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March 28, 2024

Believe it or not, some Democrats are actually starting to admit that we have a two-tier “justice” system.  That’s incredible progress.  But there’s just one thing:  in their through-the-looking-glass world, President Trump is the one benefiting from the two-tier justice system and Hunter Biden is the one being victimized by it.  Not kidding.

On Wednesday, Hunter attorney Abbe Lowell went before U.S. District Judge Mark Scarsi in Los Angeles to try to get eight out of nine felony tax charges against Hunter Biden dropped.  (Hunter didn’t bother to show up.)  Lowell alleged “selective and vindictive prosecution” by Special Counsel David Weiss, arguing some of the charges were politically tainted.

Politics have certainly tainted the investigation into Hunter’s finances, but not in the way he means.  They were used to try to keep Hunter protected and us from knowing about him.

Some of the charges, Lowell said, were outside the six-year statute of limitations.  Never mind that charges from Hunter’s Burisma years, 2014-15, have been dropped because prosecutors shamefully let them expire.

Unbelievably, Lowell asserted that prosecutors had been influenced by “Republicans in Congress and whistleblowers from the IRS.”  He’s now arguing that his client should walk because (as conservatives have said) the appointment of Weiss as special counsel was invalid.  Crafty son of a bee.  Not sure that will play, though, as these tax charges existed before U.S. Attorney Weiss was upped to special counsel.  Drop Weiss, if need be, but don’t drop the charges against Hunter.

Prosecutor Leo Wise accused the defense of engaging in “revisionist history” with its “fact-free” findings, attacking prosecutors and insulting the special counsel’s office.  Hunter, prosecutors say, had “willfully engaged in multiple acts of tax evasion” for the years included in the indictment, failing to pay his taxes entirely from 2017 to 2020 and making only a partial payment in 2016.

Judge Scarsi seemed to agree with prosecutors on the question of outside political interference from Republicans, saying there “doesn’t seem to be any evidence.”  Thank you, Judge.  Indeed, there’s been plenty of political interference surrounding Hunter, but it came from Democrats hiding him.

The judge said he’ll issue his ruling on dropping the tax charges by April 17.  Hunter has pleaded not guilty --- after his “sweetheart” guilty plea fizzled --- and if the case goes forward, it’ll start June 20.  Two weeks before that, he’s scheduled to face trial in Delaware for lying about his drug use on a gun-purchase application in 2018.  Hunter’s defense team has already tried to dismiss that indictment, too.

The NEW YORK POST has much more detail on the case, including the history of that defunct plea deal.

So, you’ve seen how Democrats are arguing that Hunter, of all people, is the poor victim of a two-tier justice system.  Yes, we’re talking about the same person who, if his name weren’t Biden, would probably be sitting in jail right now for tax/financial and drug crimes.  (Maybe for other crimes as well, as it’s because he’s the President’s son that he’s subsequently had to clean up his act, at least in public.)  If your head isn’t exploding yet, BREITBART NEWS offers insight into why Democrats actually think TRUMP, not Hunter or Joe, is the beneficiary of this system.

Democrats (and RINOs) couldn’t stand to see such a big reduction in the amount of money Trump had to pay in order to appeal the verdict in his real estate “fraud” case.  They were gleefully anticipating seeing Letitia James confiscating Trump’s bank accounts and even his iconic Manhattan properties such as Trump Tower, maybe selling them off for pennies on the dollar, just to spite him.

So when the outrageous amount was reduced to something conceivably payable, Democrats (and RINOs) went off their nut.  Since he now had to pay “only” $175 million, they saw this as the two-tier justice system BENEFITING him.  Never mind that the original amount, $464 million, would never have been levied in the first place if the two-tier justice system hadn’t been working against him.  No other individual has ever been assessed a fine even close to that --- and this was for a liability case in which no one was financially damaged and no similar case had ever been brought to court.

Former NBC executive Mike Sington posted on X: “Trump gets special treatment AGAIN.  New York court rules Trump can post a smaller bond of $175 million in his civil fraud case.”

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele posted on X: “Yet again, Donald Trump gets special treatment with his own private system of justices.  The New York appeals court has decided to give Trump more time to pay less money by reducing his bond from $454M to $175[M] and giving him 10 days to get the money.  This makes absolutely no sense.”

What doesn’t make sense about it?  The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why Trump was made to pony up an unfathomably huge amount of cash just to APPEAL.  No one but Trump has ever been put in this position.

At the risk of losing some brain cells, take a look at this observation made on MSNBC by former New York assistant AG Tristan Snell, who is obviously deranged:

“This is a different process for this person. We have decided that he gets his own private court of justice. He has a private plane. He has private clubs that he lives in. Apparently, he basically fashioned himself a private militia to try to take over the Capitol. Now he’s getting his own private system of justice. This is an absolute travesty. It would not happen for anybody else. Anybody else, it would be like, ‘Sorry, buddy, you lost.’ For him? He gets his own set of rules.”

So, “this would not happen for anybody else.”  Does he mean the reduction in a grotesque amount of money that should never have been required of him in the first place?

And where was Trump’s so-called “private militia” to take over the Capitol?  Was it the guy with the cape and the buffalo horns on his head?  Trump had thought 10,000 National Guard troops would be a good idea for that day, not to take over the Capitol but to protect it, yet somehow, they failed to be deployed…

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, now on MSNBC, had the gall to try this, too:

“Trump is not the victim of a two-tiered system of justice in this country.  He has been a beneficiary.  There is one system for the powerful, wealthy and well-connected like Donald Trump and there is another system for everyone else.”

Well, I’m not sure I’d ever want to be in the rarified “justice” system President Trump is in.  In one year, he’s had to pay a reported $50 million+ in legal fees.  He’s had his gorgeous estate raided and no doubt turned upside down.  (You’ve seen pictures of homes after they were searched by the FBI.)  His rights have been repeatedly violated.  He’s been under surveillance.  He’s had evidence fabricated against him in attempts to literally frame him for crimes.  He’s being tried for something the current President appears to be getting a pass on.

But that’s not good enough for the get-Trump crowd.  in the rare case a judge’s decision goes Trump’s way, as it might for any defendant, they think he’s “benefiting” and lose their minds.

Sen. J. D. Vance put it well on X: “The Biden administration wants Trump to die in jail and they want to bankrupt his family.  It is the biggest assault on democracy we’ve ever seen.  If you’re too cowardly to call it out, you’re not ready for his moment in American politics.”

If all this lawfare weren’t intended to knock Trump out of the race, we wouldn’t even be discussing whether any of the cases will go to trial before the election, because that wouldn’t be happening.  A RICO case like the one Fani Willis spearheaded would normally take about two years to get to trial.  It could take a year just to pick the jurors!

Having his political enemies bring him to trial now would be election interference.  But as with anything having to do with Trump, they’ve turned it around to say that NOT bringing him to trial now would be election interference.  Sorry, that’s not how it works.




RELATED: “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart really put his foot in it on Monday, ranting about Trump for doing something it turns out he himself had done.  It’s what all homeowners do:  valuing their homes-for-sale as high as possible while keeping the tax valuation low.  All property valuations are subjective.  Everyone in real estate or even who has just bought and sold property knows this.

Stewart said Trump’s “crime” was “not victimless.”  Oh, yeah?  What would he say about the sale of his own property in Manhattan, which by the Letitia James/Jon Stewart standard was overvalued by a whopping 829 percent?  Did somebody get suckered?  Is Letitia James coming after Jon Stewart now?


REDSTATE’s write-up includes a snarky retort from Stewart that tries to deflect from the issue but failed to address it at all.  Don’t miss it!

Jon Stewart Nailed for Hypocrisy After Attack on Trump Overvaluing Property, He Doesn't Handle It Well

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