswamy has a summa cum laude degree in biology from Harvard. He used it to give Todd a much-needed education.

Also, bonus points to Ramaswamy for getting Todd to unwittingly admit that parents should have a right to know when their kids are considering mutilating their bodies.

The new hallmark of the Democratic Party

Years ago, Dana Carvey had a series on ABC that only lasted a half dozen episodes, but it later became a cult hit on DVD. There’s a sketch from it that was remarkably prescient because I keep thinking of it every time I see a Democrat insist that he/she/xe absolutely believes something that’s clearly nonsense.

Here's that sketch. In it, Carvey displays a glass of the sponsor’s beverage, Mountain Dew, which clearly resembles a urine sample, and asks a cast member, “What does that LOOK like?” He keeps desperately claiming not to see the obvious, instead saying it looks like, say, “Liquid sunshine in a can,” as Carvey keeps pressing him, “Seriously…what does THAT look like?”

That desperation to deny reality no matter how obvious it may be and claim to see something else has become the new hallmark of the Democratic Party.

Sometimes when I take a stand that surprises some people, they demand to know, “Whose side are you on?” That’s easy: I’m on the side of whoever is telling the truth. It does nobody any good to pretend to believe things they know aren’t true, and it’s pretty easy these days to tell who is speaking the truth and who is knowingly denying the truth and desperately trying to convince us they believe their own bull droppings. For instance…

Which side insists that its narrative on January 6th is unassailable fact, but goes ballistic at the idea of letting the public see the unedited video evidence? Which side continues to insist that its version of events is true even when the video contradicts it, and their response to that is to demonize and deplatform the person who wants to let people see the evidence?

Which side claims to have no idea what a “woman” is, yet insists that a tall, muscular person with a baritone voice, male genitals and five o’clock shadow is a “real woman”?

Which Party can look at violent crime waves happening only in cities that they’ve controlled for decades and claim it’s because guns are too easily available in other places run by the other Party that have little to no violent crime?

Which side claims that illegal immigration is the Republicans’ fault even though it’s the Democrats who fought tooth and toenail to keep from building a border wall, and Biden who opened the border, tied the hands of our border guards, and started releasing illegal crossers on THIS side of the border?

Which side claims to believe that any laws to make our elections trustworthy are racist attempts to suppress the black vote, even though polls show large majorities of blacks support those laws and a post-election poll in Georgia found that zero blacks reported any problems with voting?  

Which Party wants us to believe that the many economic disasters that arose after they took over are all the fault of the guy who left power over two years ago?

Which side has to keep coming up with baffling euphemisms for “killing babies in the womb” (“women’s health care,” “reproductive freedom,” etc.) to keep from honestly admitting what abortion actually is (“What does THAT look like?”)

Also, which side claims their support for abortion laws is in the name of “protecting women’s health care,” even though it means defending dangerously unsanitary clinics, preventing women from hearing all their options, freely distributing abortion drugs with dangerous side effects, supporting late term abortions that are virtually always riskier to the mother’s health than delivering the baby, and opposing making abortionists have hospital admitting privileges in case something goes wrong and the woman needs emergency care?

Which side accuses the other of being “anti-free speech” as their supporters physically assault comedians and college speakers they disagree with, conspire to censor social media, and are trying to make criticizing the government illegal?

Which Party accuses the other of wanting to “ban books” when they know all they’re really doing is preventing schools from showing sexually-explicit materials to young children as all states have done up until recently? And isn't it their own supporters who celebrate when they get a book contract by someone they dislike canceled or a conservative book banned from Amazon?

Likewise, which side accuses the other of wanting to “ban drag shows” when they know it’s NOT a ban on adult shows but only on inappropriate sexually-oriented performances for children, just like laws that bar children from attending NC-17 movies?  

To sum up, when anyone has to go to such torturous mental gymnastics just to deny the obvious, they’re not on the side of the truth. The truth is right there before your eyes, and in most cases, it’s pretty clear. And so is the answer to the question, “Who is lying to you?”

Train derailment

This past Thursday, there was another train derailment, this time a BNSF freight train near DeSoto, Wisconsin. It injured one person and sent two rail cars into the Mississippi River. Hazardous materials believed to be batteries were on board, but fortunately, they stayed contained.

At this writing, the cause of the derailment is not yet known. But I assume our “Transportation Secretary” will say it’s because he doesn’t have enough money for infrastructure due to Republicans caring about keeping biological males out of women’s sports.

Better than the adult

And a little child shall lead them, probably better than the adult we currently have leading us. At least the child remembers where the adult was last week.

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The Los Angeles Times denied that it shares its reporters’ planned questions for President Biden with the White House in advance. In attempting to debunk the story, liberal media outlets had to argue that the question we saw on Biden’s cheat sheet was not “identical” to the one the LA Times reporter asked. It was just really close. So there you go!


Not so crazy

Remember the assurances that the IRS had no plans to hire a lot of armed agents? That was all just crazy MAGA conspiracy theory talk.

Well, the IRS website is advertising that “We’re hiring special agents now!” There are 360 openings spread across all 50 states. The duties of a special agent include a willingness to take on dangerous assignments “including the use of deadly force,” and “to carry a firearm.”

But don’t worry: they assure us those armed agents will never come after you.

Give the People What They Want!

While sales of Bud Light have fallen off a cliff, businessman Seth Weathers cashed in on the woke controversy by offering a new product called Conservative Dad’s Ultra-Right Beer (Motto: “Tastes like freedom!”) After just two weeks in business, it’s already racked up over $1 million in sales.

Must-Read Column

Derek Hunter at has a sharply funny column that echoes what I said about not believing anyone who claims to know why Tucker Carlson left Fox News, and certainly not clueless leftists at places like MSNBC who’ve never even met (or likely even watched) Tucker Carlson. Hunter knows him well and admits that even he doesn’t know what happened.

Remember, these are the people who give copious air time to anything that makes conservatives look bad, like an ex-Fox News producer who is suing Carlson for allegedly creating a toxic sexist workplace – even though she later admitted she’s never actually met him and never even saw him at Fox HQ in New York because he did his show from Maine and Florida and communicated with her only by text and email.

A good story to remember at a time when we’re hearing about so many lawsuits from various news outlets that seldom bother mentioning just how easy it is to sue somebody.  



Congratulations to “Huckabee” writer and award-winning retro jazz singer Laura Ainsworth, whose video for her lounge jazz reinvention of “Goldfinger” is getting picked up by broadcast TV outlets! The first to air it will be the show “Video Jam” on WCCA-TV in Worcester, Massachusetts, starting tonight at 9 pm EST. Remember when MTV actually played music videos? It’s like that! You can watch it online here:

And find the new album that it’s from, “You Asked For It,” here:


By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

I’m sorry to have to report that controversial talk show host Jerry Springer died Thursday morning of prostate cancer at 79.

While Springer is best known for hosting the long-running talk show that many critics blamed for starting the fad of “trash TV” with its salacious topics and more brawls than professional wrestling, many fans don’t remember that he started out in politics. He was the former mayor of Cincinnati and unsuccessfully ran for Congress. He also recorded an album of country western songs called “Dr. Talk” in 1995. Here he is singing the title track, to prove his more recent appearance on “The Masked Singer” wasn’t his first time singing.

Here’s an interview with him by David Letterman where he talks candidly about his background, including a scandal that cost him his city council seat, and admits his show is “plain stupid” but claims he tries to keep it honest and it’s mostly true.

I asked Gov. Huckabee if he knew Jerry Springer, and he said he only met him once when he was a guest on the Huckabee show, but he seemed to be a very nice man, and that comes across in the interview above. Whatever you think of his legacy, he had no pretensions that it was anything other than dumb entertainment. That’s better than today’s woke lectures.


An official who WOULDN’T sign “earmarks” letter; Blinken lied to Congress about Hunter

When former acting CIA Director Michael Morell was asked by then-Biden campaign adviser Antony Blinken to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story, it took him just two days to get 51 signatures on a letter saying the story had the “classic earmarks” of Russian disinformation.  Of course, that was not nearly enough time for any of the signatories to determine whether or not it was real, and none of them ever even saw it.  But POLITICO published the now-infamous “classic earmarks” letter anyway, essentially deep-sixing the laptop story until the election was safely over.

One former CIA chief of station who refused to sign the letter has now come forward.  He explained in an op-ed for the WASHINGTON TIMES why he wouldn’t do it.

As reported by the DAILY CALLER NEWS FOUNDATION, Dan Hoffman, a 30-year veteran of the CIA who is also a FOX NEWS contributor, said on Friday that he did not join the other CIA officials in signing the letter because he was presented with “no evidence” that it WAS Russian disinformation.

He got the letter on October 18, 2020, and thought “at first glance” that it was natural to blame the Kremlin.  Vladimir Putin, as he told John Roberts on FOX NEWS, was known for cloak-and-dagger espionage operations.  “But at the same time,” he said,” there was no evidence, and the letter noted there was no evidence.  And I just felt like we needed to do the forensics.”

He thought the story sounded “convoluted,” and so needed its sources checked.  His wife was going through cancer treatments at that time, he said (she later passed away), and, lacking more information that he considered necessary, he didn’t respond to the request for his signature.

In his op-ed, he wrote that “the email I received from Mr. Morell did not invite any further discussion or debate.  The letter was a fait accompli.  It was being passed around for signatures, not edits.  I’ve never been one to put my name to words someone else wrote on my behalf.”

Would you sign something like this without knowing more?  I know I wouldn’t.

Morell has said that Blinken didn’t tell him “directly” to create a letter, just that he had “triggered” it (whatever that means), but we know Blinken later supplied Morell with verbiage about the “Russian disinformation” claim that ended up in the letter.  Those words had originated with...(drum roll, please)...the Biden campaign.

“There were many others...who didn’t sign it,” Hoffman told Roberts.  “Look, when I was at the CIA, we would sit in Michael Morell’s office when we had a particularly difficult, challenging intelligence issue, and we would hash out all the evidence...the intelligence we had, and then Michael would draw analytical conclusions with some level of confidence --- low, medium or high --- and bring it to the White House.  We didn’t have that debate about this laptop issue.  We weren’t invited to debate it.”

Hoffman had spent “many, many years” focused on Russia, he said, and he was surprised that he and others with that background weren’t brought in even to discuss “whether such a letter was worth writing.”

Another critical point in Hoffman’s op-ed: “The American public should be careful to distinguish between retired and actively serving U.S. intelligence officers.”  Those actively serving are working for whoever is in the White House --- “it doesn’t matter” (well, it’s not supposed to).  “But retired officers who wish to engage politically can do so.  As long as they don’t reveal classified intelligence, they’re free to speak their mind.”

But now they’re in a position to have to defend their public statement.

He said that he, and probably many who did sign the letter, didn’t know that Morell had discussed the laptop with Blinken when Blinken was a Biden campaign adviser.  “There’s a straight line from [the discussion] to the letter to the debate, and the comment from then-candidate Biden.”  We would add that those who signed the letter would have seen this only in hindsight.

As you know, because of this letter, Twitter locked the accounts of the NEW YORK POST and also of then-White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany --- days before the 2020 election --- over Miranda Devine’s report, falsely claiming it was based on “hacked” material.  And thanks to the “Twitter Files,” we have proof that the FBI --- KNOWING FULL WELL the laptop was real --- had put Twitter on alert for some “Russian disinformation” concerning Hunter that would break in October.

On April 20, the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees wrote to now-Secretary of State Blinken demanding all documents related to that letter.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe appeared on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES with Maria Bartiromo to discuss Blinken’s role in the laptop story.  Recall that Ratcliffe was the one who came out at the time stating unequivocally there was no evidence that the laptop was a Russian plot.  He’d even had conversations with the DOJ and FBI confirming they had the laptop and were looking at it as part of a money laundering investigation.  Ratcliffe said it was 14 hours after he’d made those statements on national TV that POLITICO published the “earmarks” letter.  They knew it was false but published it anyway, two weeks before a presidential election.

The writing, signing and publication of this letter framed a foreign government for an espionage operation to interfere with our election.  Not only is that a fraud against the American people, but it risks serious consequences on our relationship with Russia, already an adversary and potentially more of one.  Ratcliffe points out that since Blinken’s role in that letter has emerged, “The last person any of us want dealing with the Russian government is Antony Blinken.”

Ratcliffe also noted that China (indirectly) funded the Penn Biden Center when Blinken was running it and might be motivated to tip the scales for Biden in 2024.  He says Blinken should resign as Secretary of State; failing that, “Republicans should move forward and try to impeach him.”

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, also appeared on the show to talk about the Biden investigation.  He had breaking news:  that Blinken actually did come in for a voluntary transcribed interview in December 2020, “because he wanted to be secretary of state.”  And now, because of the new information, we know that Blinken “lied, bold-faced, to Congress” about never having emailed Hunter.  “My guess,” he said, “is that [Blinken] told a bunch of other lies” and that he and his wife [who served as a conduit] should be brought back in and told to preserve their records.  “You can’t trust” the Biden family and the people they’ve chosen to surround themselves with, he said, agreeing with Jonathan Turley that these are “made men.”  Turley’s column is a must-read:

“What do you do,” he asked, “when you have, in effect, co-conspirators of the Biden family inside...our intelligence agencies --- the Department of ‘Justice,’ the FBI, and you have the political party, the Democrats, who couldn’t care less, have no interest whatsoever, in the corruption that is being uncovered bit by bit as we pull back the layers of the onion here?”

Turley had a magnificent commentary in THE HILL last week about the child support case in Arkansas for Hunter’s unacknowledged 4-year-old daughter, Navy.  I’ve hesitated to go too far into a such a personal matter --- monstrous as the Biden family’s failure to accept the little girl is --- but the case is revealing information about Hunter’s financial situation that has bearing on the investigation of the whole Biden family.  Hunter is expected to travel to Arkansas to appear in court today.

Turley doesn’t hold back his condemnation.  “If one were to combine all the influence peddling, drug abuse, orgies, and prostitution controversies,” he says, “they would not hold a candle to the utter depravity shown towards this little girl.”  Amen.

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