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May 10, 2023

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  • Robert Ruder

    05/11/2023 05:40 AM

    Governor Huckabee, You always seem to have a great thought process about political workings and also media in general. This was a great interview and I enjoyed it very much.

    On another front ....IF Trump wins the nomination, there is a lady I would love to see as his vice-president.  Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders.     She has been all over the world right by Trump's side. She has met all the world's leaders Trump has, and I simply think she is a very smart lady that knows the ins-and-outs of the turmoil and problems in the political arena.

  • Jeanne Williams

    05/10/2023 08:50 PM

    Twitter banned me “permanently”, I’m a 72 yr old Grandmother. My “violent “ content? Responding “You First”, and “leave our children alone”. In response to gender mutilation. Which is supposedly the same views that Elon holds.

    So it is NOT a free speech platform because as, “Banned” account, I am not even allowed to log in and follow anyone.

    I paid for Fox Nation because of Tucker ( since cancelled) but the point is I would probably join Tucker.

  • Daniel Alvies

    05/10/2023 08:50 PM

    I like you being a Christian. Your daily Bible versus. Keep it up.

  • Ed Wyraz

    05/10/2023 06:20 PM

    I can hardly wait for Tucker to come on the air. I've lost all interest in FOX news.

  • Suzanne Hawkins

    05/10/2023 04:42 PM

    G o Tucker Carlson!! The very best of great luck to you, Will be joining Twitter because of the unintelligents of Fox News.