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April 18, 2024

I know we’re all supposed to pretend that nobody can learn anything from old, dead, white guys, especially America’s Founding Fathers. But I think that Biden’s illegal alien crisis has demonstrated the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin’s observation that visitors, like fish, begin to stink after three days. Here’s today’s round-up of stories about how badly Biden’s border chaos policies are stinking up blue cities…

In New York City, about 1300 illegal aliens from Africa and other places swarmed City Hall to demand green cards and complain that they’re not getting all the free stuff they expected from a “sanctuary city.” If it doesn’t improve, they might take their business elsewhere! By the way, a Fox News reporter said she talked to a number of the so-called “refugees” and couldn’t find a single one who was here for any other reason than to look for work. Translation: To take jobs from low-skilled Americans and drive down their wages. Take note, traditional Democrat voters.

In Chicago, even some Democrat officials are not happy about socialist Mayor Brandon Johnson’s request for another $70 million to spend on illegal aliens, who are already sucking up all the city’s resources that were meant to help poor US citizens.

And in Denver, Democrat Mayor Mike Johnson proposed spending nearly $46 million to take care of all the illegal aliens. But at least he has a plan to pay for it. It involves cutting $8.4 million from the police budget (which he insists should not be called “defunding the police”) and $2.5 from the fire department budget.

Hey, I said it was a plan, I didn’t say it was a good plan or a smart plan. I thought that was implied when I told you he was the Democrat Mayor of Denver.

Related: Karen Bass, the Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles, is begging wealthy people (she calls them “the most fortunate,” not the most successful, which is a key to the Dem mindset) to give funds to help alleviate the city’s very bad and worsening homeless problem.

Considering the government already taxes them out the wazoo for billions to spend on homelessness while it’s only gotten worse, I have a feeling the wealthy might think it would be a better investment to use their money to rent a fleet of U-Hauls.

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