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July 13, 2023

The Secret Service has reportedly ended its investigation into the cocaine found in the White House without identifying a suspect, according to Tennessee Republican Rep. Tim Burchett. You can tell how this claim went over in the room by how the New York Post reported it: Burchett “stormed out of a briefing offered to lawmakers moments after it began, calling the conclusion ‘bogus.’”

Why would he be skeptical of their claim, aside from the fact that the feds were able to track down anonymous grannies from over a thousand miles away who’d merely walked through the Capitol grounds on January 6 th ? And aside from knowing the coke was found in a secure part of the White House where only a limited number of people, like the President's family, can evade security checkpoints? And that Biden’s son Hunter, a known cocaine addict, has been staying there recently? No, the coke’s owner will forever remain an enigma.

FYI: The official announcement won’t come until tomorrow, so the Secret Service still has one more day to solve this most vexing of mysteries.

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  • Walt

    07/13/2023 01:40 PM

    What can you expect when Biden owns the FBI,DOJ and many more.