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April 1, 2024

I hope you had a safe and blessed Easter, and that you’re having a fun, practical-joke-free April Fool’s Day. Although you could be forgiven if you thought the Biden White House had started April Fool’s Day early by proclaiming Sunday to be the “Day of Transgender Visibility.”

No, it wasn’t an early April Fool’s Day joke. It was a serious offensive proclamation from the fools in the White House. As Matt Walsh noted, the fact that that day is always March 31st is no excuse because Biden didn’t have to recognize it at all. No other President did until he started doing it two years ago.

And if you believe this is not part of a concerted effort by this Administration to banish Christians and Christian religious traditions from the public square, then explain why the White House Easter Egg-decorating event for children banned “religious symbols” and “overtly religious themes” from the eggs.

The White House’s replacement of celebrating the Resurrection on Easter with celebrating transgenderism raised outrage across the nation. The Archbishop of Washington, DC, described Biden as a “cafeteria Catholic,” who picks and chooses which parts of the faith he’ll abide by.

Donald Trump’s campaign called Biden’s actions blasphemy and “appalling and insulting” behavior toward Christians on the holiest day of their calendar. They demanded a public apology.

The White House didn’t apologize, but Biden did finally issue a much more generic and less specific Easter message to Christians on social media. Whether that was already planned or a response to the backlash isn’t clear.

Still, some Democrats are so clueless as to how offensive that was that they fell into their kneejerk stance and started defending the indefensible. Like Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock, also a pastor (of a very liberal church), who claimed that Republicans were using faith as a weapon to beat down transgender people.

The argument for why this day is so important that it should take precedence over Easter is that transgender people are an overlooked, marginalized group that deserves a day to promote their “visibility.” My question: How can they possibly be MORE visible? Despite being the tiniest fraction of the population, they seem to be taking over women’s sports, they’re celebrated all over the media, they get women kicked out of fitness chains for complaining that there are men in their locker rooms, and they’ve successfully bullied doctors into practicing the worst form of quack butchery on confused children, all in the name of “trans rights.” They’ve become the latest iteration of the line attributed to William F. Buckley Jr. about gay rights: “’The love that dare not speak its name’ has become ‘the love that will NOT shut up.’”

Think that’s too harsh? scoured a number of calendars and compiled over 50 different days, weeks and months honoring variations on the LGBTQIA2S+ movement – everything from Nonbinary Parents Day (April 18) to Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness and Visibility Day (May 24) to Omnisexual Visibility Day (July 6) to Gay Uncles Day (August 14.)

There are so many that it’s easier to find a day that’s devoted to one variety of gay sexuality or another than it is to find a day that’s not. Personally, I don’t care what you choose to celebrate as long as I don’t have to celebrate it. And as a Christian, I have nothing but compassion for anyone who is truly feeling tormented and confused, although I don’t believe the answer can be found in mutilating your body or pretending to be something that you’re not. But any US President with half a brain should know not to prioritize celebrating transgenderism over celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Speaking of Biden’s brain, I’ll leave you with the Babylon Bee’s take on this story…

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