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March 4, 2024

Over the weekend, Donald Trump added to his GOP primary lead with commanding wins in the Missouri, Michigan and Idaho caucuses.

However, there was good news for Nikki Haley: she finally won her first GOP primary. The bad news: it was in DC, where Republicans are nearly as rare as fiscal responsibility. She beat Trump by nearly 2-1 in the ground zero of federal government swamp dwellers, but that was out of a turnout of fewer than 2,000 voters, and who knows how many of them were actually Republicans. Personally, I doubt that there are that many Republicans in DC, and I also doubt that most Republicans outside of DC will consider being DC’s preferred Republican to be a selling point.

Maybe DC voters approve of the fact that she’s nowhere near even being elected yet and she’s already breaking promises she put into writing. That’s a very popular thing in Washington.

She might want to savor that victory while she can because tomorrow is Super Tuesday, when 15 states plus American Samoa hold primaries. Polls suggest that Trump could garner enough delegates to nearly lock up the nomination. It takes 1,215. He currently has 244 and 874 will be awarded tomorrow.

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