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March 26, 2024

In what can only be considered a shocking betrayal of our closest ally in the Middle East, the Biden Administration refused to veto a UN resolution demanding an unconditional ceasefire in Gaza. The resolution didn’t even call for Hamas to release its hostages (who include AMERICANS) as a condition of the ceasefire. Hamas correctly saw it as a victory in its worldwide propaganda campaign to convince morons that the Israelis are the terrorists committing genocide and not them.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Biden’s refusal to protect Israel "a clear retreat from the consistent position of the United States at the Security Council since the beginning of the war.” He said this resolution "hurts both the war effort and the effort to release the abductees" and “gives Hamas hope that international pressure will allow them to accept a ceasefire without the release of our abductees.”

To prove he's correct, Israel had agreed to release up to 800 Palestinian prisoners, including 100 convicted murderers, just to get Hamas to release 40 hostages. It was a terrible deal that they previously deemed “unrealistic.” But Hamas toughened their demands after the UN vote and Biden's betrayal showed them how well holding onto their hostages is working. In response, Israel pulled its negotiators out of hostage talks in Qatar.

Through his weakness, Biden has encouraged aggression by hostile actors around the world, including the October 7th massacre by Hamas. Now, he’s pressuring one of our few remaining staunch allies to stop fighting to eradicate a group of genocidal, anti-Semitic terrorists who raped, tortured and slaughtered their people because he’d rather pander to the Hamas-supporting radical nutjobs in his base during an election year than stand by Israel. The kindest terms I can apply to that are “shameful” and “disgusting.”

On a side note, as Democrats are trying to choke off arms to Israel to prevent them from going into Rafah to finish off Hamas, VP Kamala Harris inadvertently gave away the false narrative that the poor Palestinians have nowhere to go to escape the fighting. First of all, Israel has gone far beyond what any other nation aside from the US has ever done to try to protect innocent civilians. It’s not their fault that Hamas hides among and behind the civilian population, and that so much of the civilian population supports their genocide against Israel and lets them. Second, they have somewhere they could go, but Egypt, which is right next door, refuses to let them in because they know what will happen if they do.

For the record, here are Donald Trump’s comments on the situation with Biden and Israel. I agree with much of it, but I have to part ways with him on what he thinks was Israel’s biggest mistake, because I think Hamas left them no alternative. As for them not finishing up the war quickly enough, that’s not something within their control when they have an enemy with hostages that refuses to surrender, a civilian population protecting them, mass protests by useful idiots who side with the terrorists and so-called “allies” constantly hamstringing them and pressuring them to give up.

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