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February 7, 2024

While SCINO (“Special Counsel in Name Only”) Jack Smith is attempting to railroad former President Trump into federal prison for possessing his own Administration’s classified documents that he had the power to declassify in a safe space under armed guard, the Biden DOJ has already decided not to prosecute Joe Biden for having classified documents in his unsecured garage that as a Senator and Vice President, he had no right to declassify or possess.

But at least, before the left can completely repeal the First Amendment, we still have the right to point this out. And the Biden White House is so panicked about his reelection chances, they’re actually sweating over that.

The special counsel’s report of the investigation into Biden’s careless handling of classified documents is coming out soon, and Biden’s people are reportedly worried about it being politically damaging. Gee, ya think? That maybe when Americans actually see that Biden did something far worse than what Trump’s facing multiple felony charges for and was allowed to skate away clean, they might have even less respect for our federal legal authorities than they already do, if such a thing is possible? That they’ll see those boxes of sensitive government documents in Joe's garage and wonder, “Did Hunter read those, or use any of them to roll joints?”   

I sincerely hope they do! The release of this report absolutely should make Americans think there’s a two-tiered justice system and this Administration has weaponized it to target their political opponent because that’s as true and obvious as the sun rising in the east.

By the way, despite Axios being an annoyingly biased leftwing site, I’m linking to their story about this for two reasons: It has some good bullet point info, and it’s enlightening to see how they try to slant the story to sound as if what Trump did was very serious and so much worse than Biden and that this is just a matter of public perceptions. I’ve seen Olympic figure skaters who couldn’t spin that fast without falling over.  


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