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September 20, 2023

When AOC and other Democrats were booed and shouted down by fellow New Yorkers furious over their city being inundated with illegal aliens thanks to Biden’s open border, she dismissed that as just “conservatives” pretending to be angry New Yorkers. But when thousands of reality-denying protesters jammed New York streets with a “March to End Fossil Fuels” for “New York Climate Week,” well, those people we should take seriously.

Warning that Biden is not acting fast enough to ban oil and gas, AOC urged the crowd to make their protests ““too big and too radical to ignore.” She shouted, “We need urgency on this issue right now, right now.  And the way we create urgency on the issue of climate is that we have people all across the world in the streets…demanding a cessation of what is killing us. We demand change! It will happen now!” She was accompanied by a number of leftist Hollywood celebrities, including Ethan Hawke, Edward Norton and Kevin Bacon.

Question: How did all those people get into New York City and home again? We know the celebrities came from Hollywood, and that’s an awfully long walk or bike ride. I don’t believe they drove all across the country in electric cars because that would be nuts. Even if they did, EVs don’t reduce pollution; they create even more environmental destruction in their production than regular cars, and charging them just outsources the burning of fossil fuels to power plants that are out of sight, so I guess they don’t count.

Unsurprisingly, the DC Communist Party (speaking of things that really have killed a lot of people) hailed the protest to end fossil fuels, boasting that the crowd was over 75,000 people. Unless all of them walked, biked or skated there and back, they can go pound sand.

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