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April 4, 2024

Attention, women who still believe that the Democrats are the party that protects women’s rights: Wisconsin’s legislature passed a bill to protect girls by banning males from women’s sports. Liberal Democrat Gov. Tony Evers vetoed it, declaring it “anti-LGBTQ.” Is it clear now where you and your rights stand in that party?

If it’s not yet clear, look to Scotland for a preview of what will be coming soon to the US. Scotland just passed a new “hate speech” law that could send people to jail for speaking up for women’s rights or making statements that reflect biological reality about gender. “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling, who has become a true object of hatred for the radical trans crowd for doing those exact things, stood up against it and dared them to arrest her. After the authorities realized how that would look, they declined to file criminal charges over her social media posts.

But just to make sure they weren’t letting her off because she’s rich and famous but would target those who aren’t, Rowling vowed that if any woman is prosecuted under this heinous speech ban, she would publicly repeat whatever they said and force the government to prosecute her, too. And I’ll bet she has more money to hire lawyers than Scotland does.

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