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February 15, 2024

Speaking of razor-thin House margins, the GOP majority in the House got even skinnier last night. In a special election in New York, the seat left open when Republicans voted to expel Republican Rep. George Santos was easily won by longtime Democratic Party insider Tom Suozzi. This will reduce Speaker Mike Johnston’s majority to an ever narrower 219-213.

Astoundingly, the top issue was immigration, and the Democrats vastly outspent the Republicans, painting “MAGA Republicans” as to blame for all the illegal aliens overrunning New York City. So now, they have another rubber stamp vote for Joe Biden. Yeah, that’ll seal the border! This wasn’t an election, it was an I.Q. test, and New Yorkers failed. Let that be a lesson to the GOP for November.

This is in no way a defense of Santos, who appears to be a serial fabulist and who is facing multiple fraud indictments. But Santos did plead not guilty and he was expelled before even going to trial. You’d think that people who make our laws would have heard of the presumption of innocence. Besides, he’d already promised not to run again, so he would have held the seat only through the end of this year. But the GOP stood on principle and expelled him anyway.

That’s good for their consciences, but it puts them at a distinct disadvantage. The House is filled with Democrats who are liars, benders of financial rules and defenders of anti-Semites and terrorists – even one who declared her loyalty to Somalia over the US – and you don’t see the Democrats rushing to expel them. Over on the Senate side, they don’t care if indicted New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez clanks when he walks from all the gold bars in his pockets, he’s not going anywhere.

There is no way the Democrats would ever let nonsense like ethics and principles convince them to give up an iota of power. Like the Biden “Justice” Department, this is a system with two completely different sets of standards, depending on whether there’s a (D) or an (R) after your name.

Side Note: Another lesson Republicans should learn from the George Santos special election is that they need to up their game in turning out early votes. Having expanded Election Day to weeks, Democrats spend that time gathering ballots from Hither & Yon (no, that’s not the name of a cemetery.) Republicans tend to wait until Election Day to vote, when they need massive one-day turnout just to catch up. And in New York, it was snowing on Tuesday.

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