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July 31, 2023

I have explained many times over the years that if leftists had to run for office on the record of success of their policies, we would have a 100% Republican government. Their policies are tragic failures every time they’re tried (look at any blue city that’s been run exclusively by Democrats for decades.) So they can only win arguments by constantly redefining what words mean. Well, here’s the latest example:

Remember when Democrats were trying to ban “conversion therapy,” which was then defined as giving counseling to "straighten out" minors who thought they were gay? They derided that as trying to “pray the gay out” of them, and claimed it was child abuse to provide any counseling that attempted to change a minor’s gay self-image.

Well, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer just signed two new bills banning what she calls “conversion therapy,” but with a new meaning. These bills ban any therapy that tries to persuade “trans”-identifying minors that they are their actual biological sex. Yes, clinicians and even parents who don’t “affirm” that a boy is a girl or vice versa could now face charges in Michigan. Democrats have literally made it a crime to try to “convert” minors by helping them to accept reality or trying to stop them from irreversibly mutilating their bodies. They used to claim that conversion therapy harmed kids; now, under the same name, they've criminalized trying to prevent kids from being permanently harmed.

Whitmer declared that “we are taking action to make Michigan a more welcoming, inclusive place.”  I hope that she will soon be welcoming a flood of attorneys who will be suing the state for not protecting unsuspecting kids from what detransitioner Chloe Cole quite accurately called "this barbaric pseudoscience.”

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  • Mary Mitchell

    08/01/2023 11:18 PM

    Hasn't it been scientifically proven that a child's brain has not fully developed until they are in their early 20's? Most don't have a clue what they want.

  • David Keeley

    08/01/2023 03:29 PM

    The Gretch has been a black spot in Michigan since becoming Gov. Now that the dems have taken over the entire legislature, after putting abortion on the ticket at the last election, the state is a "welcoming, inclusive place" for everything ungodly. They/she want to make California and New York look like conservative sanctuaries.