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August 9, 2023

You might remember Mark Houck, the pro-life activist whom the Biden FBI arrested in a guns-drawn raid in front of his children, then tried to railroad into federal prison for 11 years for shoving an abortion activist who was harassing his young son. Fortunately, the jury found him not guilty on all counts. Well, Houck is back in the news. He’s running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District.

Naturally, his views are pro-life, but his campaign is based on more than that. He says on his website: “I have seen first-hand what an out-of-control government can do to its citizens. I will fight to protect all people and their rights under God & our Constitution. My platform is based on common sense.”

Someone who’s experienced Biden’s weaponized “justice” system first hand and who also believes in common sense? Sounds like the left’s worst enemy! Let’s hope and pray he gets elected.

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  • George F Harrison Jr

    08/10/2023 12:22 PM

    Even though the jury fully acquitted him of any wrongdoing, he had to have legal fees which he should never have had to pay. His case did not need to go to court. Will he be reimbursed by any agency for his legal fees?