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September 14, 2023

If anyone suggests to you that Republicans just want to impeach Biden to “get back” at Democrats for impeaching Trump, that person is demonstrating a deep ignorance of the legal process.

What Speaker McCarthy is talking about is an impeachment INQUIRY, which might or might not lead to an impeachment.  This, as Michael Goodwin at the NEW YORK POST explains, “is the only way the American public will ever get the full truth about the President’s role in his family’s corrupt schemes.”  Goodwin’s column is a great refresher on what we know and are looking for --- and a warning about how vicious the attacks from the Washington press corps will be as we fly over the target.

Jonathan Tobin, senior contributor to THE FEDERALIST, has a good piece about the reasons for the inquiry, acknowledging that Republicans are very, very angry at Democrats for what they did to Trump, and that revenge is certainly a factor, but making the point that “without an inquiry, hearings, and then an impeachment debate and trial, there’s simply no way to break through the liberal corporate media’s refusal to substantially cover the issue of Biden family corruption.”  And since federal prosecutors seem “suspiciously incurious” about Joe Biden’s role, “House Republicans aren’t wrong to think that the only way we’ll get anywhere close to the bottom of this is by launching an impeachment inquiry.”

Tobin’s piece appeared in NEWSWEEK, of all places.

Biden himself doesn’t seem to get it.  He said the Republicans want to impeach him “so they can shut down the government.”  Huh?

The latest example of Democrat spin is in response to a transcribed-and-leaked interview with FBI Agent Thomas Sobocinski, conducted behind closed doors by the House Judiciary Committee last week.  This agent strikes us as someone who wasn’t nearly as clued in on the investigation as the two IRS whistleblowers in the office (especially lead investigator Gary Shapley, who had documented the whole thing in notes).  When Sobocinski said it wasn’t his understanding that U.S. Attorney David Weiss lacked charging authority, the Dems (especially Rep. Jerry Nadler) played that up.  But when Sobocinski agreed with the whistleblowers that Weiss had dragged his feet in charging Hunter, they did not.

Here’s the NEW YORK POST’s report on the Sobocinski interview, refreshingly spin-free...

And here’s an analysis from THE BLAZE.  They point to something very interesting:  that Sobocinski was accompanied by lawyers from both the FBI and DOJ, and they were there to represent not him but the government.  It was reportedly after one of these lawyers spoke to him off the record that he started hedging on whether Weiss had full charging authority against Hunter.

The Heritage Foundation has looked at the DOJ’s investigation into Hunter’s ties with Patrick Ho and CEFC and released a detailed memo finding “significant irregularities,” including that “DOJ was aware of connections between the Biden family and CEFC at least as early as 2017 and that they acted to conceal this information (from) the public.”  The DOJ even redacted mentions of the Biden name in the evidence presented at Ho’s 2018 trial.

This memo even provides a handy list of questions for Congress to ask during the impeachment inquiry.  Mighty thoughtful.

Finally, here’s something fun from the laptop emails.  In 2010, Hunter Biden complained that Obama had plagiarized one of his father’s speeches.  We may never learn who his father plagiarized it from...

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