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July 5, 2023

The 1929 song “Happy Days Are Here Again” has been the unofficial theme song of the Democratic Party since FDR used it as a campaign song in 1932. But looking around at the filth-covered, crime-plagued dystopias that have been created in various cities and states by decades of Democratic rule, I think we can all agree that “Happy Days” are hardly the result of Democratic governance. In short, the party needs a new theme song.

“The Internationale” is a little too on-the-nose, so judging by the Party’s recent descent into widespread denial of reality and brutally-enforced self-delusion, I would like to suggest the 1939 tune recorded by everyone from Vera Lynn and Glenn Miller to Connee Boswell: “Wishing Will Make It So.”

Here’s a sample of the lyrics. Tell me if this doesn’t sound like the current “woke” DNC platform:

“Wishing will make it so…Just keep on wishing and care will go…Dreamers tell us dreams come true, It’s no mistake…And wishes are the dreams we dream when we're awake…”

Are you a man who wants to be a woman? Well, just say you’re a woman, and you ARE! Wishing will make it so! Don’t like the police? Fire them all, and crime will magically go down by itself! Are people being robbed, raped and murdered every day? Claim that’s all in your political opponents’ imaginations, and it miraculously goes away! Are there inconvenient facts about sleazy deals or dishonest and disastrous national health policies that might harm your electoral chances? Bully social media platforms into silencing any talk about them and they disappear! Is the economy struggling and hamstrung by inflation? Then declare inflation over and the economy booming, and they are! Were only 10,000 jobs created during the last quarter? Say a million jobs were created…and they were!  Suffering horrific problems caused by an open border? Then insist that the border isn’t open, and abracadabra! It’s secure!

I could easily fill up the rest of this essay by just continuing with that last paragraph. The Democrats have become the denial of reality party. They make up new jaw-dropping fantasies faster than President Biden invents new jobs that he used to hold. The question is, how have they brainwashed so many people into actually believing this tripe?

The answer is that they really haven’t. They’ve managed to take over a number of cities and states by driving the reality-based community out, leaving behind almost nothing but their natural constituency: self-deluded radicals and people dependent on government. That’s now become obvious with the year-end release of the latest Census data showing the continued exodus of population from blue to red states.

Texas and Florida make up about 15% of the US population, but accounted for 70% of population growth. From July 2021-2022, the US population grew by about 1.2 million, but California lost over 343,000 residents to other states, and New York nearly 300,000. Blue states that are still showing population growth, like Washington, mostly owe it to foreign immigrants.

The new term for this is the “Texodus,” since so many are heading to Texas, but Scott McKay at also adds “Flexodus” to cover the huge migration to Florida. As he notes, those who were disappointed that New York voters kept reality-denier Kathy Hochul as their Governor when they could have saved the state by electing Lee Zeldin must understand that the rational voters he needed to win had already moved to Florida and gave Ron DeSantis a landslide victory.

But how long can this continual downward spiral continue? You’d think the people would revolt at some point, or the politicians would do something to head off the crash. But they won’t because, as McKay points out, this is planned. It even has a name: “Weaponized Governmental Failure.” Terrible leftist leaders like Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer and Lori Lightfoot want the productive, middle class people to move out because they actually expect results for their tax dollars and accountability from politicians. When they call 911, they think cops should show up. That’s not the Democrats’ model anymore. They hate normal Americans like that. They’re all in on maintaining power through identity politics, divisiveness, chaos, demonization and government dependence.

And if productive people leave and take their tax dollars with them? Who cares, as long as Democrats in DC keep taxing the productivity of red states and sending billions to failed blue states and cities?

The best thing that could happen to those blue states and the people in them might be forcing them to go through bankruptcy and get their houses in order, but that will never happen as long as Washington keeps refilling their troughs with other people’s money. There’s a way to stop that, but it will take a major change at the federal level, and not just of Democrats, but also some Congressional Republicans who are reliably complicit in the scam, as we’ve just seen.  

Read McKay’s entire article. It’s a bracing blast of cold reality in a political world that’s been obscured by a fog of fantasy.


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  • Ed Thompson

    07/07/2023 10:44 AM

    One big problem I have is the quality of the Democrats in our government and the fact that they were actually elected to their positions by the people! If ever there was a time for honest quality education it’s now. Hearing these elected officials speak about anything makes me wonder why their teachers passed them on. Oh sure they spout out ten dollar words and LOOK like they understand what they’re talking about but really? They have to have missed the lessons on gender and medical science in humans and they definitely stayed away from all Christian anything or just ignored it all. History?? HA! Past history must’ve been too hard to comprehend given what they say about lands being stolen and how it’s always been any white folks,seriously? who did all the bad things in the history of the world?? It just shows how uneducated some of people actually are and why are they? When did our country start going backwards? Who cares about offending anyone by being truthful about history, just learn it and understand it and don’t repeat the mistakes of past, please. There isn’t one single square inch of dirt— maybe down at the South Pole might be the exception— that hasn’t changed hands a few dozen times through wars and conflicts over the ions of history, people have been conquered and people have been enslaved by their enemies since time began. The more scary thing is the people who are voting for them . Devoid of any common sense to examine who it is they are voting for, just being good little party robots isn’t a good reason to vote for someone. Ask yourself this—- is this what you actually want for your children? Do you really believe your son or daughter can, at the age of 4, understand anything about gender, sex, politics, do you really want women to have to accept a man as their equal in sports after fighting so long for their rights to have their own place in sports? Do you really believe that anyone who thinks they are not what they are born as and goes around dressing as the opposite gender is not suffering from a mental problem? Right is right and wrong is wrong— we have stretched the gray area too far. Time to start thinking! And do it with truthful education. And honest values.

  • Douglas Noel

    07/07/2023 05:36 AM

    I think right now the Democratic Party is using the song, Don't Cry Joe (Let her go, let her go, let her go)

  • Terry Palfreyman

    07/05/2023 02:09 PM

    I cannot help but think that we have gone beyond the point of there being a solution. We may have to face the financial collapse of out county, and try to save the Constitution while beginning again.

  • Carl T Smith

    07/05/2023 01:00 PM

    Reading the comments brings me to the solution to our national crisis. Information withheld or omitted or worse Distorted is one half the problem. The voting by mail with no way of verifying the validity of the voter must change. Then the elephant in the room is Computer + Software + Internet access = Corruption! I'm 85 and have had access to and used computers since DOS was the operating system and have bought Anti-Virus and still lost two computers to Ransomware. There are solutions to this starting with an outside Professional with access keys to monitor the voting machines! then Both Political Parties MUST have unfettered access to the counting process. Of course the BEST alternative is using Paper Ballots again with unfettered access by OUTSIDE professionals to monitor the COUNTING. REMEMBER the old adage " It's NOT who votes but who Counts the Votes". Computers will become useful when operating systems are INCORRUPTABLE! IMHO Windows was Designed to be Hacked!

  • Carl T. Smith

    07/05/2023 12:32 PM

    This could also be a plus for the Fair Tax! IF the state taxing agencies withheld State Funds for essential services ONLY! Not one penny for the three letter woke polices the Blue States adore.

  • Carol J Mathews

    01/02/2023 12:08 PM

    This will not be a popular opinion but the red states may need to form a union against the blue states to withhold tax money from the government actually defy the government and use the justified and beneficial tax money for the betterment of their own states. Unless all agencies with 3 letters are dismissed from the top down this corruption is not going to end. That being said, from the biblical scholars I have sat under, no one believes that the USA is one of the forces in Revelations. Do we have to fall before the Lord will return? If so, then may it be so.

  • Shauna dickerson

    01/01/2023 07:52 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, I'm writing this to you in hopes you will give a concerned and informed answer. I've had enormous personal difficulty because I have been a Trump supporter, especially into his presidency and as we watched his policies succeed. It astounds me that people, like Mitch McConnell can be self destructive and country destructive (in spite all of Trump's policy success) all because they hate Trump. I have a friend, Ken, has always hated Trump. He knows it's stupid, but he persists in his Trump bashing. Why is this happening? Has it happened before in our history, - the cutting off your nose to spite your face? Only it's so much more virulent and self destructive than that simple little phrase implies. I can't stand it. After reading extensively on the formation of our country, the personal histories of the founders, I love this country with a passion. I can't face the stupidity, destructive actions of people like Newsom and Pelosi and now Mc Connell et al. Do you see Any possibility that we enter a new, constructive phase to overcome the lunacy of so many. It's hard to see that the lunacy includes not only the far left of the Democrat party. Gov. Huckabee, please help me figure this out..

  • Mark Hannah

    01/01/2023 07:17 PM

    Anyone who continues to live in a blue state and vote for these democrat slave owners should only be allowed to have 3/5ths of their vote counted in any election.

  • Jerry

    01/01/2023 09:12 AM

    As I look to the future I see misery for this country and here is why. The aging population in the the next 5 years are leaving the status as US citizen over 100,000 thousand poisoning deaths from the deadly drugs are taking our young Generations lives murder is on the uprise thru out the country and to go with car accident deaths the heart diease and the cancers take life every day along with all the death that occurs daily. These are resources that are not going to be replaced in its place Hate of America is being taught our Military will crumble with its wokeness the US population is being replaced by NON American people that will never understand what a real American is and who or what will teach the new US Citizen? This Government that is crippling America today. The most dishonest President today joe biden is in control of all the levers buttons and new bill signing of today that will make America the Hell he intends to do. As guys like me are taken out of the system we will be replaced dishonorable people with out Honesty you have a fake society a corrupt society and when was the last time one has seen honesty from this WH? Biden has been dishonest from day one the Greatest Generation knew he is no good although biden looks like he will get the last laugh and he is laughing at the United States Population today and it new and enlarging population he is bringing in every day. In the next 6 months watch as the country spirals downward I can only hope I am wrong Nothing is going to change in the next 2 years as only an attempt for justice in the take down of America will fail as the GOP is what? talking Heads thats about it.

  • Anne Turner

    12/31/2022 05:22 PM

    Do you honestly think we will ever see Biden’s tax returned, or Pilodis or Schumers or any other the other newly wealthy long term politicians. I should include some GOP but I’m not sure who the ones are that have gained. I sm sure it’s both sides of the aisle.

    What ever happened to Durham? Is he still alive? Are we just going to have measly little indictments in DC that will come to nothing. You know if Trump is tried in DC for anything he will be convicted evidence or lack there of.

    I had a very nice and obviously smart service provider at me house. I found he was a family man with three kids as he had to hurry to get to his daughter’s rehearsal. I mentioned that I felt for the young families trying to feed there kids with todays grocery costs. He said “funny it wasn’t like this under Trump”. What makes it heartening is that this young man was African .American. There is hope yet.

    Of course there is going to be no tax problem with Trump. Any people with his wealth and companies will have been audited up the ying Yang over the years. He has high Priced CPAs doing his taxes and tax lawyers to help. No CPA in his right mind is going to takes chances with his credentials.

    Please use any influence you have to persuade Trump not to run. I don’t think he can win either by hook or probably crook. I think almost everyone beLieves the elections are being rigged. The left doesn’t care as it’s the end justifies the means. That was a favorite of Marx, Lenin, and, as well as .Mao. What’s a few million votes or deaths here or there.