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September 11, 2023

“Now, at what point do you have a prosecutor arrested?”

That was the question from bestselling author and DILBERT creator Scott Adams on Saturday after learning that Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis had ignored evidence that the alternate GOP slate of electors had not been trying to fraudulently replace the original slate.  As we reported last week, the minutes of the December 14, 2020, meeting of these alternates clearly proves that they weren’t out to commit election fraud, only to be ready with GOP electors in the event that a recount in Georgia turned the election to Trump.  Willis disregarded this clear exoneration and indicted these individuals, anyway.

In Willis’ indictments, not to mention the countless media reports about the case, the alternates have been falsely branded “fake electors.”  We’ve even seen this in conservative media.

“Now, if somebody was going to pretend they were the legitimate electors, that would look pretty bad,” Adams said on “Coffee With Scott Adams,” his daily podcast.  “Wouldn’t it?  Turns out, that’s not the case.”  As you know, Willis had in her possession the minutes from the official vote-counting meeting in which members went on the record clarifying, very directly, what they were and were not doing with this alternate slate of electors.  “Their intentions clearly stated that they were not going to be fake electors,” Adams said.  “They were gonna be sort of like back-up...placeholders in case needed.”

Exactly:  they were placeholders, not a replacement.  “A replacement would look like an insurrection,” Adams said, and indeed it would.  “Alternates, while you sort out what’s real, just looks like being prepared for all outcomes.”  And that was the idea.  As you know, there’s even legal precedent for having a slate of alternates, set by the state of Hawaii during the razor-thin Kennedy-Nixon count.

“So they’re being charged with the thing that the documents clearly showed they were not trying to do,” Adams said.  “They were trying to do something legal, and not that thing they’re being charged with.”

It’s “super, super obvious” they’re innocent, he said, yet Willis apparently suppressed the evidence that would prove it.

(FYI, there have been a number of liberal media “fact-checks” about how Georgia is totally different from Hawaii in 1960, but I suspect none of them knew there was exculpatory evidence being hidden that shows it was actually not different. Or if they did know, they didn’t care.)

One might think that, oh, maybe she and her team of assistants weren’t aware of that one particular document in the file of thousands and thousands of pages when she criminally indicted these people in a “fake electors” scheme.  Gosh, maybe it was just an oversight on her part, an honest mistake.  But if that were the case, Willis should already have dropped the charges and apologized profusely to these innocent people.

Since that hasn’t happened, we may safely conclude that “honest” has got nothin’ to do with it --- that Willis is deliberately trying to railroad some innocent people who were just trying to do their duty as specified in the Constitution.  She’ll hold onto that case like a dog with a bone, no matter how obvious it is that she’s abusing the system in a way that would make Stalin proud.

So, if she suppressed the evidence that exonerates them, shouldn’t she be in jail already?  YES.

Adams tried putting the “fog of war” standard on what we’re seeing, suggesting she might have had a legitimate reason for what she did.  We see a reason, all right, but it’s not legitimate.  And Adams gets a similar sense of what she did, saying that “based on what we’ve seen so far, it would look like she’s just a criminal.”

And that brings us full circle, to the original question; namely, at what point do you have a prosecutor arrested?  By coincidence, Sunday’s episode of LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN was dedicated to the question of whether this DA is accountable to anyone as she interferes with a federal election, charges federal officials and coordinates with DC.  First, here’s criminal defense attorney David Schoen…

But Schoen doesn’t specify how to deal with a DA who is out of control.  We’re looking into that ourselves, but in the meantime, Levin also spoke with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio about the fact that without Congress, there would be no district attorney’s office, or special counsel, or DOJ.  (Reminds me of the old Bill Cosby line, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.”)  We have to stick together as a party, he said, to stop them.



RELATED POINT:  Scott Adams spoke about his earlier tweeting (X-ing?) on Saturday that “when Republicans are wrong, that’s the whole story, but when Democrats are wrong, most of the time it’s because their own team ran a sophisticated op to brainwash them.”  He said, “I’ve never met a Democrat who’s aware of that.  Have you?”

What a fabulous observation: “I’ve never met a Democrat who was aware that their own team runs serial hoaxes on THEM.”

“They don’t work as well on Republicans because Republicans know what’s happening,” he said.

“But the Democrats seem to be completely unaware that their team is running ops on them.”  This seems to be happening on only one side, “and the reason would be that only one side controls enough of the media that you can come up with an op that the media will support.”

Adams observed that the Democrat Party is running ops on their supporters “all the time --- it’s nonstop.”  It’s constant brainwashing that they don’t know is happening at all.

“It’s impressive in its own way,” he said lightly before moving on to another subject.  It strikes us that a more appropriate word would be “OP-pressive,” as it’s the antithesis of a free country with an independent media.  But it certainly does explain a lot, such as every hoax that has been perpetrated against Trump (that’s a long list!) and now Fani Willis’ shocking abuse of power against him and his supporters.

This episode of “Coffee With Scott Adams” is particularly good.  The observations discussed above comes in at about the 20-minute point.  Afterwards, Adams talks about the “tells” people use when they’re experiencing cognitive dissonance and desperately need a comeback to protect themselves.  (Cognitive dissonance is when someone’s comfortable bubble gets poked by some truth.)  As you might have seen, people are amazingly skilled at deflection and straw man arguments.  Just mention something --- anything --- good about Trump, pop the popcorn and watch the fun begin.  Here’s the entire podcast…

Bill O’Reilly, in a great column this Sunday called “The Sting,” elaborated on this irrational hatred that’s been created towards Trump.  First, he outlined Trump’s impressive resume for the first years of his presidency --- a strong economy, good border containment, no new wars, ISIS decimated, Xi and Putin relatively contained.

“But there is scant national reporting of it,” O’Reilly wrote.  “Instead, salacious charges of corruption involving Russia dominated headlines for two years” before and during Trump’s term.  The Russia Hoax.  “A Special Counsel is appointed to investigate.  His report says there is no corruption.  The national media do not celebrate.”

Consequently, millions of people will disagree with O’Reilly’s positive analysis and continue to “hate” Trump.  The only reason for this that O’Reilly would term as “valid” (and we would say its validity is debatable) is the “colossal Trump-driven fiasco after the 2020 election.”  But as O’Reilly readily acknowledged, the “get-Trump” movement started long before that; in fact, it started at the very beginning of his first run for President, with the liberal media marching in lock-step to protect Hillary.

O’Reilly was conveying in different words what Scott Adams said about the psy-ops being run by Democrats on Democrats:  that the “news agencies are openly currently supporting President Biden by hiding his deficiencies and alleged corruption.  The leftist media is also cheerleading the legal cases against Trump without a shred of balance or skepticism.”

“Honest, balanced reporting and news analysis are on the endangered species list,” O’Reilly wrote.  “The scorpions who control most media companies are more driven than ever to impose progressive policies and get pliable people like Biden and Kamala elected.”

The result:  in O’Reilly’s words, “a lot of power and money is being used to prop up incompetence and corruption.”  We see it now all around us, every day.  Can the media really dress up this pig enough to sell it once again?  It’s hard to imagine they can after witnessing Biden’s horrifying, near-incoherent struggle on his Vietnam trip…

...and growing evidence of his financial corruption and dishonesty, but we shall see.

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    09/12/2023 05:18 PM

    questions: Who can arrest the Georgia DA? Who can disbar her?