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January 17, 2024

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s historic record victory in the Iowa Caucuses (add another stat: he won 98 of 99 counties, losing the 99th by only one vote), the DeSantis and Haley campaigns are trudging on to New Hampshire, but they’re reminding me more and more of the movie, “Dead Man Walking.” Vivek Ramaswamy already dropped out and endorsed Trump. And as of Tuesday, Asa Hutchinson is officially out of the race. 

Ironically, one of the other big stories out of Iowa is the huge meltdown by media and Hollywood leftists over Trump’s win, and the shameful and hypocritical refusal to air his victory speech by fake news purveyors CNN and MSNBC. I guess they think they can spend from now until November claiming they’re protecting “the truth” by suppressing one of the two major candidates, the same way they suppressed the truth about Hunter’s laptop in 2020. Between the media refusing to air anything Trump says and playing along with the White House hiding Joe Biden in the basement, this could be the quietest presidential campaign in history!

Personally, I thought Trump gave an excellent speech. It was gracious, unifying and forward-looking. In fact, as I explained to Sean Hannity last night on Fox News, I believe that’s the real reason these DNC flunkies like Rachel Maddow and Jake Tapper are terrified of letting their viewers hear Trump: They’re not scared of their viewers being swayed by a crazy, ranting, racist, Nazi dictator. They’re scared to death that they’ll realize he’s nothing like that and they’ve been bamboozled.

They’re afraid Americans will see Trump is a lot like them: he loves America, he likes working people and people of faith that they disdain and look down on, and he wants to fix the endless messes Biden and his ilk have created and “Make America Great Again.”

I also think the reason the media and the Democrats keep saying “Maga” as if it’s an obscene word instead of using the phrase it stands for is that it’s hard to scare people by telling them someone is too extreme about wanting to make America great again. Especially when we all now know that the alternative is to vote for Biden and the Democrats, the MASA extremists: “Make America Suck Already.”

Having dropped out of the race and endorsed Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy called on DeSantis and Haley to do the same. He said that at this point, they would “do this country and this party a service by stepping aside to make sure that we’re focused on not only nominating Donald Trump but getting this country back and reviving those founding revolutionary ideals."

He added, "Especially Ron DeSantis, of the two of them, will have an important role to play in the future of this country and leading this nation. I believe that." I’ll let you interpret that how you will.

Photo credit: Fox News

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