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July 11, 2023

Ugh.  After a week of vacation as far away as possible from the news of the DC Swamp, it’s time to pull on our hip boots and wade back into the ever-thickening muck.  So much has been revealed in just that brief time, it’s hard to decide where to start.  But we won’t be starting with the cocaine at the White House, because you already know about that and, though it’s nothing to sniff at (ha), it should surprise no one given who is there.  Our guess is that, given the level of security at the White House, they know perfectly well whose coke it was and just aren’t saying.  It’s a distraction from other, more important news.  So let’s move on...

Speaking about the ‘Justice’ Department in his opening monologue on Sunday night, Mark Levin had reason to express even more disgust than usual.  “This destroying America,” he said. “It’s destroying the 2024 election.  It’s violating every norm, every tradition, everything it inherited to ensure that that department could be trustworthy and could be reliable.  But in its criminalized politics...if we don’t break the back of the Department of ‘Justice’ will destroy this country, and we won’t be able to claw our way back.”

He pointed to non-stop “news” leaks to CNN, WASHINGTON POST and THE NEW YORK TIMES, obviously from the Biden DOJ (typically identified only as “people familiar with the matter”), meant to undermine President Trump in the coming election and also to influence the jury pool, and he blames Special Counsel Jack Smith and warns the Trump attorney that they’ve “got to do something about this” and go on offense.  They should file a motion with the court (Aileen Cannon, the Florida judge presiding over the Mar-A-Lago case) on his behalf to order the Office of Professional Responsibility to conduct a 30-day investigation into the special counsel’s office to determine whether rules of conduct have been violated.  This would involve looking at texts, emails and phone calls, “all of it,” to see if Trump’s due process rights have been violated.

“Is this how you run a case?” he asked rhetorically, flipping through pages and pages of media leaks.  “...This isn’t a real case.”  He quoted from the American Bar Association’s rules:  “The prosecutor in a criminal case shall: except for statements that are necessary to inform the public of the nature and extent of the prosecutor’s action and that serve a legitimate law enforcement purpose, refrain from making extrajudicial comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused and exercise reasonable care to prevent investigators, law enforcement personnel, employees or other persons assisting or associated with the prosecutor in a criminal case from making an extrajudicial statement…”

We already can see they’ve violated this code over and over.  The Biden DOJ is treating President Trump --- Biden’s political opponent --- as someone who has no rights.  “It’s all about criminalizing politics,” Levin said.

In an update to another leak-related story, Tristan Leavitt, the attorney for IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, is calling for the WASHINGTON POST to state clearly that his client was not their source for an October 2022 Hunter Biden story and that he never spoke to them.  If they don’t clear that up, it means they are acting (to no one’s surprise) as an accessory to Hunter’s legal defense.  Biden attorney Abbe Lowell is accusing Shapley of illegally leaking to WAPO.

Because of whistleblowers like Shapley, Miranda Devine, who broke the Hunter laptop story at the NEW YORK POST, is optimistic that the truth will come out about Biden family corruption.

Speaking of corruption, DOJ prosecutor Jay Bratt, who according to attorney Stanley Woodward tried to bribe him to get his client, Walt Naut, to testify against Trump, is busted again, this time for redacting from court documents all references to President Trump cooperating with subpoenas.  In the words of investigative reporter Paul Sperry:  “In another sign the Mar-A-Lago raid was political, the DOJ prosecutor who authorized it --- DNC donor and Russiagate alum Jay Bratt --- blacked out every reference to Trump cooperating with subpoenas from the publicly released search warrant affidavit, new court docs reveal.”  Can you say “hiding exculpatory evidence”?

The finally-unsealed evidence showing all instances of Trump’s cooperation is here…

Also, thanks to a former FBI official and reporter Jerry Dunleavy at the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, we now have a behind-the-scenes report on how the FBI handled the Chinese “spy dramas” involving California Rep. Eric Swalwell and Sen. Dianne Feinstein.  Feinstein’s longtime chauffeur, Russell Lowe, and Swalwell’s shall-we-say close lady friend, Christine Fang or “Fang Fang,” were both believed to be tied to the Chinese Ministry of State Security as intelligence agents (SPIES).

According to Dunleavy, “the FBI essentially torpedoed the investigations in the two cases when they chose to give Feinstein and Swalwell defensive briefings because they were both on intel committees.”  (Since then, the GOP wisely dropped Swalwell from the House Intel Committee.  They also dropped another California legislator, Adam Schiff, over his repeated lying.)

It’s hard to be shocked by anything these days, but the behavior of the FBI in investigating these two cases should shock anyone.  It’s a must-read story.

REVOLVER NEWS brings the latest story from the great J6 reporter Julie Kelly illustrating just how interconnected the spider web is in Washington, DC.  You’re familiar with U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves, who apparently refused to let Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss bring charges against Hunter Biden in his district of DC.  Graves is also the one who continues to hunt down January 6 protesters and up-charge them with seditious conspiracy to put them in prison perhaps for life.  (The news concerning FBI infiltration into pro-Trump groups continues to grow and is a story unto itself.)  Kelly reports that Graves’ wife, Fatima Goss Graves, is a highly influential left-wing activist, CNN contributor (also appearing on MSNBC and NPR) and Ford Foundation fellow who runs a $100 million progressive nonprofit called the National Women’s Law Center.

This sort of professional/political marriage would be par for the course in Washington DC, but Ms. Goss Graves is also tied in very tightly with the White House while her husband deals with court cases involving Trump, the Bidens and January 6.  According to White House visitor logs, she has visited there 28 times since the start of Biden’s presidency.  (Prior to Biden’s appointment of her husband to U.S. attorney in November 2021, she had been there only three times.)

March 2022 was a big month; she visited the White House five times.  This was the same month that, according to IRS whistleblower Shapley, her husband declined to hear those criminal charges against Hunter Biden in his DC court.  Does anyone not see something wrong with this picture?

Some of the events she --- and sometimes her husband --- attended were star-studded special occasions.  She was there in September 2022 for a White House concert by Sir Elton John.  But she also attended an event hosted by President Biden for 169 people to commemorate the second anniversary of the January 6 protest at the Capitol, during which Biden, speaking to the group, perpetuated the lie that law enforcement personnel “gave their lives” during this “insurrection” as protesters attempted “to overthrow the will of the people.”

So, we have the wife of the lead prosecutor handling all the January 6 cases --- supposedly an “independent” attorney --- attending what amounted to a political stunt tied to that investigation.  This is just a little more of the tip of that DC iceberg showing.  Slowly, slowly, we’re getting an idea of just how big and dangerous it is.

Here’s Kelly’s full report on Substack.  She suggests that a House committee call Matthew Graves in for a transcribed interview and offers some great questions to ask him.

While we’re on this subject, Matt Vespa at TOWNHALL has an excellent opinion piece on Attorney General Merrick Garland’s apparent lying to Congress about just how much authority Weiss had to bring charges against Hunter in other districts.

It will take more digging to determine the larger significance of the connection between Graves’ wife and the White House.  In the meantime, here’s Julie Kelly talking with Chris Farrell, director of investigations and research for Judicial Watch, about what she has found.  This is not to be missed…


RELATED:  On a more positive note, in case you missed the story last week about the preliminary injunction from U.S. District Court Judge Terry Doughty of Louisiana in Missouri v. Biden barring the White House and a group of federal agencies from collaborating with social media to “suppress, censor or otherwise subvert” the expression of political opinions, read Roger Kimball’s opinion piece at AMERICAN GREATNESS.  Let’s hope the tide is turning on this vital issue.

And in a thought-provoking opinion piece for THE FEDERALIST, Elle Purnell looks at the label of “misinformation” in an age when truth as an ideal doesn’t seem to exist.  Highly recommended.

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