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April 23, 2024

One thing we’ve always known about my friend, Prof. Alan Dershowitz:  he is as loyal as they come.  For some reason, when it came to the Democratic Party, no matter what the Democrats did, no matter how conniving and tenuous their legal arguments, how hateful and abusive their rhetoric, how damaging their policies, and how brazen and sociopathic their leaders, the longtime liberal civil rights champion was always rock-solid loyal to them come Election Day.  He proudly voted the straight-party Democrat ticket, no matter what.  He had always “identified” as a Democrat, and that was it.

In that, he was as constant as the North Star, even as many of his fellow Dems heaped abuse on him just for daring to appear on FOX NEWS (or my show) and making any legal point or observation that conflicted with their narrative.

But this week, he reached a turning point.  The Harvard Law professor emeritus said on Monday that he no longer has any loyalty to the Democrat Party, and he would not be voting exclusively Democrat in future elections.  “I am no longer voting presumptively for Democrats,” he said to reporter John Solomon.  “I’m gonna vote for whoever is the best candidate.  That may include Democrats, but I have no loyalty any more to the party that is the cause, a major cause, of what’s going on at Columbia [University] today.”

Imagine that:  a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat is actually vowing to vote for THE BEST CANDIDATE.  Not just a glass of water with a “D” on it.  What a radical idea!

“I am coming very, very close to that red line,” he said.  But it sure sounds as though he’s actually crossed it.

It was Biden’s reaction to the anti-Jewish violence by Hamas and its sympathizers on American soil that finally led to the epiphany for Dershowitz.  “He made a very disappointing statement,” Dershowitz said.  “In the same breath, he talked about the demonstrators in passing, and he said, ‘but you have to understand the Palestinian situation.’  No, you DON’T have to understand the Palestinian situation.  When people are calling for rape and murder and beheading.  The Democrats are an extraordinary disappointment.”

Biden’s comment, in setting up a moral equivalence between the Palestinians and Israelis, came across very much like what Trump was accused of saying (he actually didn’t) at Charlottesville, what we now call “the Fine People Hoax.”  When a disagreement about the value of preserving Civil War-era monuments and other historic memorabilia rather than rip them down led to violence, the left accused Trump of giving approval to KKK protesters by saying there were “very fine people on both sides.”  What he was really saying, of course, was that there were “fine people” on both sides of the argument about whether this part of Southern history should be preserved.  (Side note:  it should.)  Trump even added that there was no excuse for neo-Nazis and white nationalists, who “should be condemned totally.”  But Democrats and the media --- sorry to repeat myself --- edited that part out and lied in service to yet another of their hoaxes.

Fast-forward to Monday, when Biden actually made a statement very much like the one Trump was falsely accused of making.  Let’s have sympathy and understanding for both sides, he said.  We have to “understand” the Palestinians’ reasons for violence.  In other words, hey, there are fine people on both sides.

That was too much for Dershowitz.

He also has seen Jewish students being treated like “third-class citizens” on college campuses at the same time schools relentlessly push DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) policies that contribute to the problem.  Ironic, isn’t it?  These are “the breeding grounds for anti-Semitism,” he said, because Jews become the oppressors to the Palestinian oppressed.  As a result, the very people coming to American campuses under the banner of diversity and inclusivity are committed to making those campuses Jew-free zones, and also to ridding Israel of Jews from the [Jordan] river to the {Mediterranean] sea.  Diversity my foot.  But Biden says we need to “understand.”

With that comment, a light dawned for Dershowitz, who is concerned for the future because so many of these so-called “elite” students are America’s future leaders.  He calls them “extremely dangerous useful idiots.”  And as for the Party, “We’re hearing nothing from Democrats.”

“What we're seeing is something that I believe, and this is going to be very controversial, I believe is potentially more dangerous than January 6, which was terrible, and then Charlottesville, which was terrible,” Dershowitz said. “Because those didn't involve as many students, not as many elite people, as many future leaders. We're hearing the future leaders of America chanting ‘We are Hamas.’

“In other words, ‘we are rapists. We believe in raping Jewish women. We are beheaders. We are kidnappers. We are murderers.’ That's what they're chanting. And these are people who will run for Congress...ten years from now, who will be partners at law firms, and who will be working in the editorial rooms of CNN, and the New York Times.”

Sometimes it seems like that now, but imagine “The Squad” with five or ten times the representation in Congress that it has today.  Likewise for the legal profession and the media; imagine them even more uniformly radical.  (I’m reminded of how newspapers such as THE NEW YORK TIMES ignored the plight of Jews in Hitler’s Germany in the years before and during World War II.)  Unless something changes, this is our future.  But if die-hard Democrat Alan Dershowitz can see the light --- and he’s not alone among (former) Democrats --- there is hope.

Here’s the powerful, must-see interview with Dershowitz on Solomon’s “No Noise, Just News” podcast.  Dershowitz starts about 3:45 minutes in.


Additional note:  Dershowitz, author of the book GET TRUMP, goes on to talk about the Trump prosecution currently taking place in New York.  Be sure to watch that, too, as he echoes what Jonathan Turley has had to say about the case:

“He can’t get a fair trial,” Dershowitz says flatly.  “I mean, he may end up acquitted because there’s nothing here.  Remember the old commercial, ‘Where’s the beef?’  Where’s the CRIME?  I heard the opening statement...I just don’t understand what the crime is!  I’ve been doing this for 60 years --- I have more experience than all the prosecutors combined in this case, in terms of teaching, writing, litigating criminal cases, and if I can’t even find the crime...It’s ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ made up from scratch…”

But if you watch the coverage on CNN, he says, “it’s the most serious crime since the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.”

He believes the trial should be on television because it’s “a terrible mark on the American justice system,” and we should all see how our system of justice is being abused.  Amen.


RELATED:  It’s gratifying to see Alan Dershowitz finally coming to terms with the evil within his party, but we have to wonder if he still has a lingering blind spot when it comes to Hillary Clinton, whom he supported for President in 2016.  For some reason, he didn’t even think she should’ve been prosecuted for her mishandling of thousands of sensitive/classified email documents from her time as Secretary of State or, we assume, the related crimes of obstruction of justice, etc.  (As many times as he has said this, we don’t recall him getting specific as to why he felt that way.)

But is Dershowitz still a fan of HRC?  She’s been more supportive of Israel than most of her fellow “progressives,” to be sure, but is he aware of the outrageous lies she’s compelled to repeat, and that they just get worse and worse?  Her brain has gotten so warped, the lies she tells are in the same league with what they say every day on MSNBC, all the same old stupid hoaxes, and Dershowitz has to know her words are just poison.

In case you didn’t see it and do have a strong stomach, we’ll leave you with a sample from a few days ago, from the podcast “Defending Democracy,” hosted by the equally toxic Marc Elias, and I am not kidding.  (It’s hard to think of two people who have damaged and divided this country more in recent years than these two, with their Russia Hoax, Steele “dossier,” assaults on election integrity, and other assorted schemes.)  Among other things --- many charges of unbridled racism --- HRC says here that Trump “wants to kill” his opposition.  I’m no psychiatrist, but that sounds like projection to me.

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