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April 26, 2024

The Biden campaign is so terrified that he’s losing black voters to Trump that they’ve booked Biden as the commencement speaker at historically black Morehouse College in Atlanta. They either didn’t anticipate or were desperate enough to take the risk that putting Biden onto a college campus at this moment would be like tossing a cat into a dog pound. Or as Biden himself might say, like yelling “Movie!” in a crowded firehouse. It’s dangerous enough to let him speak in public at all, much less at one of our American college campuses that have become Tehran West.

While college officials fret over what will erupt among Hamas’ Hitler Youth if Biden appears, one lone student provided a welcome voice of reason: “However you feel about Biden, having a President be willing to speak at a graduation is a tremendous honor. If there are protesters, I just hope they can do things peacefully instead of violently.” I wish there were a lot more students like that, but I fear he’s being incredibly naïve.

The very fact that a college has the chance to get the President as a commencement speaker, and they’re reluctant to accept shows the immense pickle that the Dems have gotten themselves into by pandering to their radical left voting bloc and allowing them to take over our campuses and brainwash students. It doesn’t bode well for this summer’s Democratic Convention, which could be like the ’68 Chicago riot convention on steroids.

Here’s an excellent suggestion for a GOP campaign ad that should run around the clock until November. Show footage of these violent, insane pro-Hamas, anti-Israel and anti-American campus protests with an announcer saying, “Do you want America to look like a college campus right now? Because that’s what a vote for Democrats does.”

To vary it a bit, they could do the same thing with footage from the border or any facilities for illegal aliens in blue cities.

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