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September 26, 2023

First a recap and update:  Yesterday, we included a story that suggested a tie between Hunter Biden and newly indicted Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, not really knowing what the significance might be.  The news also broke that Menendez had hired the same lawyer, Abbe Lowell of the Democrat powerhouse firm of Winston & Strawn LLP, who is Hunter’s lead defense attorney in the tax/finance case supposedly being investigated by Special Counsel David Weiss.  Lowell is the same attorney who got him off with a hung jury the last time he went to trial.

But today, it’s reported that a 2010 email from Hunter’s infamous laptop, uncovered by the non-profit investigative group Marco Polo, raises questions about the extent of Sen. Menendez’ connection to the Bidens.

In this email, Menendez’ chief of staff, Danny O’Brien taps Hunter Biden and his former business partner Eric Schwerin with a request for --- what else? --- access to the Big Guy, a.k.a. Vice President Biden.

The email apparently was written after Joe Biden’s office had already turned down a request to give the keynote speech for the “United States – Spain Council’s Annual Forum” in July 2010.  (And this was long before he started “putting a lid on the day” at 4PM or whenever.)  O’Brien asked Hunter and Schwerin to extend an invitation to VP Biden to please do this.

Details on this developing story are at the link.  As reports, “The contents of the email, dated April 7, 2019, reveal that Menendez had already established a backchannel through Hunter.  It is not immediately clear how or when Menendez’ office began communicating with Hunter’s associate.”

Now to the main story:  One of the more obscure names in the Biden corruption investigation is Gal Luft, the Israeli professor and former Israel Defense Forces officer who has been a fugitive for six months after skipping bail in Cyprus, where he’d been awaiting extradition on what he has said are bogus arms-dealing and foreign lobbying charges.  Luft has reached out to the House impeachment inquiry with new evidence.

In an open letter to House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer of Kentucky, Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan of Ohio, and Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith of Missouri, the three who are heading the impeachment inquiry, he told them that the very same day (July 30, 2017) Hunter gave an ultimatum to CEFC executive Raymond Zhao (recall the threatening message on WhatsApp, with Hunter saying his dad was sitting right there next to him), an FBI mole dubbed “One-Eye” --- you can’t make this stuff up --- tipped off Hunter and his Chinese partners that the partners had been named in four sealed indictments by prosecutors in the Southern District of New York.

According to Luft, CEFC executive Patrick Ho, who was staying in a Manhattan hotel at the time, received an urgent phone call later that night from CEFC president Chan Chauto in Shanghai, telling him to leave the U.S. immediately.  Ho flew to Hong Kong the next day and remained there for four months.  On September 10, 2017, Hunter would sign an attorney engagement letter agreeing to represent Ho for a $1 million retainer.

Luft says that sometime in September, Hunter and his uncle Jim flew to Hong Kong to meet with Ho.  They asked him to buy two “burner” iPhones for them before telling him the coast was clear to fly back to New York.  But wherever they got that idea, they were wrong!  When Ho landed at JFK Airport in November, he was arrested on charges of bribery and money laundering.  The first call he made after his arrest was to Jim Biden, looking for Hunter.  Hunter asked another lawyer, Edward Kim, to do the legal work, possibly because Hunter was too busy smoking crack.  We made that last part up, but it might very well be true; who knows?

Later that day, Kim emailed Hunter asking him to “find the names of the FBI agents you spoke with, that would be helpful.”  Hunter replied, “Working on it.”  “The FBI agents”??

On the same day as Hunter’s “shakedown” WhatsApp message, Zhao told him in a follow-up message that “CEFC is willing to cooperate with the family.  [Aside:  note his choice of words, “the family.”]  He thinks now the priority is to solve the problem mentioned last night.”  Luft believes “the problem” refers to the indictments by the Southern District of New York.   As you know, within 9 days of this shakedown by Hunter, CEFC would wire $5.1 million to entities in the U.S. to transfer to Hunter.

In his letter to the committees, Luft wrote, “The existence of a potential mole within the FBI and/or Justice Department who conveyed to Chinese individuals information about sealed indictments has, apparently, to this day never been solved.  Perhaps Congress should investigate the issue as part of its impeachment inquiry.”  Perhaps indeed.

Comer said that Luft’s letter was “helpful,” and that he looked forward to investigating Luft’s allegations of an FBI mole.  His committee, he added, would like to interview Luft.

According to Miranda Devine, the timing of Luft’s emergence is fortuitous, because the impeachment inquiry that begins this Thursday will focus on the Bidens’ business relationships in China.  “Comer,” she says, “is set to reveal two new tranches of evidence this week, including a new Chinese wire to Biden family members and new documents provided by the IRS whistleblowers.

Democrats smeared Chairman Comer in June for wanting to interview Luft, saying Luft was “a Chinese spy” because of his association with CEFC.  (We would add that the Bidens also had an association with CEFC; what does that make THEM?)  Comer had this comeback: “All I know is that [Luft] was getting money from the same company the Bidens were getting money the President’s son a Chinese spy?  They took money from the same company.”

To that, Rep. Dan Goldman of New York, who in his reflexive dishonesty is gaining a reputation as the perfect new spokesperson for the Democrat Party, actually said, “Who cares if they had money from the same company?”

Great report; recommended highly...

Miranda appeared on Monday’s HANNITY TV show, saying she sees this as “another piece of the jigsaw puzzle slotted into place.”

What we’ve just learned, she explained, is the timing of Hunter’s “shakedown” message to CEFC.  It was the same day that Chinese business partner Patrick Ho got tipped off to drop everything and get out of America immediately.  Too bad the whole Biden family didn’t do that; think what it would’ve saved the country from.

Hannity had another segment to discuss Sen. Menendez, now that he’s been charged with taking bribes for working on behalf of Egypt.  Guests Clay Travis and Gregg Jarrett talked about this, with Jarrett saying, “Even a top lawyer like Abbe Lowell will not be able to help Bob Menendez weasel out of this one.”

This is in large part because the fingerprints of his co-defendant are on the envelopes filled with cash that were found in his house.  Plus, the gold bars have serial numbers that are also linked to his co-defendant.  And there’s much more, not the least of which is that he’s not a Biden (never mind the similarities in the allegations).  Even Perry Mason couldn’t get this client off.

Note: Menendez claimed that the $480,000 in cash the FBI found in his house is his own savings, taken out of the bank over the years and stashed away for “emergencies” because “of the history of my family facing confiscation in Cuba.” I fear government confiscation of my money, too, because of Democrats like him, but that doesn’t hold water as an excuse. Aside from DNA and fingerprint evidence, and the unexplained gold bars, Menendez was born in New York five years before the communist revolution in Cuba.

His excuse is being met with widespread mockery, with some saying it’s ridiculous even by New Jersey political standards. But Menendez insists that he will be exonerated and remain Senator, adding, "The court of public opinion is no substitute for our revered justice system. We cannot set aside the presumption of innocence for political expediency when the harm is irrevocable."

I agree, and I will defend even his right to the presumption of innocence, but come on, you’ve gotta give me something work with!

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