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April 29, 2024

“Folks, the censorship institutions --- what I’m seeing as an investor in Rumble right now, behind the scenes, with [what] Elon Musk and Chris [Pavlovsky] over at Rumble are going through right now --- folks, I’ve never seen anything like it.  There is a cabal, a group of governments, government bureaucrats, wealthy liberal billionaires, and non-government organizations [NGOs], all working together right now to make sure and institutionalize going forward a fully-blown censorship operation where entire websites and entire platforms like X Rumble could be wiped out from portions of the global market.  They’re working on it right now; lucky there are some smart people fighting back.

“But I need you to understand that if we lose the United States government in November, that operation I just told you about, that cabal, will use the world’s most powerful economy, us, to lay that concrete.  And, folks, once it dries, it’s gonna be hard to scoop up.  You’re gonna have to get jackhammers.  I’m just warning you.”

Bongino, speaking on his podcast last week, updated the current censorship flap in Australia over their government demanding that a particular video be pulled from social media platforms WORLDWIDE.  A senator in Australia, Jacqui Lambi, actually threatened Elon Musk with arrest (!) if he didn’t comply.  Musk, quite predictably and to his credit, responded with mockery.  X did comply within Australia; the bigger problem is with their government or anyone else trying to assert global authority.

On a morning news program in Australia, Sen. Lambi said, “He has absolutely no social conscience.  Someone like that with no social conscience should be in jail, and the key be thrown away.  That bloke should not have a right to be out there on his own ideology platform and creating hatred...”

This is getting scary.  And who is she to say Musk has no social conscience?  Maybe his social conscience is simply focused on different things than hers apparently is, such as protecting freedom of speech, about which she cares nothing.  In her eagerness to jail him, Lambi sounds like a government official from China or North Korea, but, no, this is our ally Australia.  (As she represents Tasmania, it occurs to us that we might want to think of her as the real Tasmanian Devil.)

The Australian prime minister, Anthony Albanese, wasn’t much better, as he said this:  “It just shows his [Musk’s] arrogance, really.  Like, if he doesn’t see that this is essentially a common sense position by the eSafety commissioner --- the eSafety commissioner was established under the former government; we’ve quadrupled the funding --- we want to make sure that those young minds such as at that school aren’t darkened by this sort of material.”

“Australia has fallen,” Bongino said.  “Australia has now gone full communist.”

“...If Elon loses this fight,” he continued, “[with] the global censorship regime, and we lose the election in November, we’re done.  You’ll be able to talk --- in your house, on a soap box in front of your house, if you’re lucky --- but any way to spread it on an electronic medium, any idea the regime doesn’t sanction, will be done.’

He warned that the NGOs “are going to have access to the United States government AGAIN, directly through the Biden administration.”  (That’s if Biden or another Democrat wins, of course; that’s the point.)  Australia and a number of supposedly-free Western countries have already slipped into the abyss, and they are “already banning and censoring content worldwide.”  We have a chance to stop the momentum if Trump wins in November, but if that doesn’t happen, we’ll be helpless against the force of it.

In a similar vein, Bongino also brought up the presidential immunity case heard last week by the Supreme Court.  There’s nothing to do but wait now, likely until late May, but as Mike Davis explained on FOX NEWS, “This is so much bigger than Donald Trump.  This is about the presidency.  If you can indict the President of the United States for his official acts --- not his personal acts, his official acts --- we are going to destroy the presidency and therefore destroy our country.”

He introduced the idea of the DOJ in a Trump second term charging President Obama with capital murder “for his extrajudicial drone strike of two American citizens, including a minor.”  They might also charge President Biden with “illegal mass parole” of illegal immigrants into our country, he said, and “the resulting crimes.”  So what if it’s a stretch?  Look at how the law has been contorted in Manhattan to charge President Trump with multiple felonies.

“Do the Democrats really want to go down this path?’  Of course, as we’ve said before, they’ve made it clear that they’re fine with that.  Right now, they’re so focused on “getting Trump” --- so desperate to do it --- that they’ll gladly take any path they think can get them there.  They also figure that, by hook or by crook, they’ll succeed in keeping Trump out of the White House this time, so it’s a waste of time to argue hypotheticals.

Bongino has no doubt that if the President is not granted immunity for the official acts connected to January 6, he WILL be in prison.  “There is absolutely zero doubt,” he said.  “It doesn’t matter what the crime is.  Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime.  They’ll just make it up.”  Heck, they’ve already made up so much about Trump that they’ve got plenty to work with, but if need be, they surely can come up with more hoaxes.  (Hillary’s already at it --- in recent weeks, she’s pushed the idea of a bankrupt Trump being financially bailed out by Putin and therefore answerable to him.) 

And here’s the latest FAKE NEWS attempt to charge Trump with a new crime of witness intimidation, this time for something he didn’t say, but a New York prosecutor falsely claimed that he said it. That’s good enough for MSNBC.

The Justices surely know what a can of worms they’ll be opening if they deny U.S. Presidents immunity for their official acts, even if Biden and his minions are too focused on “getting Trump” to realize how the hounds of Hell they’re unleashing will circle around and bite them.





Also on the censorship front, it’s not just leftists in other countries who continue to chip away at free speech.  No matter what we find out about our own government’s extraordinary activities in this regard, and no matter how much they appear to be stepping back when found out, they just keep right on pushing, albeit in a more low-key way.

Remember Poppin-fresh Jina Jankowicz, the one-time head of the now-infamous “Disinformation Governance Board” who made the mistake of making a scary little music video that revealed plans for her to play “nanny” and monitor social media for so-called “misinformation” and “disinformation”?  Jonathan Turley, in a new column Sunday, reports that she is back.  Likely she never really went away, but quietly re-grouped before publicly re-emerging.  She just can’t stop herself.

She’s now heading a private “disinformation group” called the American Sunlight Project.  (Seems to us that her mission is actually to block the sunlight.)  This is one of those NGOs --- non-governmental entities --- designed to do what the federal government is constitutionally prohibited from doing.  Hey, it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it!  Ahead of the 2024 election, she has found funding “to expose and oppose efforts to weaponize disinformation in the United States.”

Turley says it’s “not clear” who is funding this operation, but he identifies the co-founder as Carlos Alvarez-Aranyos, best known for a group called Protect Democracy.  This, predictably, is part of the huge web of politics-drenched “progressive” groups we’ve discussed before.  They actually sued the Trump campaign (the lawsuit was dismissed) based on the hoax claim that Trump and Russia colluded to help Trump win in 2016.  THIS is the group that wants to define “disinformation” for us.

On her own, “disinformation” opponent Jankowicz has pushed hoaxes, too, notably that the Hunter Biden laptop was a false story and “should be considered a Trump campaign product.”

It doesn’t even matter to them how many times they get it wrong; they still think they have the right to determine what is true, which is to say, what is THEIR desired narrative. 

Turley’s column is a must-read, though much of the information will be familiar to longtime newsletter readers.  (Our newsletter, as you know has been one of those opinion sites subjected to suppression and demonetization; hence our decision to go 100 percent subscriber-supported.)  It adds heft to Dan Bongino’s point:  that we have to STOP THIS with the next election, or freedom of speech --- online and perhaps elsewhere as well --- will be monitored and restricted henceforth and forevermore.


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