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April 10, 2024

Dr. Samuel Johnson famously said, “When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

That seems to be the theme of today’s news. After three years of the Biden White House and its enablers in Congress, blue states and the media trying to force-feed Americans a diet of pure baloney, polls showing that the Party is facing an electoral hanging in November are suddenly concentrating their minds (such as they are), and causing them to backpedal furiously away from the looney positions they’ve been pushing since 2021. Here are just a few examples…

In an interview with Univision, President Biden claimed his Administration is trying to determine whether he has the authority to act unilaterally to shut down our Southern border and stop the flow of illegal migrants.

While you pick your jaw up off the floor, I’ll answer that question for him: Yes, you DO have that authority. It’s called “doing your job,” which involves enforcing the laws about border security and immigration. In fact, all you have to do “unilaterally” is reinstate all of Trump’s border security policies that you unilaterally reversed immediately after taking office. You know, those executive orders that opened the border and caused this disaster.

In the interview, Biden of course tries to blame Congressional Republicans for not passing that joke of a bipartisan border bill that would do little to stop illegal immigration but would fund the faster processing of illegal immigrants into the US. Chuck Schumer has had a House bill hidden in his desk for ages that would actually secure the border, but you’ll notice that Biden never carps about the Senate not passing that. So there’s still a lot of denial, deflection and delusion in this story.

Still, the fact that Biden even claims that he wants to try to shut down the border at least inches him a little closer to reality. That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Joe Biden.

More “Reality Bites” News:

With the election looming, the Biden Administration is also starting to reel in its draconian auto mileage standards meant to force everyone to buy electric cars after hitting the brick wall of reality that is consumer resistance to paying outrageous prices for unreliable clunkers that nobody wants. No matter how much Biden tries to sell or force EVs onto the public, the public ain’t buying. And according to the latest Gallup poll, even fewer are buying this year than last year. Looks as if the inevitable car of the future is already becoming the car of the past.

Just since 2023, the number of Americans who are “seriously considering” buying an EV dropped from 12 to 9 percent. The number who would consider buying one now or in the future fell from 55 to 44 percent. And the number who said they wouldn’t buy one rose from 41 to 48 percent.

Some analysts seem baffled since more people than ever own an EV, yet a rising number of people say they won’t buy one. It’s no mystery to me: the more people who own one, but the more likely people are to know somebody who owns one, and that's why they don't want one.

Related: Our favorite auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer has a great new video that touches on the arrogance of the pro-EV crowd, among other irritating subjects. He’s particularly riled up and hilarious in this one:

Also related: An EV to avoid like a downed electric wire.

Another “Cold Dose of Reality" story:

Democrats have been pushing voter registration for years on the belief that young and minority voters will always support them. They claim their efforts are nonpartisan, but we all know that the “Zuck bucks” went mostly to registering new voters among traditionally Democratic demographics.

But recent polls are causing top Democrat strategists to rethink their voter registration push. First came news that the voters they thought they had in the bag (young people, blacks, Hispanics) are fed up with fecklessness and failure and starting to move toward Trump. Now, a new Marquette University survey signals a possible impending hanging. It found that Americans who are currently unregistered to vote favor Trump over Biden by 64-36%, a nearly 2 to 1 margin. Look for Democrats to suddenly start claiming that registering to vote is racist.

Reality’s Even Returning To The Big Apple:

Illegal aliens who thought that blue cities that declared themselves “sanctuaries” were serious. They’re learning that only applied as long as nobody was coming to take them up on it. Now that 180,000 and counting of them have poured across Biden’s open border and found their way to New York, costing the city hundreds of millions of dollars and causing endless problems, it turns out that the “sanctuary” offer was good for 30 days only, now get out!

Waking up

For those who thought my quote from Samuel Johnson was too hifalutin, I’ll quote Ron Popeil: “But wait! There’s more!” Even some leftwing media people are belatedly waking up to reality.

Leftist “journalist” Jonathan Chiat has suddenly realized that aggressive leftwing protesters who shut down free speech, bully speakers of opposing views and threaten political opponents in their homes might be a BAD thing!

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